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  2. AbleChristopher

    MOC UP #844 Power System Opinions

    Thank you very much! Gotta love that two-tone gray paint scheme with Armor Yellow lettering and striping. I plan to issue two versions of this locomotive, one in two-tone gray with yellow accents and one in freight black with white accents as she is seen today. A mid 1940's version and a 1950's to present day version, if you will.
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  4. In the yellow castle remake the tudor parts should be black and white with red roofs, I think. At least that's how it is in set 1592.
  5. Which is a better one between the two, if u ask me! Nothing beats the original non-childish design of the Classic Pirates era, and I get that we ain't coming back to that one ever probably (I understand what LEGO's up to nowadays), but the 2020's version is, perhaps, the best possible balance TLG could've found between cartoonish "HEY, LOOK: WE'RE A CHILDREN TOY!" approach of 2009-2015 & the OG design 👌🏻
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  7. andrepinto


    After the mod of the set 76188 i have to try to make the Batcopter. I hope you like Thx PLEASE SUBSCRIBE OUR PAGES TO NEVER LOSE ANYTHING Facebook Instagram Youtube Flickr BATCOPTER TV by André Pinto, on Flickr BATCOPTER TV by André Pinto, on Flickr BATCOPTER TV by André Pinto, on Flickr BATCOPTER TV by André Pinto, on Flickr BATCOPTER TV by André Pinto, on Flickr BATCOPTER TV by André Pinto, on Flickr BATCOPTER TV by André Pinto, on Flickr BATCOPTER TV by André Pinto, on Flickr
  8. DBlegonerd7

    Lego VIP Add On Packs

    Hello! Do you know when Sppoky pack will be released?
  9. Shroffy123

    Review: 79018 The Lonely Mountain

    100% right. This is only set that Smaug came in. Making price high
  10. Mandalorianknight

    Lord of the rings sets returning? *Updated for 2023

    First of all... Holy cow, you weren't kidding! I vaguely remembered your profile picture, checked your activity, and yeah, years without any posts! Totally agree with everything you said though, I'd much prefer sets based off the LOTR movies than the rings of power show. Aside from LOTR just being one of those things that doesn't need spinoffs like that, I really don't like the show. I'd be ok with Hobbit sets, the films weren't the best but they came out when I was a kid so they've got a place in my heart. I really just want to see some nice D2Cs and a battle pack for the uruk-hai Yup. This thing'll be killed in review if it gets there. A shame, it's quite nice.
  11. Mandalorianknight

    Review: 79018 The Lonely Mountain

    I know! I had this as a kid, and I've lost most of the stuff by now, unfortunately including Smaug. I think all I have left is Dwalin's torso and Kili's head (Which I've been using for the Punisher for years). I'm kicking myself now as to how dumb I was to take this apart as a kid, and how I somehow managed to lose Smaug. I can see myself just taking apart the rest of the set/figures and giving them away/selling them, but I feel like I'd remember giving up Smaug.
  12. Mandalorianknight

    LEGO Videogame Tie-Ins - Rumors & Discussion

    IDK if they're available online, but there are copies out there. I'd find someone who has one (by searching for reviews) and ask the reviewer if they'd be willing to scan the instructions. You'd think a single company wouldn't be delaying the entire gaming theme? I hope we see a few more sets next year. I think a spider-man ps5 set would be great, and I wouldn't mind sets for (it was at this moment I realized how few video games I play. And since we're not seeing super smash bros sets until nintendo stops being cowards, I don't actually have any suggestions.) If anyone remembers Castle Crashers, that'd be fun, though it's like 15 years old so it'd never get a set. It's basically got the story and main heroes of a lego theme, with elemental, colorful knights. 90% of lego blunders are related to their website. Didn't most of the BP sets leak via the instructions site? Though to be fair, this one's been up for forever.
  13. Vilhelm22

