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  2. Hi, my problem is not to understand the basic concept, how it should work. ;-) I habe to rewiew my code , i think i have a timing problem somewhere in the state machine - To shorten this a litle bit i asked for the simple example as reference, but enjoy your holiday fisrt i am not in ahurry about it . The other thing is;: if i am right the original LEGO HUB is based on STM32F....- So, depending of the version, and other peripjeral you use you can usally use a number of serial peripherals in pareallel. By using a RTOS Midleware and make usa of UART Interupt handlers, i don't think that it is abig issue ,as i can remember from my STM32 projects ~10 Years ago. Because i just switched from Arduino BLE 33 Nano to ESP32 i will take the chance to rewrite my code and rewiev the resources you send. Simply leave me when back from vacation.
  3. Yope

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    We could get leaked set photos and people will still think it could be microscale!
  4. The hamsters are at it again!
  5. Darnok

    Account Summary

    Well, one alternative could be higher taxation for things like the Octoberfest. Make those rowdy foreigners pay triple on their precious beer? Like the real thing actually...
  6. Toastie

    Custom train bogies/trucks

    Yes, that is exactly my take on MLCad: If you have fun of it, you can painlessly place one brick partly inside another. But the thing is really when you get used to it, it simply works fine. And that's it. Others have the same feelings for other software - again: Fine! That is also the reason why I use Microsoft (Ohh Nooo) PowerPoint (Ohhh Noooo) for so many things ... not only lectures and stuff but my entire drawings for my LEGO layout, things I change in/add to the house we're living in. Number one: Because I am used to it. t just works - quick and maybe dirty, but works. Number two: House is still standing, wife, dog and cats are happy. LEGO layout as well: I am happy. Well I believe nothing in MLCad is for entertainment purposes - I believe Michael is a mechanical engineer - these folks do take thing seriously. Every bit of what they construct. Be it a bridge crossing a major river or a piece of software, which was built as there was nothing comparable at that time ... Glad that it worked out for you! Happy MLCadding. Best Thorsten
  7. Go-Kart

    [MOC] AZURA LMP2 Racing Car

    I love the Acura/Azura word play! (And the car)
  8. @SylvainLS thanks for the note! i'll correct it

    Jurassic World 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    He didn't call your idea dumb. He said that selling dinosuarus separately doesn't make sense from business potin of view. If they would sell dinosaurs separately, much less people would buy the actual sets.
  10. @Kuramapika1 The paxml is the brick palette for the standard mode of LDD. It’s not used in Extended. Someone could try to make a modern one, for instance from the infos from BL or Studio’s ADP Palette (which is 4 years old though). Now, talking about decorations, it doesn’t seem to be working for 26678 (it works for the others).
  11. merc

    Account Summary

    Thank you! This definitely helps with future building, licensing and recruiting.
  12. Capt Wolf

    Account Summary

    Shhh! Don't wake him.
  13. Go-Kart

    Review: Technic 42112 Cement Mixer

    I guess this helps to align both gear racks. Using just the gears and gear racks requires some attention. Thanks a lot for the review!
  14. Retro Brick Reviews

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    How. We already have minifigure leaks, how could it be in microfig scale? Even discounting the other logical failures required to consider this an option, the minifigures alone confirm beyond a shadow of a doubt that the set will be designed for minifigures.
  15. Yeah, wish I had the tiles for the floor in a different colour, I've tried them in an few builds but I can't find a colour scheme that it seems to work well with and I wanted to add a bit of colour to Ota - so far it has only been white and greys. Anyway the finale build uses some other different patterns so I wanted to have some consistency in ornate floors within the Ota settlement. There can't be any gaps in the storyline I'm afraid. Besides at one point I was going to cancel this and leave it with a dead end - it is only with all the recent interest that I have decided to continue it.
  16. Darnok

    Account Summary

    Ha, hadn't noticed that. Interesting for sure. Poor ol' Weelond is quite a bit in the red... a job for Uncle?
  17. kbalage

    42112 Concrete Mixer Truck

    I guess something similar happened on the way... but I am not surprised anymore, last time I saw the DHL guy grabbing my box from the rear of the cargo area of the van and he was literally walking on all the other boxes.
  18. Mandalorianknight

    LEGO Star Wars 2020 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    If we get one duros with a new head mold, we'll probably get the other too. That said they did just use a normal figure head on the duros in the rebel battle pack, so they might not get a new mold. I think two sandtroopers is the most likely outcome, probably with a black pauldron and an orange pauldron. I would love it if they included a Ronto, too.
  19. The plot thickens! I simply love the simplicity and the mint/red colors of the doors in this build... The floor is beautiful, but seems a little out of place... :P
  20. Sarles

    [MOC] Corner Store Scene

    So I've been watching a Youtube Channel a lot lately called 3DBotMaker and on that channel, they race Diecast cars down a mountain and do their videos in such a professional manner that I keep enjoying them.So that is the introduction as to where I found this scene that I am building in to see where I can go with it. This first part is this store and patio where there are going to be some announcers set up under this canopy.I would like to hear your comments on this build. Store and Patio by Benjamin Sarles, on Flickr
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  22. Roebuck

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Maybe I misunderstand you, but if you split it in two there is only one long street with Gringotts in the middle with shops on either side Just a normal shop size as far as I can see in the movie
  23. Eurobricks

    [MOC] Children's Room

    Eurobricks member Heksu created the topic [MOC] Children's Room. Click on the link or on the image to visit this featured topic.
  24. Keymonus

    Account Summary

    Great job Ayrlego! it required for sure a lot of effort, and a considerable amount of time, but what you made gave back a meaning to earning or losing hundreds of dubloons. BTW, it seems that several settlements and players have gone broke... I expect an interesting future!
  25. Gimmick

    42112 Concrete Mixer Truck

    So, that's your balcony? :D
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