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(Not) LEGO Dragon Lands, Wave 2

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Howdy guys!

This is the topic for my "second wave" of (Not) LEGO Dragon Lands. (Not) LEGO Dragon Lands is a MOC series that's meant to be like a new theme of LEGO fantasy; as such, the creations below are designed to be as stable, functional, and reasonably-sized as real LEGO sets. The creations I make in my "themes" (I've done several like this in the past) are designed to go together well, and be highly playable as a cohesive theme.

Like I said, this is the topic for the imaginary second wave of Dragon Lands (wave one can be seen in-depth here; wave 3 is here, and wave 4 here). The premise of this arc is that the orc-like Ustokal of the Essoni Desert and the humans of the Kingdom of Ardun, once at war with each other, are faced to join forces to defend their world from a new threat (very Legends of Chima, huh?). A group of Necromancers has conglomerated; they've risen an army of Zombies, and tied lots of powerful dragons to their service, so the good guys are up against quite the challenge!

Making this wave took me much less time than the first wave, and much of that was due to the fact that I already had a fairly established dragon design, theme aesthetic, and arsenal of characters to toy around with. A lot of the fun came in expanding a world that I'd already developed in a lot of depth with wave one, and improving things where I could (more versatile and stable dragons, more interesting minifig combos, more vibrant and unique-looking sets). I'm pretty happy with how this wave has come out, and I hope you enjoy it too!

64028 Zuvog’s Warship

Pieces: 1273

Price: $129.99 USD



Rescue Vorash and the Golden Dragon Chick from Zuvog’s Warship!

The master necromancer Zuvog has captured King Vorash and a Golden Dragon chick, and holds them prisoner on his dire warship crewed by the undead! Brigid and Orion, riding on the back of the loyal dragon Ormser, must rescue their allies from the clutches of the powerful necromancer. Spells and arrows fly over the sea as Ormser swoops down from the sky. Can Orion and Brigid save their friends from their strongest foe?

  • Includes 8 minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories: Vorash, Brigid, Orion, Zuvog, and 4 Zombies
  • Ormser is fully poseable, with 33 points of articulation including folding wings, moving toes, and an opening jaw
  • The dragon includes a spring-loaded Spell Launcher on his belly, and storage for magic bolts under his wings
  • Ormser features flexible cloth wing membranes, golden armor, and a revamped, larger design
  • Zuvog’s warship features sinister bony railings, tattered sails, a dragon figurehead, magical lanterns, and a wicked battering ram
  • Ballista in the front of the ship launches both spears and magic bolts
  • Raise and lower the warship’s anchor
  • Twist the gear to open a secret compartment in the deck and hide the Protection Vials
  • Pull out the pin to let the front mast fall over
  • Raise and lower the prisoner cage from the deck’s winch
  • Remove the roof of the cabin to gain play access to Zuvog’s potions chamber
  • Weapons and accessories include 2 axes, 2 claws, a spear, a broadsword, a crossbow, a scythe, a club, the Legendary Shield, Zuvog’s halberd, 2 Protection Vials, lots of potions, a crate of fish, bottles, and a Golden Dragon chick
  • Ormser measures more than 13” (33cm) long, with a wingspan of over 18” (46cm)
  • Warship measures over 21” (53cm) long, 6” (16cm) wide, and 19” (48cm) tall

64027 Gate of Torroc

Pieces: 1086

Price: $99.99 USD



Protect the Gate of Torroc from undead invaders!

The inside of Mount Torroc has long been one of the strongest fortresses in the Kingdom of Ardun… and now, it’s under attack by a troop of Zombies! A gate large enough for a dragon to walk through, with a portcullis and a pair of solid doors, blocks the mouth of the Torroc caves, but the entrance is also guarded by the magic energies of three Protection Vials. If the Zombies’ leader Nauskath can find all three Vials, then the portcullis and door will be no match for his relentless power! Can Prince Orion and the Ardun soldiers stop the evil forces? Includes Orion, a horse, three Ardun soldiers, Nauskath, and two Zombies.

