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  2. Black Falcon

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    No animal moulds, but the Creator 3 in 1 animals really look great. Honestly wasn´t expecting that. Looks like next year is going to become a great lego year - and a bad for our wallets ;).
  3. After sitting with the new images for a bit: The Barbarian in on the verge of perfection... But the color of the hair kinda ruins it for me. I'm not a fan of that color of red on any minifigure besides a clown - it just doesn't look natural to me. Cross fitter might be one of my least favorite CMFs of the past few years. Super common hair, face that looks nearly identical to that super common winking one, and an overall design that could be in about any City set? It also looks like one of the few minifigs that got arm printing, which feels like a shame. If you like it, then good for you - I'm just not impressed. Glad the goathearder is firmly medieval - I wonder which parts will get reused in the new village? Interesting that Basil looks grey... Will he be a full-on vampire under the helmet? I have no connection to the originals, so I'm fine for whatever it is. The harpy looks better in this image for me. I do wish that Lego would make a better winged character back piece that isn't so large and blocky though. Overall, I think this series is a bit of a mixed bag, with five I'm not a huge fan of, four that are decent, and three that I really like. I'll still end up getting the whole set since I buy them by the case now, but I do feel that it could be a bit stronger.
  4. Yeah, that image makes it look like a pretty solid line up, I'll definitely collect them all.
  5. Not surprising but the Creator Set also has the Space Logo. Only have seen a pic of the box so the alternative builds pictures are quite small but the spaceship you can build looks quite good IMO.
  6. Thanks! The Mack seems quite playable, with steering, a loading system (and the included recycling bin) and a dumping bed.
  7. I’m a tiny bit peeved that we’ve only got a group shot so there’s still a lot concealed on most characters, but at least we can finally confirm the barbarian is a woman and see part of her torso. Also nice to get confirmation that Basil has printed and dual molded legs, and it looks like his ax blades are trans red instead of plain red. The arm tattoo on the crossfitter is cute but she’s still my least favorite of the series. Triceratops suit guy has more scale detailing than I could see on the leaked checklist, very nice. Honestly, this just confirms that I’ll probably be grabbing a couple of boxes when I encounter them in the wild despite not knowing what I’ll get – the entire series is really fun.
  9. Wow, that 42168 Harvester has to have the highest amount of studded bricks in any modern Technic set.
  11. RIP Technic B Models: 1990 - 2023.
  14. Black Falcon

    Lego City 2024

    I see some references to classic space also - and with this number of sets, they could have just made a new space wave outside of the city brand IMO. The Spaceship that leaked before looks good on the better images, but I don´t like the 4+ one that much. Anyways thoses sets look way more like space than most of the sets we got in the past fear years (of course excluding Galaxy Explorer and Blacktron GWP)
  15. Go nuts!
  16. JohnTPT17

    LEGO Videogame Tie-Ins - Rumors & Discussion

    I have a hunch it'll just be a one-off set of a Battle Bus with 3-6 minifigs, not a full line (Basically like that . I'm doubtful on a CMF line too, but one can dream... Minifigs I could see coming would be: Cuddle Team Leader (Confirmed) Jonesy (Either Season 1 look or Agent, this is the only other one I'd put money on) Renegade Raider Drift Midas Peely Fishstick Ruby Aura Crystal Brite Bomber Bushranger Beef Boss Tomatohead The Henchbros Slone Someone from The Seven (Probably The Visitor) Evie The Ageless (That one character you really like that I forgot about) So, I guess if you really wanted to do a full CMF, something like that could work... In a one-off set, though, I think that the minifigs would be CTL, Jonesy, Peely, and Fishstick would be the first four I would pick.
  17. LCP

    Lego City 2024

    I think there will be a lot of people who like and dislike it. I'm also a realist, so I don't really like this space series.
  18. Let me introduce you to the metallic blue B2, I am lucky to still have a TORSO in one piece I think its just the pose, look at middle B2 in the lifestyle image without the kid, last image on the legoleak reddit post
  19. Shock trooper seems to be the same as in 75354? SW1305 ? Has the Clone troopers been in any set earlier?
  20. The Brick Boss

    Lego City 2024

    I saw those and I actually think those are nice. I love the new martian molds too! Glad those minifigures are actual spacemen and not aliens. However, I'm going to pass this entire lineup up as my town is based on reality and logic. But those are good for little children though. I can tell for some of those sets, they got influence from the Lightyear movie!
  21. Mandalorianknight

    LEGO Star Wars 2024 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    I think this is legitimately what it is, it looks like the arms are just flipped from how they normally are
  22. After seeing the images, I’m so pumped! I love Basil the Bat, the cross fitter, the goatherd, and all of minifigures! Definitely good series!
  23. LCP

    Lego City 2024

    First of all, the space series has been released.
  24. Corde,Queen Breha Organa,Galen Erso are my final guesses based on everything I’ve read.
  25. I actually think the Crimson Firehawk looks good for a 4+ set. The market stall side builds look fine too. But the price is pure insanity. In a parallel universe this sets costs 20€ and not 53€
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