    MOC UP #844 Power System Opinions

    I’d agree with @engineermax here - Option 1 certainly looks to be stronger than the other, though my education in this field is honestly very poor. You’re building a beautiful MOC though - I’ve actually been quietly building the same model in the same paint scheme, only numbered locomotive 836. Maybe one day I’ll be able to build my dream greyhound paint scheme Overland Limited consist - but good to see others appreciate the beauty of the paint scheme! I’ve actually decided to use DBG and black though rather than LBG and DBG, but I’m interested to see what yours will look like in real life!
  14. I got some more parts yesterday, including some old Lego metal axles and some really old red wheels with metal stub axles that go into the black 2x4 bricks. I made my test track a bit steeper but the really old wheels still only just barely managed to roll on straight track. So I didn't include them in my tests. Likewise I now have 8 wheels that take cross axles, so I put those on a test wagon and was equally disappointed (as expected). Those are really only good for fitting to motors, since I don't have ball bearing races that fit them. The older metal Lego axles appear to be very slightly larger diameter, only one of them fitted through the BrickTracks ball bearings so I haven't managed to test them at all. I did a bunch more tests and by repeating some I've established that the variation between tests is larger than the variation between some setups. Specifically, adding graphite to the metal axles doesn't do anything useful (either in the wheels or the holders). With R40 curves I struggled to get consistent results, so I gave up after about 20 trials. Conclusion: even on R40 curves the ball bearing races are significantly better for rolling resistance. They're a huge PITA to work with as the wheels fall off very easily (by design, they're supposed to have Lego wheel holders). Pic below shows the abomination I used for testing just so I didn't have to go chasing M2 washers out of the carpet after every run. The next best option is the old metal axles, with graphite, IMO.
  15. Shiva

    Morehead & North Fork 0-6-0 No. 12

    Nice :)
  16. This MOC reminds me a bit of the Lionel-brand "girls train" of the 1950's, but with a modern twist. (pic from Google image search / PBS' website) It was not a good seller at the time - it was considered a dud of an idea - but is now highly sought after by collectors. However, since times have majorly changed since the '50's, it might be that LEGO should hop aboard the hype train with something akin to your model in a set. It might be a good way to bring young people into the train-section of the Lego hobby that otherwise wouldn't touch it, and could even be used as a teaching tool. ("see tracks, think train" style) Besides, who don't want a pink locomotive or a see-through tank car filled with fish? it might not be "reasonable" or "prototypical", but most Lego trains use curved tracks no real railroad uses, or are selectively compressed due to the size of a mini fig. Heck, the monorail sets weren't even true monorails, and they are HIGHLY prized by those who own them. But I digress! It's a VERY cool MOC @legolux1973, I hope to see this in real bricks someday!
  17. PGBQW

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    One has the target audience of 14 year olds, the other one has no audience whatsoever. Just kidding, long live the morb 😈
  18. Mandalorianknight

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    The concern is no fig, since everyone seems to agree there's no way we get sets. I think it's the third time I've said "while I think deadpool is coming, *x* reason why is inapplicable", but c'mon, morbius isn't exactly the same maturity rating as deadpool.
  19. Well doesn't that mean the exact opposite for projects like this? Meaning LOTR/Hobbit will be added to active licenses which are not allowed in Ideas?
  20. Omg, very well done!! Love it!!
  21. I seriously doubt there’s much concern in Lego vs GW marketing (short of legal licensing stuff on Lego’s end). I’d be *very* surprised to find out that any significant number of AFOL’s have ever even stepped into a GW store, they’re just completely different hobbies. (Or more accurately, nobody can afford to collect both) Btw, now that the license is back here’s a good time to remind people this Ideas project exists. Not my build, I just really want it to get produced!
  22. Classic_Spaceman

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    The concern is that there will not be a Deadpool Minifig, since he could be associated with the R-rated movies.
  23. ks6349

    60198 and 60336

    According to the data on brickset, RRP for 60198 was $229.99 while RRP for 60336 now, which should be a newer version, is only $199.99. They both have 6 exclusive mini-figures and the only difference is that 60198 has 73 more pieces (i.e. 1226-1153=73), so I don't think there is any huge difference. After 4 years, the suggested price for the similar set doesn't rise, but even drop. What do you think? Does Lego know from experience that the freight train doesn't sell well so they make it more valued for the money now?
  24. Chilis

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    Anyone knows the status/inventory at the Lego Store in Copenhagen (the main one, not the Tivoli one) these days? Good/high or bad/low? And is there a place online where you can see the PaB-wall inventory?
  25. Takanuinuva

    Fake Jewel Gem? (30153 / 28556)

    I wonder if my trans black gem I got from bricklink is real or not then. As I got mine for a low price. But the seller kept increasing the price as more were sold. Eventually getting up to 100. And they were the only one with that gem. So it might be a rare misprint or a Legoland part. Hard to tell if it's cloudy since it's trans black. But if it is fake. it doesn't bother me that much. I got it for real cheap. Just another gem in my chest of every trans color the gem piece has been made in.
  26. DBlegonerd7

    Lego City 2023 Leaks, Rumours, Speculation And Discussion

    Ehhh, I guess you could do that. I know Hogmeade would look great with Santa’s Visit but with Holiday Main Street, I don’t know. this new Winter Village seems to have City style to me rather than village-y.
  27. What a nice idea... The keeper is a wealthy player, with the golden hook. Errrr... Where is the dynamite ? 🤔
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