  • Includes 7 minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories: 3 Ardun soldiers, Orion, Nauskath, and 2 Zombies
  • Gate of Torroc features brick detailing, autumnal trees, hanging moss and ivy, short obelisks, stalactites, and mountainous cliff faces
  • Raise the portcullis by twisting the knob, and release by hitting the magic target
  • Lock the gates with a dual deadbolt on the back
  • Drop rocks through the hole in the ceiling and shoot through the arrow loops at enemies passing through the gate
  • Find a Protection Vial by hitting the magic target above the gate
  • Send a boulder rolling down the side of the mountain and at enemies
  • Hit the magic target on the side to reveal the Legendary Weapons inside Mount Torroc
  • Smash through the portcullis with Nauskath’s super-strength
  • Includes a spring-loaded spell launcher disguises as an obelisk
  • Weapons and accessories include 2 broadswords, 2 short swords, 3 longbows, 2 spears, 2 halberds, 2 shields, an axe, a banner, Nauskath’s staff, the Legendary Shield, the Legendary Staff, the Legendary Axe, 3 Protection Vials, a chest of silver, carrots, torches, and rocks
  • Gate of Torroc measures over 15” (39cm) wide, 7” (18cm) deep, and 12” (31cm) tall

64026 Radgha Rising

Pieces: 800

Price: $79.99 USD



Stop the undead dragon Radgha from rising back to life!

It’s a sorcerer’s battle for the ages! Althior and Rothut, two prodigious wizards, have journeyed to the outer reaches of the Essoni Desert in search of the fortress of the necromancer Scallow. They’ve discovered it, and also discovered Scallow’s newest scheme: to summon Radgha, a powerful dragon of legend, back to life! Althior and Rothut will have to use all their skill and cleverness to put a stop to the ritual. The only chance they have is the suspended Protection Vial, but they’ll have to navigate the dark fortress, find the helpful phoenix, and face Scallow’s Zombies along the way. Will the good wizards cast Radgha back to sleep?

  • Includes 5 minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories: Rothut, Althior, Scallow, and 2 Zombies
  • The massive dragon Radgha features flexible cloth membranes on her wings, skeletal ribs, bony ridges, and evil green eyes
  • Radgha is fully poseable, with 36 points of articulation including folding wings, moving toes, an opening jaw, and a bending spine
  • Radgha features a spring-loaded Spell Launcher on her belly, and storage for magic bolts under her wings
  • Scallow’s fortress features sinister black stone, brick detailing, and dragon claw turrets
  • Launch Althior into the air with the magic catapult
  • Send the Protection Vial and its crystal sphere flying by pressing the lever
  • Release the Zombies from their spellbinder bubbles by pushing the bar behind the wall
  • Stop the summoning with magic launchers high on the wall and tower
  • Weapons and accessories include an axe, a spear, Althior’s staff, Rothut’s staff, Scallow’s bone scythe, a Protection Vial, 6 Spell Launcher shots, a phoenix, a treasure chest, and lots of wizard supplies
  • Radgha measures more than 14” (37cm) long, with a wingspan of over 17” (44cm)
  • Tower measures over 5” (12cm) wide, 5” (13cm) deep, and 11” (28cm) tall
  • Wall measures over 7” (17cm) wide, 3” (7cm) deep, and 11” (28cm) tall

64025 Dragon’s Lair

Pieces: 507

Price: $49.99 USD



Find wondrous treasure in Imaust’s Lair!

Imaust has always been a greedy and wicked dragon. Over ages, he has stolen an immense treasure from the Ustokal people. The Ustokal King, Vorash has decided that Imaust’s days of destruction must come to an end. Vorash, his new ally Orion, and the wily Kojai, sneak into Imaust’s lair in the middle of the Essoni Desert, intent on putting a stop to Imaust’s evil deeds once and for all! Will they succeed? Includes Vorash, Orion, Kojai, an Ustokal soldier, and Imaust.

