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  2. TobyAis

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Mehhh not really vibing with those stud shooters, they're massive on such a small build
  3. upliftingbricks

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    I saw it on Instagram first but it is on Reddit now. All the images are watermarked fateful but have only seen reposts of the image
  4. Horation

    Could LEGO remake Fright Knights?

    There seems to be this idea amongst the community that only the popular ones need to make a profit, but if TLG makes 12 figs, ALL 12 cost approximately the same to design, require approximately the same amount of resources and use the same amount of space. They can't decide to only make one of these, and while army builders might want a lot of soldiers, they don't make up as large of a share of sales as people think they do. I have the real answer to this whole debate right here. I do think they should sell them on PAB, but then that defeats the point of making them be sold in blind bags, maybe make them available for a short period of time after end of production? I'm not sure they are allowed to do this, most stores have a limit on the number of items you can purchase.
  5. Yoggington

    Could LEGO remake Fright Knights?

    I was replying to the comment with arguments against "Why not just sell them as polybags" to remove the blind element. So in that scenario, they wouldn't be.
  6. Yperio_Bricks

    Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes?

    I'm not sold on the big foliage piece yet but it will be interesting to see it showing up in mocs. The new Filch minifig from the upcomming 76430 Owlery can be useful as pirate or civilian.
  7. Are there any reviews on Series 25 yet?
  8. Max_Lego

    [MOC] - Thrawn's office

    Thanks, guys!
  9. psqidexslizer

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Just a hunch, but if we do see more X-Men sets this summer, I think they’ll keep one of the 8 ‘97 X-Men exclusive to the Mansion just to incentivize people to buy that to complete the team. My guess is Jean Grey since she’s arguably the most desirable X-Men character that we haven’t gotten yet and they can release other variants of her in other sets down the line while keeping her arguably most iconic and desirable costume exclusive to the mansion. Gambit would also be a solid choice since he’s got a lot of fan appeal.
  10. icm

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Sure the car isn't Speed Champions, but it looks like a pretty good companion to the Morb-mobile to me.
  11. Lyichir

    Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes? Good look at two of the new foliage pieces introduced in Friends, via one of the designers! The large fern in particular seems like it could be very useful for island settings.
  12. hvader

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Ngl the Goblin with glider is kind of sick, but that car… ouch
  13. TheJackBricks

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Where did it leak? Reddit? I don't see it on Instagram
  14. Aanchir

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Speaking as somebody who's gotten free sets to review via New Elementary several years back, it never crossed my mind even ONCE what LEGO would think about what I wrote. Any sense of responsibility I felt was to readers (by providing high-quality photos and a thorough level of detail) and to the site itself (by ensuring I submitted my review text and photos promptly so I wouldn't keep them waiting). After all, LEGO has never stopped sending new sets to any LAN-affiliated site just because they reviewed a previous set negatively (at least, not that I've ever heard of)! It's not like a receiving a gift from a family member and having to be sensitive to the giver's feelings, whether or not it's something you wanted/needed. As long as you comply with the LAN's policies about leaks, embargoes, and use of LEGO logos and trademarks (which you can read/download here), they don't particularly care what you say or write about the products they send you. Moreover, I feel like there is an equal or greater source of bias in reviews of sets that a reviewer buys with their own money — like any LEGO buyer, reviewers are far less likely to buy sets in the first place unless they've already formed a positive opinion about the set. Maybe the calculus is different for influencers who create reviews for monetized, high-follower-count YouTube channels, or for writers who are paid to write reviews for print magazines. But for reviewers on traditional LEGO fansites like Brickset, Eurobricks, or The Brothers Brick, reviews are ultimately a form of unpaid labor with no profit motive. There's a reason I haven't written any reviews in a long time myself, even for sets I've already bought or received as personal gifts — taking and editing a full review's worth of photos and writing and editing a full review's worth of text is a lot of work! And usually, any ad revenue generated via "clicks" on these reviews goes towards the hosting costs of the site in question, rather than benefiting the writer in any way. How many people do you know who are keen on spending money they don't expect to earn back, and putting in labor they don't expect compensation for, on a toy they don't expect to enjoy? I can't imagine it's very many! So if any reviewer (whether LAN-affiliated or not) seems to be especially positive-minded in their reviews, I feel it's more likely because building and writing about LEGO sets is a "labor of love" for them than because of any sort of conflict of interest. Because if you're not enjoying some part of the building/reviewing process, there's not a tremendous amount of incentive to become a reviewer in the first place.
  15. Mandalorianknight

