Eurobrick's 5th LDD RCB - Western Street

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Welcome to Eurobricks' fifth LDD Relay Community Build! We will this time around tackle a short lived but very much loved theme ...


Eurobricks' fifth LDD RCB will be Western themed and we are building a Western town's main street. A total of sixteen(16) builders will contribute additions to the build of up to 300 bricks to complete this model; a further 4 builders will be considered as replacements should a builder drop out.

What is an RCB?

The basic idea is that one builder starts off a model, adds a certain amount of pieces, and passes the file on to the next builder who adds more bricks, and passes it on to the builder after him, and the cycle repeats until all the builders have built. It's a lot of fun seeing the model grow and the different ideas that each builder has.

Here are links to the previous builds:

RCB 1 - Café Corner : http://www.eurobrick...=48254&hl=relay

RCB 2 - Market street : http://www.eurobrick...=51092&hl=relay

RCB 3 - Classic Space outpost : http://www.eurobrick...=55873&hl=relay

RCB 4 - Pirate fort : http://www.eurobrick...=62132&hl=relay

Who can participate?

Anyone who has the lastest version of LDD and a computer powerful enough to accomodate a ~ 5000 piece model

Interested? Then read on and sign up!!!

- - -

Rules and Guidelines:

Portions of these rules were borrowed from those of previous LDD RCB, written by ADHO15 and further developed by Brickdoctor. Even though this seems like a bunch of boring rules, this is intended to be a serious build, so do read them over before signing up.


• This RCB will be built using LDD 4.3.8 and Extended Mode. If you are not sure on how to access extended mode please contact me and if you have not downloaded the 4.3.8 patch, please do so and ensure it to works properly prior to signing up. (should an update to LDD be done as the build progresses, we will then transistion to the updated version)

• You must have a Brickshelf account (or similar) and know how to use it.

• By the end of the build, the model will contain nearly 5,000 pieces. If you think that your computer will be unable to handle such a large model, please mention it in your sign up; I will try and give you an early build spot.

Building Regulations:

• Each person can add up to 300 bricks. Use the brick counter to ensure you don't use too many bricks, otherwise portions of your addition will be deleted.

• The general rule is that you can't alter bricks placed by a previous builder. However, if absolutely necessary in order to place some vital structural elements, you are allowed to move max ten of of previous builders bricks. This allowance is not to be used to add decorations or other trivial elements.

Use only bricks in colors that have been manufactured at some time by TLG. Use BrickLink for reference.

• Avoid 'floating' of bricks, except in special cases where friction would hold the piece in place in real life. While it is okay to have corners and spaces between buildings, please keep the whole model attached. If you need more space, add in a baseplate.

• As a general guideline please avoid use of BPPs, BURPs, and <insert that tiresome argument> pieces. Brick-built solutions usually have a more refined look to them.

• Please try to stay within the intended theme. You might think of adding an indian village or a ranch, but the focus of this build is the main street itself. E.g. You can add a few cows or a train station, as long as the primary model remains the main street itslef.

• Factions of this build should be limited to Cowboys/Western/far-west. Make sure you use relevant torso’s, headgear and faces; use your imagination.

This is meant to be a peaceful scene. Do not build in attacks by other factions or disasters. The build should represent a typical day around a rising town in 1850-1900.

• You are not allowed to set the RCB on fire. (or other similar inappropriate additions, and, of course, you may use fire where appropriate, such as torches) I reserve the right to remove anything that is inappropriate for the model.

• Just so our model doesn't end up looking half-finished, if you are one of the later builders, try not to start anything that can't be easily completed by the next builder.

• Provided that they do not violate one of the above Building Regulations, any design decisions are up to you. Just try to keep it looking polished and representative of a frontier town; armoury, saloon, blacksmith, stables, sheriff's office, etc.

Guidelines for discussion of the RCB:

• It's sounds obvious, but to borrow KimT's line, stay on target!

• Do not ask when it will be your turn. I'll PM you when it is, so if you haven't been PMed saying it's your turn, it isn't your turn.

• If you do not get chosen to build, do not use this topic to complain about it to everyone. I'll try to be fair when I choose the participants, and if you want to discuss the participant selection, PM me instead.

- - -

What to do on Your Turn:

• You will receive a PM from myself notifying you when it is your turn and containing the latest version of the model. While the model will be available for download to anyone after the completion of each turn, please do not begin work on your portion before I have sent you the PM, otherwise you might lose your work and/or things could get messy.

• Download the file I sent you and add your bricks. Make sure you follow the Building Regulations. You have three days to complete and send in your model. If you do not or cannot finish in time, you will be replaced by a reserve participant.

• The file I sent you will be named "EB-RCB5 - Turn(turn number)". Rename the file using the appropriate Turn Number (ex. EB-RCB5-Turn1), upload it to your Brickshelf account (or similar) (PM me if you are unsure how to do this), and PM a link back to me.

- - -

I've read and agree to all the rules and regulations- how do I sign up?

Simple. Drop me (Piratedave84) a PM saying that you want to participate and agree to the rules and regulations. If you have a preference as to when you take your turn, also include your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices for turn numbers. I cannot guarantee any particular turn. I will try to get you one of your top three choices, but understand that I can't make any promises. Also remember that I cannot be on EB 24/7 to close signups after the 16th entry, so even if you've PMed me, you are not guaranteed a spot on the roster until I send you a PM of confirmation. I will, however, choose an additional four builders for the list of reserves. There is a limit of 16 builders, and the final decision on who to include is up to the host. (me) I will try to select an good balance of both RCB veterans and newcomers. Like the previous RCBS, sign-ups are not on a first-come, first-serve basis. Sign-ups will remain open until Saturday October 11th . (or until 16 builders have signed up, if such has not occurred by the end of the sign up period).

