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  2. Yes/ No/ Perhaps/ Maybe/ Maybe never. There are no simple answers here. In legal terms the damage to the IP holder's rights would have to be "substantial" and then it's an open question whether this means actual financial damage, damage to their reputation, trespassing on their business relationships and so on. In fact spinning this just on replicating the design would many times be the weakest case, as other legal interpretations might come before that and be more appropriate. And then of course it becomes a matter of how a trademark, design or patent is actually protected and how the IP holder enforces his rights. As I said, this can hypothetically be discussed ad infinitum, but the truth is that you won't know how it turns out until you have a concrete case with relevant details that would allow to form an opinion. Mylenium
  3. Basiliscus

    Scouting a Site

    Really nice microscale build there @Grover! As @TitusV has said, the rocks are beautiful, you've integrated angled plates, cheese slopes and 1x1 round plates really well. The microscale shape is also really well done. The outcrop feels a bit barren at the top, I appreciate you're lining it up to be that way but some ancient ruins or changes in vegetation (some olive green plate might have helped) would probably break up the tan studs a bit.
  4. wesker

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Luke still has a few more costumes left to go though. We still haven't seen variants for Medical Frigate, Jedi Exile or Crait yet. Leia also has her D'Qar, Raddus and Crait gowns in addition to Bespin Escape. Plus whatever is still to come in Episode IX. And while Han is pretty much done for the OT, he still has the Starkiller Base costume from The Force Awakens and Numidian Prime (jacketless version of main) at the end of Solo still to go.
  5. mlongworth

    Red Dragon Inn Freebuild Avalonia HSS

    It does but I haven't finished it I will post when I get around to it. Working on the orc twins home for the challenge right now
  6. williejm

    Guess the next animal mould round 3

    I've been thinking about the recent splurge of great animal moulds, and Lego's apparent resistance to ever doing a 'zoo' theme. Which got me thinking on why that is, what animals are actually 'needed', and how we might get them without a zoo theme. Firstly, I think that we simply will never get a Lego zoo theme. Lego must have looked at this as an option, and decided against it. It may be an issue of a combination of things such as expensive animal moulds, lack of vehicles options (i mean, who needs a Zoo Copter?), but I think it's largely that it would spark a vocal minority of objectors to Lego celebrating animals in captivity and they just don't wanna go there. At the same time we already have in circulation a lot of animals at a rough count of modern printed Lego animals you might find in a zoo - 3 types of bear, 4 big cats, camel, ostrich, crocagator, penguin, chimp, parrots, skunk, owls. Top that off with a python, cobra, frogs, scorpions and spiders for your 'reptile house', and pigs, rabbits and goats for your 'petting zoo'. So what are the notable missing animals? I'd say priority Elephant, Lion, Giraffe, Zebra, Meerkats - all of which could reasonably appear as free ranging wild animals in a Safari or 'Safari police' ''Safari Vet' theme. Then you have other nice-to-haves like Kangaroo, Koala, Panda, Lemur and maybe a Gorilla or Orang Utan - these could feasibly be part of an Adventurers Theme reboot, and maybe even an 'Outback Police'. A few of the smaller ones like meerkats, koalas, lemurs could easily come as CMF accessories too. Given the recent sets with new animal moulds, I think any of those could be possible one off waves that give us what we want and need.
  7. Gort

    News LEGO Architecture 2013 Discusion

    I created my own version of the Marina Bay Sands hotel complete with sky deck swimming pool, but not the lit up Lotus Gardens. I hope I took a photo at the time. Friends of mine stayed there earlier this year - said it was amazing.
  8. It also depends on what the builder wants. One of the best ways to help builders not lose inspiration is to comment on their work. It doesn't have to involve money. There is a whole spectrum here; some people expect financial reward, others don't. At one extreme there are MOC builders who do it because they enjoy building and showing their MOCs, at the other extreme there are people that create electronic instructions for money without even building the MOC in real life. Only if LEGO are the IP holder, which often isn't the case. Eg. If someone makes a Star Trek MOC that Lepin produces, it has nothing to do with LEGO. By the way, some people are trying the crowd funding route right now. There is a NASA / Apollo Mission set on kickstarter right now. They are doing electronic instructions, paper instructions, or complete set with parts. They look a bit expensive to me but it will be interesting to see if they make their goal. Seeing as they already have the instructions (as they have the digital model), I wonder why they set the price (of both the instructions and the threshold) so high. Setting a lower threshold would have almost guaranteed that they make it.
  9. manumi

