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Alternate Models Challenge - Index of Entries

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Alternate Models Challenge

Eurobricks and Rebrickable were challenged by LEGO® to make alternate models for current year city sets. The builds had to only use the pieces in available in the official LEGO model, be made in LDD, digitized, tested in real brick and be a model a 7-10 year old could build. Check out multiple alternative models for the following sets:

60003 Fire Emergency by I Scream Clone, plastic_ati and LegoJalex

60004 Fire Station by moctown

60033 Arctic Ice Crawler by BEAVeR and Si-MOCs

60035 Arctic Outpost by ZCerberus, PixelFox and Tomik

60044 Mobile Police Unit by Peteris_Sprogis, msx80 and Ricecracker

60046 Helicopter Surveillance by Cara and Brickterscale

60047 Police Station by Peteris_Sprogis and Commander Red Hat

60054 Light Repair Truck by Legonardo and Yatkuu

60056 Tow Truck by Bob de Quatre and Simon_S

60061 Airport Fire Truck by Cecilie and Nequmodiva

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