MOC: Submersible Jago (Tauchboot Jago)

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JAGO is a submersible primarily dedicated to exploration and research in marine sciences. Check it out here:

I virtually built it by SR3D Builder (LDraw system) and rendered it by Pov-Ray.

Regarding the “Shark-Render” I used media and scattering for generating the “foggy” appearance of the underwater scenery. The sharks are from Lego 4506 Deep Sea Predators (posted by C3POwen in "Official Lego Sets made in LDraw").






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Many thanks to all!

Not sure if the model can be build in real life.

All parts stick together in SR3D. Despite of the technic head which is just put inside. And despite of the dome #86500 (Cylinder Hemisphere 4 x 4). But the latter one seems to be a software bug. So in principle the model can be build in real life.

So far I have not checked if all parts are available in orange. The “orange” color you see here is a custom color I have specified myself for getting close to the original color. It seems that the original color of Jago is something between yellow and orange, but closer to yellow. Therefore I would realise the model in yellow instead of orange. But I neither have completely checked if all parts are available in yellow. So far I think two problems will arise: #53585 (Technic Ball Joint with Through Axle Hole) which is only available in black an red, and #86500 (Cylinder Hemisphere 4 x 4) which is not available in orange or yellow. To overcome this one maybe has to use a color spray can ....

So you see: The most striking advantage of virtual modelling is that you can do things which are not possible in real life.

Please note: The railing at the top is a tubing generated via MLCad/Lysnth. So for properly displaying this model you should have installed MLCad/Lysnth.


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It's a great model and it looks stunning. Thanks for sharing!

Brilliant piece, the detail makes it even better.

Glad that you like it. Thanks!

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