    Monochrome Minifigures

    jajajjaj Sorry, the translator has sneaked in!!
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  11. @Pvdb I think there's a risk Lego will come after any designers getting paid by Lepin since they're arguably then associated with them and hence profiting off IP theft.
  12. Tariq j

    Future Star Wars Sets

    A Yavin IV would be an amazing 20th Anniversary set, one that was based off both A New Hope/Rogue One, much like how the UCS Millennium Falcon is based of two films. IIRC there was actually a prototype for a Yavin set that, for one reason for another, never got made. Next year would also be a good time to release it since this year’s X Wing needs a docking bay!
  13. LegoSjaak

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    This was indeed the fake set from last year...
  14. They're both on the same benchmark of "quality" and aren't relevant here.
  15. My view is that I am quite flattered that my model was made into an official knockoff brand set, even though I am not particularly happy with the fact that the model ideas was used without any recognition or reward to me the designer - in effect stolen. While I am a fan of Lego and would never dream of mixing it with an alternative brand, I accept that the alternative brands now exist and even seem to be growing. As with many young companies, the methods employed by some of these alternative brands are not what many would call legal or morally correct, and in this particular market this is much more obvious. (a small start up tech company using cracked versions of software is much less obvious but similar principals) In my view, from the perspective of MOC designers having their ideas stolen, Lepin could solve all of this by offering a small royalty and designer recognition. Even though I might not approve of Lepin's current practices, if they are going to use my idea and I can't stop them, then the above would at least solve the issue between Me and Them. Accepted they still have an issue with Lego parent company!!!!
  16. Gort

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2018 Pictures and Rumors

    I'm a fan of Asimov. Used to be into WH40K back in the day too. Good ideas.
  17. Bricked1980


    I'm really excited to say my model is featured in the new October issue of Blocks Magazine. A double page spread featuring an interview with me about my Traction Engine design and Lego Ideas. The magazine is in stores from today. I'm really grateful to Blocks mag for running this article.
  18. Nice calendar! Neat ideas all over.
  19. Marine Boy Dungeons & Dragons Boss Cat Hong Kong Fuey Ulysses
  20. MAB


    See also this thread, where something similar is discussed.
  21. MAB

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    And the other point here is that it doesn't help get a foot in the door if everyone else's foot is already in the door. If 1000 people get to 1000 votes, each of their submissions is still buried in with the 1000 other projects with 1000 votes.
  22. MAB

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    It doesn't say that. "In August, the Harry Potter series was the best-selling toy in the UK, based on quantity sold." The CMF part is based on quantity sold. "two regular LEGO Harry Potter sets still managed to make the top ten best-selling toys, taking into account total value sold rather than total quantity sold." The two sets (Great Hall and HE) are based on value sold.
  23. Hi I'm Gort, just joined here as I love to build Lego. Look forward to seeing what you all have built. I live near Edinburgh in Scotland. Cheers for letting me join!
  24. jus1973

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I wonder if this is a hark back to the fake leak we had last year I think, in which a good mock up of a box was seen with a complete, if ugly looking gas station was shown. I’ll try to remind the picture. This is the one I mean.
  25. Gort

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Rewatch of Thor: Ragnarok. Still one of the best Marvel movies. Love Korg, voiced by the movies director, Taika Waititi. 8.5/10
  26. BeO

    Display for Star Wars UCS sets?

    Don't forget to browse the IKEA Hacker website for inspiration. There's plenty of nice ideas over there.
  27. Peppermint_M

    Lego AL 2019

    Okay then moving it over!
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