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Classic Railway Station - 2150 inspired LDD MOC

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This station was designed first by LEGO as set 2150, Train Station. It was recreated by someone here on Eurobricks back in 2011, but it had an added "street side", that was almost identical as the track side. I downloaded and added: a expanded platform, made a clock with sign for both sides, and made the sections removable. (Yes, the roof for both levels come off.) I modernized the look of the station by adding a pizza oven with opening door like in set 7641, (City Corner) and adding a safe on the second floor for the station master.


Track side.


Street side of the station. The studs on the wall beside of the clock on both sides of the station are supposed to spell LEGO CITY in printed 1x1 tiles.


Top floor features the Station master's office, with three chairs, a desk, open-able safe, rotary telephone and several cabinets with drawers. This floor and the roof above it are held on by just a few studs, making them 100% removable.


The first floor features the ticket counter, pizzeria with bar seating and the oven taken from City Corner.


Every floor & platform is grouped in LDD, and the station is also build-able in yellow for most (99%) of the parts.

NOTES: I built this station for my father, who already owns the original yellow station set, number 4554. This modified station will be mostly recolored yellow to match his station, which this will replace.

(I could have put this in my "Misc. Railroad Builds" thread, but I thought I deserved a thread in it's own right.)

LDD file: http://www.mocpages....1412010310m.lxf

Comments Question & Compolaints always welcome!!

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