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Sandcrawler in Microfighters scale

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I would like to introduce you a combination of microscale and rather big volume vehicle, that roams Tatooine deserts - the Jawa's Sandcrawler:


It took slightly over 100 brick to build, of which most came to the superstructure of the vehicle to adapt the original look of a desert battered hull.



Despite the scale, the vehicle has retractable front ramp:


As you have probably noticed on previous photo, there has been a change in the undercarriage - the first version had simple liftarm-style tracks.

Those were gradually changed to movable ones - first using rubber tires, than chainlink system. Both fore and aft carriages can be rotated in limited range.


Recreation from the movie:

"Wait, what's that? A transport. I'm saved. Over here!"


... and something less official, cut from the New Hope footage:


”-We are looking for the droids, found by you in the nearby sector. Surrender them immediately.

- Mombay m'bwa dooka. Ya e'um pukay. Utinni, nekkel juuvar obwegadada!*”

You know what happened next...

* This is my junk. I won't sell. Beware, you (cenzored)!

Enjoy the rest of the gallery on Flickr.

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that I would buy.

In a heart beat.

It is sooo cute! And captures the sandcrawler EXACTLY in microscale form very well. Dam. Its so cute.

I want one.

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Looks good! Not sure if they'd go crazy on the treads like that in an official MF Sandcrawler, but it'd be pretty great if they did!

I was really, really hoping Wave 2 of the Microfighters would have something much like this, since Jawas are in production thanks to the big Sandcrawler. It'd show that the series could go outside the box (of micro combat-vehicles; the prototypes for the series, the convention tin-sets, showed a bit of that with Luke's landspeeder), and finally offer up a way for little kids to get Jawas, too, instead of begging parents to get them one of two large Sandcrawler sets.

I really, really wish they'd do two waves per year, not just in winter as it appears now... Winter 2016 might feature EpVII ships, as well as REBELS, and if it's only 6 there's not much room for much else. I'm too impatient for a measly 6 Microfighters per year, there's so much potential in the line! :tongue:

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Hahah, absolut great!

Love this Microfighter Sandcrawler - one of the best Microfighter i have ever seen.


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Just needs some flickable missiles to make it a true Microfighter. Also, now you need to make a T-16 Skyhopper in MF style to fight it. Nice work.

Thank you for the tip with T-16, a pair would go nicely indeed, as my Snowspeeder with AT-AT, published somewhere else on this forum.

The missiles would be difficult to put into somewhat civilian model.

I prefer military themes, but it has a cool look! :classic::thumbup:

Most of them are military, true. But the universe is not only about shooting :) - I decided to build some civilian to make greater choice of models - check out my space freighter:


And YT series Outrider is in pipeline too (althought this one will be having much to shoot from :))

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Thanks all.

I don't want to boast of, but my Sandcrawler has won the first place in the LUGPol competition for SW Microfighters model.

The T-47 Snowspeeder, which is also shown somewhere around on this forum, was second :).

And Olivia's X-Wing, which was put into different competition - a "Build a Friends vehicle" - was third.

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