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42000 KERs and DRS MOD

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I was rather dissatisfied with the stock 42000 model - it was silly to have to twist the knob so much to do anything and not very realistic. So I took out that entire system and added a pneumatic Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) that turns on with the actuation of a lever. The air can be used to fill an tank which can be used for the Drag reduction System (DRS), or can be used directly for the DRS without going through the tank. I wanted to be able to have the DRS work without moving the car, so I added a manual pump that can only fill the tank. The tank can be connected or disconnected from the system as desired so that you do not have to fill the tank when pushing the car, but can still use it.

I also eliminated the linear actuators for the engine cover - and replaced them with a spring loaded mechanism which holds it open and locks it shut - much more convenient and I think more clever than the actuators.


This image shows the pneumatic circuit and all of the inner workings.


The final engine bay with everything packaged. I had to remove two of the exhaust pipes - but they were a bit silly since its a V8 which should have 8 primarys not 6 - so I am calling them secondarys for which 4 is the correct number.


The bottom view.

In my opinion, these MODs add a ton of playability. I would like to make a video, but am unsure when I will have the time. The DRS is waaay faster - more like real F1 cars.

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Me likey. This is an excellent, and well executed Mod. I'd like to see it in action.

Also, I think that you should define your acroynyms, makes easier for people who aren't in the know.

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OK I have finally made a video that shows all of this in action. It is actually fun to play with now!

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