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I love the Haunted House set, but its interior couldn't be more boring to me. It looked less haunted than dilapidated due to heavier exterior focus. So when I got the Spooky Girl minifigure, I was inspired to spice it up a little, with inspiration from all things Halloween.

The exterior hasn't changed much, It looks much worse, though, since the rickety old house is as fragile in the bricks as it looks in design. I left the weaker parts broken, though, since it fit the theme. You'll notice the hanging cage, with the design, function, and prisoner all taken from the Dol Guldur Battle set. The fireplace on the left was taken from The Burrow and modified.


The front entrance has a guardian statue holding the key.

Who's that in the window?


Spooky, like many girls, wanted a pony when she was little.


For the cage, you just pull out this pin...


And the cage drops down, with its widely gapped bars releasing the (thrown-in, not attached) phantom.


The photo here was taken exactly how and where it landed after falling out of the cage, with the side door providing reference.


The fireplace serves as an escape for the phantom, who goes up in flames and disappears!





For those who didn't know, the platform and wall tip the minifigure out the back of the fireplace when the side handle is turned. The green flames on the underside of the platform when tilted represented the Floo magic in the Harry Potter set.

The interior overview.


The foyer has two imposing suits of armor. One seems to be impaled.


And the other likes to move.


The kitchen is bland but gloomy. I don't want to know who's in the corner!


The den has a rotting writing desk, a gramophone, and a bust.


But that bust is not what it seems to be, as it likes to turn and frighten guests!


The bedroom has a four-poster canopy bed where Scare Bear sits during the day. She has a creepy clock, and a table with an antique phone and a lamp.




Some pictures showing the build of the phone. It's a headlight brick with a grey round tile on the front for the dial. A black clip attatches to the square hole, and it holds the phone with two studs on the ends.



The attic is where things get quite bizarre.

Everyone has skeletons in their closet, although someone needs to tell Spooky that she's being too literal!


This thing is inspired by a startling animatronic Halloween prop; a

! (I obviously couldn't do the "hidden" pose, but I could replicate the scare!)


The spider web hides a gruesome ribcage.


This jack-in-the-box looks fairly harmless...



BOO! Meet Jack. He likes to pop out early in "Pop goes the Psycho", since it gives a more effective scare when victims are bracing themselves for the end. I thought this was a perfect use of Krazi's head. Also, the freakiest thing in this house! Look at those methods of hurting!

It can rotate on a turntable and hinge downward at the waist.


The trapdoor has been repurposed. Spooky rests on the studs at the end (her skirt would prevent her bottom leg holes from attaching without them)...


And pops down for a scare! It's nice to even leave her like this, it looks like she's hanging from the ceiling.


I had a lot of fun with this! It was a fun process coming up with unique ideas for the remodeling, and I like it a lot more with my creepy furnishings and denizens. What do you think?

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I like all the mods you made here. I immediately knew I also wanted spooky girl for my HH too! I think your bed looks a lot better than the tiny one in the model. :thumbup:

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Oh, thank you! I actually just put some things together and adjusted for space, but I'm glad it turned out well. When I look at it, I truly believe I would soil my pants at every single detail in the house. I would be terrified in real life, but in LEGO, it's just so fun! Here's some more...

I changed up the study with a new creature on the premises. This barrel looks ordinary...




Well, what do you know? A zombie barrel!


The barrel "mechanism" consists of the head, the barrel, a dark tan Technic axle w/stud, the 2x2 brown plate for the cartoonish balanced lid, and a 2x4 plate with holes.


The short length of the axle does not allow for a creative disguise, since the zombie won't go up all the way if I add something to the end of the axle.

It works best if the plate isn't fully attached, since that can cause the pin to push the barrel off of the plate rather than the lid and zombie out of the barrel. As I couldn't change the floor structure without hours of pain, anguish, and frustration, I just added this platform secured by plates on the top and underside.

"What is this?"



"Remarkable how weak rotten flesh is..."


"How utterly pointless. I should be going now."


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Okay, after way too long, I finally restored several photos to the image hosting site I put them on. I had deleted them to make space while forgetting that doing so removed the images from Eurobricks. :facepalm: I apologize to anyone who tried to read this topic during the downtime.

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