Book II Challenge III Dwarven Affairs

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Amortug's Throneroom.


"Feast my friends! Hazarmaveth reached the Avalonian border underground. So let's get fat and drunk for this historic occasion. Tomorrow we'll ride out to join them for our noble cause!"

All the council members who voted for an Avalonian invasion were invited by Tartan, the ruler of Amortug. Knowing this could be their last feast they stuffed themselves untill they almost had to puke. Which isn't uncommon for large dwarven feasts. Just puke and eat on! Why shouldn't you try everything that's on the table. And with a filled belly you can't do that...


Inside the citadel, commanders were having a conversation about their plans


"When will Sir Infernum arrive?" He's one of the the few Heroes who saw that our cause is what's best for Mitgardia"

"I received a message an hour ago. He was summoned by Chorian to come to Valholl."

"What? Does Chorian know about our plans?"

"Impossible, all the Acirhon located in the city are being shadowed constantly. And only commanders and council members are aware of the plans..."

Inside the barracks.


"Get well rested and fill your bellies well said the captain."

"The last time he said that was when Revolword invaded our lands."

"Yes that's going to be a fight again..."


He wasn't certain yet but Chorian suspected the dwarves were up to something. That's why he let Sir Infernum come to Vaholl. As well as Larsson and Glorfindel. Infernum was delayed somehow, but the snow was probably the cause of that. They already started to talk about the matter. And all of them considered that a war with the Avalonian Elves could be at hand and even worse a civil war. If this was true, everything had to be done to prevent another war. So Forrest Elves were send to Amortug to distract the dwarves. Also others were send to Avalonia and other important locations to prevent worse...


The last couple of months had been Ragnar's most unfortunate time in life. Not only did he sign up for the Avalonia border guard being way to drunk, he also lost his easy position at Avalonia's southern border with Kaliphlin to this post up here in the Devil's Ridge over a card of games in which he was caught cheeting. To his ultimate dismay, it had started snowing in the last couple of days - not a lot yet, but engough for his rather Southern temper to boil over. Every time he looked into Mitgardia from his chilly post up here at Stephano's pass he could feel nothing but hate to the country that he saw spreading below his feet. Therefore, he normally gave travelers coming from Mitgardia a hard time so that he could at least "recompensate" financially for the loss of live time.


This morning though, he saw an unuasual travel climbing up the serpentines. Normally people passing the border here were mere smugglers, thieves and peasant, people he could usually intimidate into paying him his due. However, what he saw this morning was different: Not only did the man wear fancy cloth and ride a rather nice horse (people on this road usually walked) he also tossed him four gold coins the moment he galopped by him, not even considering to stop at all ...

What Ragnar did not know, was that this man was one of Elon Chorian's most talented diplomats on hid way into to Avalonia. And as much as he would have like to stop and pay the border guard his respect, he did not have time for stuff like this at all. So much was at stake: Unity, peace between humans and dwarves and of course Mitgardia's national security. If he managed to get into Avalonia before those crazy dwarves did, he would perhaps be able to persue some Avalonian nobles not to attack Mitgardia. Perhaps ...


At the same time other Mitgardian diplomats made their way into Avalonia. Some walked secret tunnels, some forded swift river and others took ships to the Mystic Islands. Yet all were united to struggle for a common cause: prevent a war between Avalonia and Mitgardia and prevent a civil war within Mitgardia!


Are you ready to choose a side?!



Dwarves' Quest

A: Ancestors and Heroes.

Before going into battle Dwarves pay their respect towards fallen Heroes.

Build a vignette(max 16x16) showing dwarves visiting a dwarven statue.

B: Deciving Elves

Having perfect senses it's hard to get not noticed by Elves.

Show how the dwarves get into Avalonian territory unnoticed. This can be by using tunnels, creating distractions etc.

Limitations: 32x32 with reasonable overhang.

C: Clash of Titans

Pumped and ready, the Dwarves are facing the Drow. They'll need more than swords though...

In a series of builds(no limit), show the dwarves building siege weapons and putting those to good use against the drow.

Men's Quest

A: The walls have ears.

The dwarves are certain their plans are a secret. But Glorfindel's spies are everywhere.

Build a vignette(max 16x16) showing dwarves being spied on.

B: Diplomatic Solutions.

Either the dwarves have to be stopped or the Elves have to be informed to prevent an all out war.

Show how the dwarves can be stopped without bloodshed. For example a dinner with the Elves, treasury for the Dwarves etc.

Limitations: 32x32 with reasonable overhang.

C: The Diplomat's Tribulations

Peace must be held at any cost!

In a series of builds(no limit), depict the story of a great ally of man making peace between the realms of men, dwarves, and elves. This may take several diplomatic visits, some quick dirty work like eliminating the opposition to peace, or minor bloodshed.

Deadline: 4th of January 11th of January

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Dwarves' Quest





Wat Tambor






Thomas of Tortuga



Maxim I










-Carson Haupt-



Men's Quest







Lord Vladivus





Sir Gareth


Jakorin Swiftsword


the lego dwarf


Wedge 09



Bacon Potatoes

Captain Settle


de Gothia



If we are picking sides, can I pick the men's quest? I feel I have pieces more in the direction :)

Does the 16x16 include border? So if my border is 2 thick does that mean my build is 14x14 to include border?

Edited by Ecclesiastes
I took the liberty to use your post as signup overview as I forgot to put in a second post.

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Must we build for one side? Or may we build for both? Sir Gareth would like to unite the guilds (C: The Diplomat's Tribulations) against the Drow (C: Clash of Titans)

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At last! The challenge! Great set up, that first shot is amazing.

The PGTC would like to counter the allegations that it profiteers from wars, by signing up for the side of peace - the men.

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Hot-diggity! It's finally started!

If this is the sign-up thread, I'll play on the "men's" team.

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Woohoo! Perfect storyline, stunning builds, and great build categories :thumbup:

Glorfindel will be on the men's side.

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Must we build for one side? Or may we build for both? Sir Gareth would like to unite the guilds (C: The Diplomat's Tribulations) against the Drow (C: Clash of Titans)

The way the challenges work, you would pick a side. The two teams are competing with one another, so you couldn't do challenge C for both sides.

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First of all, what a fantastic build!

I will join men, at least, I will be the diplomat between elves and dwarves...

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I am not a huge fan of medieval stuff, however, I really appreciate the attention to detail in this build - super.

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Only the Mitgardians truly get to choose, but when the rest are placed personal preferences are taken into account.

I have no intention of participating, just letting those who weren't members during the last challenge know. The standard contest rules weren't listed either. Someone should get to posting those.

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Well, it seems the Men have already outnumbered the Dwarves in sign ups. I guess that means I should join the Dwarven side of the quest!

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