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  2. I think you have to make a distinction here between being a fan of LEGO bricks or LEGO minifigures and being a fan of LEGO the company. I can be a passionate fan of LEGO bricks but don't care or maybe even dislike the LEGO company, because they don't give me new molds, new minifigs, new sets of the theme I like the most. But Star Wars or Marvel fans get that. Let's compare this to NBA basketball: You can be a fan of the game of basketball. But most likely you will also be a fan of a team. Lucky you if you are from Los Angeles. You even got two teams (=themes) to choose from and you get plenty of games (=sets) and star players (=minifigs) every year to talk about. But if you are from Seattle, your favorite theme gets gets cancelled in 2008 (Supersonics move to Oklahoma). Of course you can still play basketball yourself (=MOCing) and rewatch old matches or talk about TOP 10 players of the 1990. And maybe lose passion for the company NBA in the process. It sucks to live in a small market area (=being a fan of a theme, LEGO thinks is not profitable enough). Being a Clippers or Lakers fan on the other hand offers you a much more comprehensive and exciting fan experience. (Well, maybe the Clippers not so much )
  3. Great little build, but I would say too little. There's lots of really cool details, but there's so much happening at the same time, it's hard to spot them, as all is crammed up. Superb introduction of Cathar species and her minifig is really nicely done - indeed a guide in the wilds.
  4. aadvik

    Return of the Jedi in LEGO

    wow!! It's really well made. Keep up the great work.
  5. I have an RJ45 crimper but the pin spacing is wrong for PU. Otherwise, I could probably grind off 2 of the 8 pins on the die to make it work. Someone should fabricate a die for the crimper. I went the cheapskate route of 3D printing my own and epoxying the wires onto the grooves. I have to be careful not to get epoxy on the bare wires if I want things to.powered up.
  6. zinnn

    BattLEGO - Pirates vs Space

    Cool idea, but I second that thought with Pirates vs Soldiers
  7. mgetz

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    When will start seeing set details like we just got for ninjago?
  8. Ah, thanks! I see it now, sorry.
  9. Forgot to mention that one. Yes, same here. Most cost-effective, but less what-will-I-do-with-all-that-stuff from the apparently "useless" sets purchased. Well, not entirely true - filling the gaps with all sorts of small - whatever pieces - is "useless" as well. Well, for the time being. Who knows what they will do "just sitting there, waiting", as @koalayummies said (below/above - I was editing - but I like that notion very much!). Best, Thorsten
  10. Sympatik Brick

    Latest impact of other themes on historic themes

    I’ve got one of these spear tip in trans green. Will it be just a new color or a really new piece? The crystal sword could be the «trans-colored » short sword from the last CMF series (Fright Knight / Knight protector) in another transparent color. I think you’re right with the crystal armor and samurais. It seems to be mostly re-use of older pieces (probably in new colors), but I’m maybe wrong! I hope so! The new skull sorcerer and the centaur could be two really nice minifigs for medieval fantasy. I really love the first version of the skull sorcerer. In one set he is winged (with bat wings but without armor) I don’t know any other winged minifigs in Ninjago but many of the Chima’s minifig have winged armors.
  11. That's the most cost effective since you already own it; you can always rebuild it so might as well use those parts for something else in the meantime. They're just sitting there, waiting.
  12. I find the Pick a Brick wall at the LEGO store the most cost effective. You can also challenge yourself to design your MOC around what's available on the wall.
  13. ForgedInLego

    these figures are original?

    At 3:40 you can see how moulds are taken out of the machine. It is a normal part of operation, and is still mostly manual, with a bit of assistance for the weight
  14. MM Note: Of course! I probably could have been clearer about this. Valencia is basically a big space train; a big tug freighter with a bunch of containers hitched behind. The containers are hitched via an energy field but travel between the containers is possible with the air locks. Basically if everything was in working order, the freighter (Alpha) and the first container (Beta) would be pulled together and locked in place so that you could step into the airlock, safely cycle air and everything, and then step out of the airlock on the other side, entering the container. Right now, the airlock in Alpha has been destroyed, so there’s an emergency shield up to stop the air of the ship from getting out. This means Alpha and Beta can’t safely lock together, but Beta’s air lock is still working, you just need to get to it.
  15. LEGODrongo01

    Wishlist: Future Star Wars Sets and Minifigures

    If they're doing another Falcon I would love to see a ROTJ themed one with Lando Nein Nunb and the other random guys, but it probably won't happen cos no one cares about those characters.
  16. Found a second hand 8230 today for 19 euros. It has the "impossible" to find technic figure So I finally got my guy
  17. Robert8

