[MOC] Micropolis appartments

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Another of my Micropolis modules is this 32*32 block with three appartmentbuildings and a mixed use building. At it's ground level, you will find a toy store - THE place to buy your bricks :wink: .

The module will be on display at LEGO Fan Weekend 2014, as a part of my Micropolis layout. Enjoy, and feel welcome to comment :classic:

15232964201_d4a487f620_b.jpgMicropolis - 3+1_2 by Sandman_DK, on Flickr

15049179749_cd37491aac_b.jpgMicropolis - 3+1 by Sandman_DK, on Flickr

15232973701_b67ccef051_b.jpgMicropolis - 3+1_3 by Sandman_DK, on Flickr

15049484068_83b9c92173_b.jpgMicropolis - 3+1_4 by Sandman_DK, on Flickr

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