Alternate Models Challenge - 60054 Light Repair truck

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Eurobricks and Rebrickable were challenged by LEGO to make alternate models for current year city sets. The builds had to only use the pieces in available in the official LEGO model, be made in LDD, digitized, tested in real brick and be a model a 7-10 year old could build!!

I haven't actually received anything yet, something's up with the postage, but in the last few days courtesy of Zcerberus I was able to work with 60054 Light repair truck.


not the easiest set to build alternate models for with only 95 bricks, I managed to create a 4x4 ute


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I also got this little set, here are my 2 alternate models.

A smallroadster with a traffic light and speeding camera.


Ooops by Yatkuu, on Flickr


Roadster by Yatkuu, on Flickr

... and a Traffic control truck.


Traffic Control by Yatkuu, on Flickr

The sign in the back can be folded.


Traffic Control by Yatkuu, on Flickr

It was a fun challenge and I want to thank the LEGO group for setting up this great initiative.

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