    Ideas for a CMFs

    I've always wanted to dissociate the so called beauty standards from specific hair colors Like I don't like how blondes are portrayed in certain way, so I tried to include more professional looking females with blonde hair, like the Series M Art Restorer or the Series S Fashion Designer. Also, I tried to include "fierce" females with hair colors other than dark brown, like the Series U Treasure Hunter I even tried giving blonde hair to some other characters like both steampunk females or the Series V Monster Hunter..... but it just doesn't work. I swear they just look off. Maybe because it throws off the color scheme (combined with the yellow skin), because most "fierce" women called for darker color schemes. Also, I didnt have a lot of chances of doing this because around the middle of this project I started to deviate more towards fantasy characters (seeing how TLG starting to include more and more city characters in real CMFs). And most fantasy characters call for wacky hair colors like Magical Girl, Evil Mermaid, Alraune, Arachne, etc....
  18. Kai NRG

    Wither Woods Windmill

    Thanks everyone! Thanks Lord Dan! I hadn't thought about the style here being cartoony but you're totally right, it is! That's fun, I like doing clean lined, bright color builds a lot, so I will have to be more intentional about it being cartoony next time! haha, don't be intimidated, go for it! Thanks so much! Of course, you are right... there are no instructions, the video is very "real," I just build in that sequence. Although I do sometimes get lazy and don't change the battery right when it dies, so there are some gaps (such as all the tiles on the outside). I'm really glad to hear how much you enjoy the stop motion. I know some builders do reverse stop motion when they deconstruct their MOCs, but I always thought it would be more fun to see the back and forth of deciding what piece goes where and the real order a MOC gets built in--usually not the deconstruction order! So it's great to hear that others appreciate this less "edited" approach! Thanks Blufiji! Yes, getting that roof sturdy was tough! Looking forward to seeing yours! And I'd love to see you reuse my sunflowers. In case it's not obvious, the top and bottom aren't actually attached--what I did was sandwich one leaf (top) between two leaves (bottom). Pretty sturdy actually but not a very "official" technique Thanks Captain! That took me by surprise, but thanks to whoever was responsible for that too!
  19. Sir Jedrus

    [MOC] Glendalough Monastic Settlement

    thats some serious effort!!! reminds me of the witcher game
  20. nerdsforprez

    42146 - Liebherr LR13000

    But com' reality why would we? What would motivate TLG to provide that? It would only increase chances of buyers trying to lift ridiculous things, likely breaking parts, complaints, etc...and we already know the part count is low. Power boom would only take away from that. I don't think it's likely we get that setup.
  21. Killian

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2022

    Thanks, just watched all except the Chang'E episode. It was all so epic! It was interesting how they handled Mei's connection to the True Fire of Samhadi as seen in set 80033 and it was great to see Macaque's mech in action. I hope the Chang'E episode gets subtitled soon
  22. TeddytheSpoon

    these figures are original?

    I doubt it, injection moulding machines are not easy to switch on and off. I don't know the specifics of the moulds, but they look like pretty beefy bits of metal from what I've seen. Swapping those in and out, in factories that are largely automated, is not likely to be an easy task. It would also mean the moulds would need to be swapped out with hot plastic still in the system, and again, with highly automated factories, such a safety critical aspect would surely be alarmed and require a lot of work to bypass.
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  24. Waterbrick Down

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Rules & FAQ

    A few options: Scrap meditate, Restore Spirit at the end of Combat - Downside: Hesitancy to use Spirit outside of Combat Scrap meditate, Restore Spirit at the beginning of Combat - Downside: Hesitancy to use Spirit outside of Combat Scrap meditate, Restore Spirit at the beginning and end of Combat - Downside: Less spell usage total (spells need to feel equivalent to features that are "always on" that other characters invest their points into) Make Meditate a combat only action - Downside: Combat may be artificially lengthened to allow casters to refresh Spirit Allow Meditate as an action at any time - Downside: More spell usage total (i.e. unlimited healing) Make Meditate a spell - Downside: Spell tax (i.e. all casters will feel the need to take it, power disparity between those with it vs. those without) Create a rest mechanic that refreshes Vitality and Spirit - Downside: New mechanic for MM to have to manage Increase available Spirit, but limit how much can be spent on a single Spell equal to Casting Proficiency - Downside: New mechanic needs to be tested
  25. Borex

    MOC: Music Dioramas

    Superb. I always love to see what music is loved by whom. I don’t know the most of it (at least not the albums) but it’s great to see that these inspired you to build this. Keep’em coming!
  26. Glad to hear we’re getting a Ferrari. Hope it’s a road car like the others and not a race car. As to colour if I remember my Ferrari history well the yellow on the badge is the colour of Modena and deep in Ferraris history. So although we all think of blood red Ferraris a yellow one is equally relevant. But I think we’ll get a red one as that’s the colour everyone associates them with. So what could it be ? 296 GTB - this is due on sale this year but has already been shown. This could be yellow and grey instead of red. Just google it. Purosangue - their SUV / high riding vehicle. Not properly seen by the public yet. But I can’t see it being not a Supercar. Daytona SP3 - a limited volume car in a similar vein to the Sian, so potential. Has been shown to the world. F75 - whatever this turns out to be. ? - something else that no one in the public is aware of. I’ll have to get on LinkedIn and contact some people I know :)
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