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Graham Gidman

[SoNE Episode VI] Searching Mon Calamari

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Upon arrival, I went to an old buddy of mine, who happens to be in the business of knowing everything that's going on around him. If anyone knew where Boba was, it would be him.


17753948061_7c7de0a66f_t.jpg Hey, Wetz!

17133242853_d6280d5e3d_t.jpg Grahaym? Hey! What brings you to Mon Calamari?


17753948061_7c7de0a66f_t.jpg I'm looking for someone. A bounty hunter called Boba Fett.

17133242853_d6280d5e3d_t.jpg Yeah, I remember him being here. Refueling, I think.

17753948061_7c7de0a66f_t.jpg Is he still here?

17133242853_d6280d5e3d_t.jpg Sorry, but no. He got caught up in a fight and the other guy didn't do so well. He took off pretty quickly keeping his destination a secret, seeing how the guy's friends weren't too happy about what happened.

17753948061_7c7de0a66f_t.jpg I see. Well, thanks anyway. Looks like I'll be heading back to the Redemption.

And a quick additional shot of the rockwork hidden by the platform:


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Great work with your water. It's just the right amount of detailing I think! I also really like your platform. Well done!

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