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Hello everyone! I've been visiting this website for quite some time now, as well as many other Lego related sites. I've been a Lego enthusiast, fan, addict & AFOL, off and on for probably 20 years... I've gone through a couple "dark periods", but i'm finally in it for the duration... Don't know if I have a favorite theme, but I seem to always come back to Classic Castle, Classic Pirates and Classic Space, in no particular order. As far as current themes, my favorite is unquestionably Lord of the Rings / Hobbit.... followed by Pirates of the Caribbean. Others that I've really dug are Aquanauts / Hydronauts / Aqua Raiders, Vikings and Western.... I seem to gravitate towards the, what I describe as, the "escapist" themes...

I also really like a lot of the MOC's that I've seen here, and at the Classic-Castle, & Classic Pirates web sites. There sure seems to be a lot of talent here, and one of the main reasons I'm joining up here is that I hope to learn a lot about building my own creations...

Looking forward to posting!

The Galaxy Explorer

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Welcome to Eurobricks, Galaxy Explorer!

I hope you can learn what you are looking for in your building style.

I look forward to seeing what you build.

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