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Lord Vladivus

Episode VI: Ord Mantell

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Ord Mantell. Captain Jak is with, after mine and Deran's failure on Mon Calamari. I've got a bomb to blow a hole in the floor. Apparently Fett is hiding underground round here in this horrible junkyard.


Captain Jak: "Get that demo charge set!"


A few moments later, BOOM! The hole was blown, and Captain Jak had thrown himself into the hole blaster, ready.


We heard Jak scream, and Deran ran to the edge of the hole to see what was wrong.


Turns out Jak had dropped straight into an Imperial installation housing an Imperial officer and his Stormtroopers were firing back.

The blaster fire intensified and others screamed, before silence reigned.


A Kel Dor climbed out of the hole, easily carrying Captain Jak's wounded body.

Kel Dor: "You would be wise to leave. There are more troopers coming. For your quest, you must unlearn what you have learned. You will find me again once your heads are clearer."


The Kel Dor disappeared, leaving the cryptic message lingering, an empty junkyard and a room full of bodies below.

What next?

And an overview:


So, my second entry, this time for Ord Mantell!

C+C welcome!

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Oh no! Sean Connery is an Imperial Agent! We have no hope! All kidding aside, this is a great build. I really like the snot floors and the junk you have chosen.

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