T-47 Snowspeeder

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Star Wars T-47 Airspeeder



Since I have built the AT-AT in Microfighters scale (gallery), I have decided to build it’s film counter partner – the T-47 Airspeeder in winter edition, better known as the Snowspeeder.




The model sports movable flaps, two firing darts and retractable tow cable with an anchor.


The model can be flown by a single pilot, but it was designed – as the original – to be a two-seater, with rear gunner. Depending on that configuration, either the gunner or the pilot fires (throws :)) the tow cable anchor.


Finally, the cut scene from the Empire strikes back:

Approach to targer…


…successful attack on the walker, the tow cable attached to the AT-AT’s leg…


…one AT-AT down!!!




…well, who forgot to detach tow cable, also bites the dust (snow)…

Full gallery on Flickr.

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Good job, BHs!

The T-47 seems a bit big in comparison with the AT-AT :laugh: !

"That armor's too strong for blasters! Rogue Group...just ram them! That oughta do it."

...and thus, the Battle of Hoth was won by the Rebels, who managed to escape under the cover of their energy shield, and General Veers soon met Ozzel's fate for his failure.

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