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  2. The combo between curved tower and square top is really messing with my eyes... in a good way! Really cool interior details too, I love the sun and planets especially.
  3. "Hey, ease up - And don't you think calling it 'loot' kinda undermines your 'items-of-the-deceased' point?" As Yelana took the blaster and looked for a place on her belt to attach it, she quietly slipped her wallet out of her pocket, scanned Slice's Credits, then replaced her wallet as she tucked the blaster into the side of her belt. "We should probably talk to the crew before making any decisions - Soren, you said you'd let them know the fight's over. And can you grab me a cup of Crimson Chai with cream and Poojat sugar while you're at it? Thanks." "I don't think we scared them off - They're probably still tailing us, waiting for us to drop our guard." "No - You need to keep yourself from getting killed; either Zaria or I'll stay back. And besides, didn't you say you'd go talk to the crew?"
  4. ThomusBean

    Mountain Cottage

    Totally agree. A window with a cold distant mountain view or some icicles would totally enhance the warmth and coziness of the interior. Still great atmosphere!
  5. PirateRoberts

    [MOC] Sabre Island 21

    Sabre Island MOC Enjoy!
  6. AxolotlPlays

    Jurassic World 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Well, if it is the biggest set, it only makes sense for Lego to put in that set. Yeah, I am excited for some new leaks!
  7. This is great work and all your math checks out but you have taken the most expensive set at 159.99 and compared it to a potential CMF at 4.99, however, your argument makes so much sense I thought I'd pose a question. Let's apply the same logic to the Obi-Wan figure from last year that was sold individually. According to the math and the contract, Lego can sell the fig (which they did) and make a sh*t ton of money on it cause it has an excellent profit margin (Less than 15 pieces sold at 5 dollars per bag). So from a business perspective why would we have not already seen a Lego SW polybag minifig line unless Lego didn't want to make the figs available this way. Remember the argument that its breach of contract is mute since it has the extra 5-6 pieces that make it a building toy and the argument that it wouldn't sell well is also gone cause @MSY-MSP proved you wouldn't need as many sales to make absurd amounts of profit. I don't think it's a long con or theory that Lego can make CMFs but won't cause they hate fans but according to the math and what constitutes a building toy (a brick-built stand), they should have already had one.
  8. We just killed one Blackguard agent and scared off two more, I doubt they're coming back any time soon. If you want someone to stick around, I could get my spirit back and keep the wall patched up. I'm cozy with the engineers here, anyways. 'All else fails, we could just leave the cube with the train.
  9. Contrary to what the gunship haters believe the designers don’t have anything against fans and they’re not actively out to mistreat any of us. It’s not the designer’s fault that some people are blowing their comments completely out of proportion. They have no reason to lie to us, they know how much we want minifigures we’ve been asking for a CMF for like a decade now. If they could do it they would’ve done it by now.
  10. I'm like "Why are they reposting this again?" Then I see you made a big final change to it. It looks fantastic! It's great your not in the basement hole 😜.
  11. At that point they should just sell figures people want with buildable stands or a smaller build as example jedi masters and their seats, even army building stuff like clones for 4$-5$.
  12. "No, just clearing my throat." "No, no, I know that - I'm just not sure we have the time to run back, grab the gauntlet, then come get the cube, and be back in our seats, by the time we get to Con'stap. Plus, M-Tec is probably already tipped-off that someone is after the cube, so they'll be on alert for any attempts on their property - And, if we leave the cube unattended, Blackguard can just swoop back around and take it while we're on the other side of the train."
  13. DBlegonerd7

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    All thanks to @Roebuck, I just created a new topic regarding Jane Goodall. Right now, no price, piece counts or release date at the moment.
  14. PGBQW

    Super Mario 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    The cast of the Mario movie got me totally jokerfied, this looks like the worst thing imaginable and I hate every single choice. Can't wait to see the movie and buy the lego sets tho.
  15. Anonknee Muss

    Super Mario 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    The cast has been announced for the Mario Animated film coming December 2022. Chris Pratt will voice Mario. More importantly, could we have a bigger chance of getting Mario minifigures?
  16. But what if it's really just a new version of Slave I, which Disney has now decided to retitle Boba Fett's Palace? Dang, I don't know why, but I felt like LEGO would do a smaller set to tie in with the show, and in which we could get Boba and Fennec more cheaply. The Palace could be cool and worth it no doubt, but I was hoping for something at the 30$/€ price range.
  17. Stepwise

    Updating Your MCU Minifigures

    Actually - I liked the first head better. I've had something similar in mind with those frown lines on his cheeks. I'm curious as to what we'll see for him once his show hits Disney+.
  18. ...did you just whisper into your shoulder? That's a weird thing to do. ...yeah, that's what I just said. Do you know something I don't, spy? In any case, Zaria has the files memorized.
  19. I'm prototyping physically mechanical principles of the model first, then I try to build it in studio, iterate and make it look good. Then I build a physical prototype based on the design and so on. A tick-tock process, kind of like intel. Sometimes I go all physical though if mechanics are most of the build.
  20. "Yelana, you will keep your hands off the items of the deceased." Zaria states. "You gave me the right to distribute loot when you elected me group leader." Zaria moves through the belongings of the dead agent on the floor, carefully avoiding touching the cube. Loot Distribution Soren: Tactical Leathers, Plasma Potion Yelana: Standard Issue Security Blaster Zaria: Farsight Googles, Beam Blade "You are quite correct, Yelana, as usual." Zaria replies with a smile, wiping sweat from her brow. "Therefore, we should wake the engineers and let them handle the cube."
  21. Stepwise

    WIP feedback thread

    @Duvors - Thank you! Do you think the second one would look good with less black - more of a pin-striping kind of look, instead of big panels?
  22. nerdsforprez

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Thxs for at least acknowledging
  23. Yelana Deception vs. Soren Insight - (3,1,4,1) 1 Success vs. (5,3,1,6) 2 Successes
  24. Thanks! I'll definitely be taking a read through this
  25. Duvors

    [Poll] Do you like LEGO as a company?

    In general I have no stake in this particular argument, but since I've noticed this being brought up in this thread by several people I'd just like to point out how absurd this particular statement is. Of course not every single human being on the planet is an awesome person, but that's not what the title means or is intended to convey. Yes, of course calling it something like LGBTQ+ People are Awesome would probably be more accurate to the intended message, but that just sounds unwieldy for the title of a set, and obscures the reference to Everything is Awesome. It's ultimately a bit of rhetorical corner-cutting. Quibbling about the precise wording of the name is just nonsensical hair-splitting and irrelevant to whether the company are virtue-signalers or not.
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