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    100%. Some sort of wolveriene motorcycle with villain for a $10-15 set, a buildible sentinal with a couple characters at literally any price point they want (since you can have sentinals anywhere from a little larger than a human to kaiju sized), any sort of villain that would require a large build (sauron with some savage land terrain, maybe?), you could even do a stratojet if it was at a much larger or smaller price than the blackbird. It'd be easy for them to do 3 sets even without the trope you point out they'll totally use of just making wolveriene vehicles. Assuming we get 3 more x-men sets (which in itself is a pretty big if), here's what I think would be nice: Wolveriene vs Sabertooth ($9.99): Wolveriene on a small motorcyle and a snowy ramp with figs of wolveriene and sabertooth. (adds sabertooth) Sauron's Stratojet Ambush ($39.99): Buildible Sauron and a small jet with Storm, Jean Gray, and Professor X (Adds Jean Grey and professor x) Sentinal Takedown ($59.99): Large buildible sentinal with Cyclops, Gambit, Rogue, and Jubilee. (adds gambit and jubilee) What might be more likely: Wolveriene vs Sabertooth ($14.99): Wolveriene on a large, bright yellow and blue motorcycle with wolveriene and sabertooth figures. (adds sabertooth) Wolveriene's jeep attack ($34.99): Wolveriene's jeep with wolveriene, jean grey, and Venom. (adds jean grey) Wolveriene Mech vs Sentinal ($59.99): Wolveriene mech and sentinal mech with wolverine, Jubilee, Storm, and a sentinal figure (adds a sentinal figure and Jubilee)
  16. Yep I strongly think that if this set was a generic harvester and not a specifically-licensed one, then it would be miles better than we got.
  17. HorcikDesigns

    [MOC] Pirate Airship (steampunk)

    @Yperio_Bricks - Thank you guys! Heh, I had the exact same feeling about the monkey! :D I definitely would like to make better photos of the MOC, but now I have no space to take it out of it's box. @Feuer Zug - Thank you. :) The lights were probably the hardest part of the build for me. I have uploaded short video showing the lighting in action.
  18. If it was designed the way 42136 was then we'd have a much better 42168 and yes, a much better pack. Still I think young kids wouldn't really mind this (two agricultural machines working together^), also it's a good source of green pieces (unrelatedly, 42157 stills tops both of these).
  19. I'd think this set would look pretty poor next to 42136.
  20. Hey everyone, i have soweit questions about the C64005W Alfa Romeo F1. Is there anyone who tried to change the Team livery? I mean had anyone tried to replace all the red/white colored bricks/panels for other colored bricks/panels? Beside of that, could anyone send me the parts list, so ist can search for different colored pieces?

    [MOC] Car Model in a BOX

    Thanks for all yours kind comments. Car inside the BOX is recolor of one of my newest vintage cars. Let's assume that is the prototype of Dodge Deluxe Sedan of late 1930s
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  23. Just a little note about it : impossible to assemble with three (Z8) planet pinions at 120° exactly (teeth phases constrained by the ring won't match with the sun). Only assemblies with two or four Z8 planets are possible. (the general rule states that the sum of the teeth on the sun and the ring must be a multiple of the number of (evenly spaced) planets).
  24. Any way you can reduce weight? Perhaps try with removing the crane and helipad first? Also chimnies and observation deck seem quite heavy and high.
  25. It is sad to see what is going on with the theme and it is even more sad that Lego feels the need to do ridiculous marketing bla bla promising wrong things to their customer. Adult people are responsible for their childs and adult people should right for critism a toy that is in the end not that what it was promising by the manufacturer.
  26. Thanks to the most loyal followers of my project! As I still have to take pictures of the last two builds, expect the next part to take a little longer! I’m glad you like the result… the hardest part here was probably keeping everything simple and minimalist without making the build appear empty or unfinished, and I think I reached a reasonable balance. Varcoast was my “first love” in terms of NPCs, as in my very first days on the site I had planned my first storyline to develop there… our world evolved faster than my builds, and I soon scratched the project. However, I was happy to show something about this little and rather irrelevant nation!
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