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CAP-2 Captivator

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Up next in my series of Kenner Mini-Rigs is the, CAP-2 Captivator.

It was a small, one-man vehicle, designed to ambush and capture enemy personnel. It walked on two legs, with the pilot standing upright in a bubble-enclosed canopy. Two arms ending in claws extended from the front of the vehicle with a blaster mounted between them, and a large vice on the back held captives for transport. Its feet contained sensors for spying on its prey.


There is a fair amount of SNOT in the model. Using the 2x2 Macaroni Bricks proved to be too small for the cockpit, but, using 4x4 Curved Bricks was too big. So, I had to figure how to use these:


These provided the right amount of room for a pilot, but, also made the model a little too big. But, I still think it is small enough to pass as a Mini-Rig.


Roomy?! Plenty of room for a pilot to fit!


The idea of having a claw/ vice on the back to hold prisoners, seemed a little odd to me. So, I made a holding chamber in the back of the model for those pesky Rebelscum.


Just enough room for Rebel troops to fit.

This model has 224 pieces. The .lxf file is in my Brickshelf folder.

Desert Sail Skiff tomorrow?


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Hah! Cool! I had this vehicle as a kid and Bossk was my #1 action figure. So you can imagine i played a lot with it. But you captured the shape quitte well!

Desert skiff? Yes, please

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