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[Bionicle] Three Lesser Rahi

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First up, Kaneta-Bur. The Kaneta-Bur is a reef-dwelling, blind testudine that is largely harmless unless poked in its sensitive feelers. Do not poke the feelers.


Next up, Juru-Ra.

A reef-dwelling, long-necked pleiseohominid, this creature is commonly referred to as a sea monkey. Despite the name, they are quite dangerous, especially in packs.


Oh god he poked the feelers


Lastly, something completely different: The desert sedge. A sedge slides across the ground on millions of microscopic hind legs, and steers and balances itself with its two large clawed hands. Desert sedges are peaceful creatures. While peaceful, they are not afraid to defend themselves.


How'd I do?

Oh, make that four.

The Cara-Ni, or Reef Deacon, is a species of violent rahi living in the reefs off the coasts of Po-Koro. No two are alike in coloration, though they are all very vibrant due to the protodermis "blood" of the Mata Nui seeping out into the reefs. All reef-dwellers that have this strange coloration are under the umbrella term "Protodermoid Anomalies".


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Wow those are some pretty vibrant color schemes, like things that would actually live in a reef. I think Takadox wishes he had the mantis shrimp cred that Kaneta-Bur has! These are some pretty good builds. The desert sedge looks like an official rahi species to join other canonical BIONICLE animals like the Ash Bears or Nui Jaga :classic: .

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