  • Includes 4 minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories: an Ustokal Soldier, Kojai, Orion, and Vorash
  • Lair includes a rocky hollow, an arch, a staircase, two huge torches surrounded by treasure, and a wall of flame
  • Cave elements feature stalagmites and stalactites, rocky surfaces, and lots of gold elements
  • Imaust’s treasure includes coins, goblets, plates, shields, diamonds, nuggets and more
  • Enter the dragon’s lair through a secret door
  • Dump fire on intruders by pulling a stalactite near the arch
  • Explode the staircase and raise the wall of flame to stop Kojai from reaching the golden axe
  • Imaust is fully poseable, with 28 points of articulation including folding wings and moving toes
  • Imaust features flexible cloth membranes on his wings, spiky red scales, detachable fiery breath, and a gold tooth
  • Weapons and accessories include a curved sword, a broadsword, a mace, a spear, a round shield, the Legendary Shield, a golden axe, and two treasure chests full of diamonds
  • Arch and stair section measures more than 9” (24cm) long, 4” (11cm) deep, and 16” (16cm) tall
  • Imaust measures more than 13” (33cm) long, with a wingspan of over 16” (39cm)

64024 Sky Chase

Pieces: 450

Price: $39.99



Chase the Wyvern with Urnelda, the Golden Dragon!

On the back of Urnelda, the Golden Dragon, Aona and her cat patrol the skies above Ardun. When a Zombie and its Wyvern mount are spotted, the chase is on! The Wyvern is quick, but Urnelda is strong, and Aona sends her spells flying at the enemy dragon. Will Urnelda and Aona steer the Wyvern into the camouflaged tree outpost, and the Ustokal archer waiting there? Includes Aona, Urnelda, a Zombie, a Wyvern, and an Ustokal Archer.

  • Includes 3 minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories: a Zombie, Aona, and an Ustokal Archer
  • Set features two fearsome dragons as well as a camouflaged tree outpost
  • Wyvern has 27 points of articulation, including folding wings and grabbing talons
  • Urnelda is fully posable, with 33 points of articulation including folding wings, moving toes, and an opening jaw
  • Seat Aona and her cat in Urnelda’s saddle
  • Urnelda features a spring-loaded Spell Launcher on her belly, and storage for magic bolts under her wings
  • Both Urnelda and Wyvern have flexible cloth wing membranes
  • Shoot down the Wyvern with the tree outpost’s crossbows
  • Weapons and accessories include Aona’s staff, a bow, a bone axe, a shield, and a cat
  • Wyvern measures over 9” (24cm) long, with a wingspan of over 15” (39cm)
  • Urnelda measures more than 13” (33cm) long, with a wingspan of over 18” (46cm)

64023 Lellyr Ultimate Dragon

Pieces: 280

Price: $27.99 USD



Outrun your enemies with Lellyr, the ultimate dragon!

Lellyr is the fastest dragon in the Kingdom of Arden. With long wings, streamlined green scales, and sharp claws, Lellyr is a force to be reckoned with even without his rider, Kojai, who is as quick and clever as his dragon companion. Together, Kojai and Lellyr can take on any foe… and when Lellyr dons his battle gear, the undead don’t stand a chance. Armor up the ultimate Ustokal battle dragon, and take on the Zombie army! Includes Kojai and Lellyr.

  • Includes 1 minifigure: Kojai, who is armed with a curved sword and a spear
  • Lellyr is fully poseable, with 33 points of articulation including folding wings, moving toes and an opening jaw
  • Seat Kojai on Lellyr’s back
  • Lellyr features flexible cloth membranes on his wings, lime green spines, and a streamlined body
  • Arm the dragon for battle with a removable saddle, chains, and five pieces of removable armor
  • Lellyr is more than 13” (34cm) long, with a wingspan of over 18” (46cm)

64022 Wyvern Attack

Pieces: 150

Price: $14.99 USD



Use magic to dispel the Wyvern attack!

The Ustokal wizard Rothut likes to travel alone. However, this makes the powerful sorcerer a juicy target for Zombie dragon patrols! As he makes his way from the Essoni Desert and into the hills of Ardun, a Wyvern and its Zombie rider swoop down on Rothut, hoping to capture him and bring him to their masters. Will the sorcerer’s magic be enough to stave off the undead scout? Includes Rothut, a Zombie, and a Wyvern dragon.

