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Hi there folks.

My question is very trivial. But it is one that I have for years and no place I can find the answer.

Is there a chart that I can find all the bricks sizes avaluable regarding number of pegs (or studs)?

First lets define what I mean by brick: the regular standart lego brick, with its standart height, the smaller one have 1 x 1 peg and the bigger one is... who knows how many pegs? thats part of my question.

I am counting no plates as bricks because they dont have brick's height. They are flat. No flat bricks. No slopes. No irregular shapes. No figures. No duplos. No column. no bricks with detais like a different shape on the edge or the sort, no tiles, no weight brick.

Im considering brick only the rectangular (squared) regular block with standart brick height. No matter the colour.

So as you can see its a pretty basic question.

Id like to know for instance if there is a 6 x 12 brick or a 2 x 16 brick, or a 4 x 20 on.

What would be the bigger brick in number of pegs and whats the longer?

If anyone knows for sure if such chart exist, or have the codes for the bigger bricks, or can add any usefull information no matter how small, that will be very appretiated.

Thank you.

Ps. Remember: no plates ( flat brick) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wink:

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Thank you very much for the link, it was helpfull but still scarce. I once saw an auction selling bricks like 2x19...1x18 I dont have the exact numbers now. It was 4 years ago. They were huge. Id say 170mm long. Maybe more.the person selling, getting rid of his collection. He Was from Sweden or Norway somewhere nearby. It was four years ago as Ive said, cant remember detais. They were Legos all right. Never seen them bigger. He said they werent difficult to find on stores where he lived...never seen them since.

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