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Alternate Models Challenge - 60004 Fire Station

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Eurobricks and Rebrickable were challenged by LEGO to make alternate models for current year city sets.

The builds had to only use the pieces in available in the official LEGO model, be made in LDD, digitized,

tested in real brick and be a model a 7-10 year old could build!!

I received set 60004 "Fire Station"


This is a big set with more than 700 pieces. With it's great quantity of red parts I decided to build some alternate "fire stuff".

Here is what I have executed the last two weeks:

Alternate Fire Truck


Alternate Fire Station


Alternate Ensemble


Rendering of the Ensemble


Thx for watching & so long,


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Really late in posting this. :) I also participated in this challenge, and received this set to build something with. I ended up building a little construction site, with a functional tower crane and some fun play features. The biggest challenge was figuring out what to build with all those tall bricks and windows!





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Impressive! How did you think about building out a construction site out of that set?? :O I like that crane

Thanks! My girlfriend saw all of the windows in the set and kind of jokingly suggested I build a glass factory. That kind of got me thinking along the lines of construction, and that just kind of naturally evolved into this.


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