  • Includes 2 minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories: Rothut and a Zombie
  • Wyvern is fully poseable, with 25 points of articulation including folding wings, grabbing talons and a twistable tail
  • Wyvern features flexible cloth membranes on its wings
  • Seat the Zombie on the Wyvern’s back
  • Also includes a spring-loaded Spell Launcher disguised in a rock
  • Weapons include a scythe and a staff
  • Wyvern measures over 9” (24cm) long, with a wingspan of over 15” (39cm)

64021 Undead Encounter

Pieces: 79

Price: $7.99 USD



Protect the Golden Dragon chick from an undead warrior!

Wizard’s apprentice Brigid has been sent on a mission into the Ardun forest to rescue the Golden Dragon’s hatchling. She finally finds the baby dragon, but it’s a trap, and she accidentally releases a skeletal Zombie from its spellbinder bubble! Can Brigid summon the Legendary Axe and raise her magical pulse shield in time to defeat the Zombie? Includes Brigid, a Zombie, and the Golden Dragon chick.

  • Includes two minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories: Brigid and a Zombie
  • Features a creek bridge and tree, and a spellbinder bubble on a pedestal
  • Bridge and pedestal feature cool stony detailing and forest elements
  • Capture the Zombie in the spellbinder bubble, and open to release the undead warrior
  • Launch the magical pulse shield to knock over enemies
  • Retrieve the Legendary Axe from the middle of the bridge
  • Weapons and accessories include a sword, a crossbow, the Legendary Axe, and a Golden Dragon chick
  • Spellbinder bubble measures almost 3” (7cm) tall


Thanks for looking! If you want a more in-depth look at the sets, please visit my Flickr Photostream. All comments and critiques are welcomed!

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I really like the idea of using the stud shooter like that with the disk piece.

I'm a fan of your builds and look foward to more.

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I fear that this topic will get less attention because it's a fantasy theme that doesn't involve Lord of the Rings, but such is life in this "community".

His first wave got a decent amount of attention!

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Again, very good work, Nuju. The first wave was beautiful, and I can't wait to see how wave 2 develops.

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Lots of cool details and fun play features. Love the amount of story the set conveys in just so small number of bricks. Can't wait to see more!

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I love this series of MOCs! =)

These seem well more creative than any castle-related sets TLG has ever done.

I don't understand how LEGO thinks that even younger children prefer really basic, normal medieval sets to your series! :P

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More fun additions! I love that Dragon's Lair set, and the hoard of gold that's reasonably substantial (Isla de Muerta from POTC and The Lonely Mountain don't quite seem to have enough gold, or at least not concentrated enough in one spot). My only bit of critique about Radgha Rising is that both zombies have identical half-clad legs... if one had bare legs and the other had a single boot, that might make for a better 'look' (or one with 2 boots, the other with only one). Then again, Lego tends to favor right legs & arms only for a lot of their pirates & cyborgs with "different" limbs (the translucent left arms of Jek-14 and the Chima ice tribes being some notable exceptions), so having a pair of skeleton zombies each sporting a right boot kinda is in keeping with Lego patterns. :tongue:

I wish this were a real theme... lot of fun stuff going on in it! And I like how, as with Chima, former enemies seem to be working together against a common foe.

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Very cool MOCs, but I love how you have presented them as actual sets. If the actual Castle themes were like this one, I would probably buy them all!

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I like the whole concept but what i love the most are your dragons. Great work!

Edited by sahidko

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64025 - The first thing that I mentally wanted to do was push the dragon through the arch and I don't think it's big enough. The arch either need to be smaller so that it's definitely not dragon sized and therefore minifigs can pass through it to escape from the dragon, or it's go to be big enough for the dragon to fit through easily.

64027 - The first thing that I want to do with a gate is to attack it and I just don't see that with this set. It needs a dragon or a siege engine to attack the gate. I appreciate that there's a storyline but sets work best when they're obvious and it's not quite obvious at this stage.

Minor points on some very well designed sets.

Edited by The_Cook

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