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  2. TechnicRCRacer

    Axle Collection Thread

    Awesome! How is the tan double bevel gear in the second photo braced?
  3. Peppermint_M

    H20: 1: The Mystery of the Maze

    "The brew, did your alchemist say what was in it?" Magnhilder had heard the whisper, many lifetimes in the icy expanses taught any being to listen well for even the smallest sound. "They died to protect their tribe, a better fate would have been living out their lives but with this plague, even I face my undoing." The etherian knew it was no real comfort, but there was little else to offer. "What say you Sam? Not one of these paths look fortuitous."
  4. HarryVader

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    If you watch toy reviews on YouTube, Big Time Spiderman gained some popularity thanks to ShartimusPrime, a Marvel action figure reviewer.
  5. I hope the 501st is back in stock by then...
  6. Walter529a

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Its very likely the new Red and blue suit is the 2019 Main Spidey fig, with black and curvier web pattern, modified symbols and arm printing. The Big Time suit was a costume made in the (literal) Big Time Saga in the ASM comics, developed at Horizon Labs to combat the New HobGoblin Phil Urich and his sonic Blast. It had 3 modes: Green(Stealth), Red(Sound removal) and White(Nothing). The suit has appeared in several games (Ps4 Included) and the Marvel's Spider-Man Tv show.
  7. evancelt

    Red Coats Sea Watch Tower

    Gorgeous! Love the matching colors throughout (pants & water, flag & brick, etc). Looks a little bit like a rocket ship, but not in a bad way :)
  8. The_Tinkerer

    Axle Collection Thread

    The motor yields before any damage to any parts.
  9. Mechbuilds

    Axle Collection Thread

    How do the CV axles handle torque? Will the motor yield or the CV pop out?
  10. The_Tinkerer

    Axle Collection Thread

    Here's a simple, but very sturdy solid axle. It can be powered by one or two L motors, but steering is a challenge(though possible). I have tested it, and it's almost indestructible.
  11. Please don't give TLG any ideas on how to cancel this gorgeous vessel...
  12. Actually Flyer XD40 is one of the buses I want to build. Let's see if I can create one, but not guarantee :P
  13. bricksboy

    MOC #69-3 Mercedes Benz O530 Citaro K Austria Graz Bus

    Thanks for your support :D Thanks for your support :D
  14. From the Fontonajo dockyard in Nova Terreli comes "La Descoberta", one of the largest ships yet to sail the Brick Seas. This Terraman with 26 cannons and its two decks gives room for more than 100 crew. It even provides some cages - both for exotic animals found on adventures towards unknown islands and pirates defeated in battle. "La Descoberta" will soon set sail to lead the Fontonajo family, the MCTC and Eslandola to new glory. Additional Pictures: Some details of the crew: I actually completed this ship a loooong while ago (more than two years). However I never found the motivation to post it here. Now here you go. Sorry for the lack of story... But for what I originally intended I should have posted it two years ago... And now I didn't come up with anything, unfortunately. When I started working on this one, I had class 8 in mind. Looking at all the other ships I think it's probably a class 7. A total of 26 cannons, and ~50 people (visibly) on board. Actually I am quite disappointed that I did not take any topshots or other pictures of the deck, or the lower deck, or the cages with tiger and jaguar in them, and so on... So many details have not been covered in pictures... I even took a lot of effort to build varied colour trans plates behind the windows, but you cannot see anything of that... well well, photographing this large MOC was quite an effort.. Whatever, no way to change any of this now, so here you go. You can see some of this on this WIP here, but that's far from the finished one:
  15. Redhead1982

    MOC Coral reef

    Thanks for the nice comments, everyone. I figured it's less heavy on the topic if I says thanks to everyone in one post without all the quotes. To answer a bit, I've seen those brushes used as ''plants'' before, but a long time ago (unfortunately, I don't remember the exact MOC). But many of the parts and colors were collected over the years to build an underwater MOC someday. Considering all the new bright LEGO colors are hard to combine in one build, this is probably the exception to mixing the colors.
  16. Exetrius

    Lego Animals

    Mind if I bump this thread? I recently purchased CMF Dumbledore that comes with the phoenix. I'm so happy such an amazing fantasy creature has received a modern redesign! I love it! I grew up wanting the original one (from 2004 I believe), but of course it was sought after, and consequently: always expensive. Therefore, (and being not a particular Potter fan) I thoroughly appreciate the fact that the redesign is available at almost the lowest price point. Kudos to LEGO!
  17. Redhead1982

    [MOC] Bakery & Toy Store

    To be honest, your Bakery and Toy store doesn't really fit in with town house from the Book shop. Very simply put, it's so much bigger and has a so much more detailed facade. Well, the backside of the building fits more in with the official modulars, but the front of the building is stunning. First of all, a good picture does a great job, and it's very easy to enjoy all the interesting details and unusual parts that in the end make a great design. I didn't even notice sand red roof details, as I was too occupied with the intricate facade. I like the symmetry of the buiding, SNOT detailing and lots of patterns on the exterior walls. Combining those technic ''pillars'', quarter tiles, grills, round 1x1 plates and the multilayered arches above the store entrance makes a great effect. Also, the lamp post is well built and fits in with the detailed front. Great job also on the interiors, my favourite are probably the bakery and toy store. Congratulations, really well built.
  18. "I know who I am, I just don't know who any of you lot are." "What?! Help! Space Police!"
  19. Peppermint_M

    Ruined Villa MOC drowned in Aquarium

    It seems to be okay in the Aquarium and aquarium rides at LEGOLAND(s) I think they just clean them up from time to time. Nice build there though! It fits well in an underwater landscape. Thanks for sharing.
  20. Fenghuang0296

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Hey guys, am I wrong or does it look like the ‘new’ Spider-Man is just the same Spider-Armour 4 Suit we’ve had these past couple of years only now with arm printing? Also, movies and TV fan only here, what’s the significance of the black and green ‘Big Time’ suit?
  21. Kaanere

    Technic 2021 Set Discussion

    "Rubicon" is jut a trim level for the Jeep Wrangler series, the most expensive and off-road capable (discounting limited editions). While there is a military variant of the Wrangler (Jeep J8), very few of those have been produced compared to civillian variants.
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  23. neonic

    [MOC] Necropolis

    So tiny and so much details, cool. It also has a bit of spooky appearance. Like the dragon too.
  24. BobaFett1337

    Cavegod UCS AT-AT Instructions

    Oh i see, thanks for your answer. I just finished building the body including the head and the sides and I am now making my way to the legs. The instructions are great so far. Some things are a bit tricky to attach, but other than that it's going great. Once I finished this beauty, I will be posting some pictures. Just one more quick question if you don't mind. Would you say glueing the feet/ankles, like advised in the instructions, is necessary if I want to display the AT-AT on the base ? Or is it just a recommendation out of experience ?
  25. neonic

    Ruined Villa MOC drowned in Aquarium

    Funny and original, a Lego building in a aquarium Nice build too, looks good with those broken walls and damage stairs and plants all over. But ... no fish yet?
  26. DBlegonerd7

    Future Castle Sets?

    I would like to see some ghost or zombie citizens of the ruined Middle Age castle. It would be interesting to see an army of ghost or zombie knights raiding the living castle! And I would love to see medieval castle with small village surrounding it.
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