This post will be updated with the participant's names and every time a turn is completed, the model will be uploaded.

- - -


1) jamie75

2) TheLegoExpert

3) Lind Whisperer

4) Bricksandparts

5) Canticleer Blues

6) Sir E Fullner

7) kofi

8) Jamesn

9) Lazarus

10) helloearthling

11) Mr Greeble

12) Mr Breden

13) Shine

14) Sir Brickalot

15) BasOne

16) Zblj

17) Lego Otaku

18) Lazarus

19) Helloearthling

20) Canticleer Blues

21) BasOne

22) Kofi

23) Piratedave84


(Thumbnail links to HD picture, turn 'name' links to .LXF file)

Base model:


Turn 1:

Jamie 75 - started saloon


Turn 2:

TheLegoExpert - added piano, cactus, vultures and greeble


Turn 3:

Lind Whisperer - Continued saloon, added billboard, started building #2


Turn 4:

Bricksandparts - Expanded second building, Added walls to second building & Started walls on third buidling


Turn 5:

Canticleer Blue's - Expanded building 3, started furnishing saloon,Actually here's the full list as per the builder:

Saloon, Exterior:

  • Added 2 hitch posts and 2 troughs outside, as well as an accompanying bucket.
  • Added a cowboy entering the Saloon.
  • Added a horse drinking from the left trough.
  • Added more to right wall (note that the addition is only partial; half the wall and the exterior decoration are still missing, making it incomplete.)

Saloon, Interior:

  • Added 3 tables, with 5 chairs (three for the leftmost table and one each for the other tables).
  • Added bar counter with 5 bar stools.
  • Accessories on leftmost table are: 2 mugs, a bottle, a $100 bill, a leaflet (intended to be a wanted poster, but there isn't a print for that :( ) and a revolver.
  • Accessories on the bar counter include a mug and a bottle.
  • A mug lies on the rightmost table.
  • Cow skull added to right wall.
  • Spitoon added to right of entrance.
  • Finally, a dealer has been added to the gambling table in the bottom-left corner of the Saloon.


  • Added 2 windows with sills and frames to the left of the building.
  • Added more shingles to wall, up to second window.
  • Added more pillars and base bricks for future wall development.
  • Added a door/door frame with surrounding wall to building.
  • Door features a doorknob as well as stairs down to the floor of the building.
  • 2 hitch posts, 1 trough, and 1 water pump added to front of building.


  • For consistency purposes, a doorknob and stairs to inside were added to the door frame structure.


Turn 6:

Sir E Fullner - Added a handcart, Put a mercantile store in one building, and also started on a cavalry transport wagon


Turn 7:

kofi - Added a jail cell, added a second story to saloon


Turn 8:

Jamesn - Continued sheriff's office


Turn 9:

Lazarus - Finished Sheriff's office including interior details, continued store building


Turn 10:

heloearthling - Completed saloon ground floor and added a train


Turn 11:

Mr Greeble - continued second story of saloon


Turn 12:

Mr Breden - begun bank interior, polished train and cart


Turn 13:

Shine - continued work on bank building


Turn 14:

Sir Brickalot - finished the front and side wall of the saloon and added a sign


Turn 15:

BasOne - Continued the general store/grand emporium and added 6 minifigs to liven up the place


Turn 16:

Zblj - filled in the bank, added the BANK text, a window and a vault


Turn 17:

Lego Otaku - Continued work on the bank, and added a water tower.


Plus there's a couple men taking bath and plotting in the tower. (those can be removed if it's a problem, they aren't naked as men often washed with pants on)



Turn 18:

Lazarus - Built a whole building (train station) with 300 bricks! :thumbup:


Turn 19:

Helloearthling - Finished/continued the bank

MOD note: I removed the stairs from the general store so we can actually wrap this up (hopefuly) this year!!


Turn 20:

Canticleer Blues - Finished Saloon


Turn 21:

BasOne - Continued buidling/furnishing general store


Turn 22:

kofi - Continued buidling/furnishing general store, built saloon 'topper'


Final Turn:

Piratedave84 - Finished general store, polished model


Edited by Piratedave84

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I'd like to sign up. My turn preferences are:




Thanks for organizing this!

Thanks for signing up, can you PM me these?

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I'd like to sign up but not too early. after 4th turn at the soonest.

Could you PM me your interest? Thanks

Signed up. Whatever turn is fine.

Can you PM me your interest, thanks

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I'll join, doesn't matter which turn I get.

Alright! Thanks for the interest! Can I get you to pm me this info? Thanks

I'll participate, put me in where I fit.

Glad to have you on board; please PM me this info.


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um.... No. 7 please!!

Psst.. Never done this before...

Can you PM me?

Turnout is amazing! If everything goes well, we could start before the week's end!!!

I have 1 spot remaining and 4 spares to fill but we can get going without the spares

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Turnout is amazing! If everything goes well, we could start before the week's end!!!

I have 1 spot remaining and 4 spares to fill but we can get going without the spares

Awesome! I'm looking forward to my turn - I have the perfect building in mind...

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Awesome! Guess what? We have 16 builder!

I'm on my phone now so I'll post the final list tomorrow and send out the model to the first builder

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