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  2. Bodi

    It's a Tough Life

    Looks like a post to me, I wonder if it's the work of certain religious fanatic.
  3. Shiva

    Dr. Smolder Bravestone

  4. cescpistol

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Thanks, Chris. I've identified almost all the parts except these two: Tile appears to have some slope unlike the standard 1x2 And the roof tile, is it 3043 or 3300? Cheers!
  5. As I’ve posted about in previous posts, my 3 and 5 year old sons are into Duplo knights and pirates. This past weekend, I helped them build some Duplo tall ships for the “good guys” to use to fight pirates. Over the years, Duplo has created a number of really cool pirate ship sets. We have all of them, but wanted some kingdom ships to fight the pirate ships. All of the pirate sets from Duplo come with sails that have pirate emblems on them. So, I decided to spray paint some of them linen colored. I got six of the small black sails and three of the big black sails on BrickLink. We painted three of the small sails white and two of the big sails. The brown/gray ship hull from the smaller pirate set above doesn’t have any overt pirate symbols built into it (like the large ship does), so we used that for the ship base. We used the smaller masts at booms on the front of the ships, and the tall masts to hold the sails. Check out the full blog post for process shots:
  6. jimmynick

    Vote for next UCS at Lego ideas

    I voted for the RGS with a ripped-jumpsuit Padme. On the other hand, we could use that one scene from RotS to bring out a new version of Mace Windu.
  7. TechnicRCRacer

    [TC17] Mad Nomad - Added W16 fake engine

    Wow, amazing! I love the color combinations, nobody else on the forum uses parts in rare colors like these, and it’s great to see them! I am a little confused of the seats under the hood, they don’t really feel like they fit the scale right.
  8. Today
  9. nerdsforprez

    [TC17] Mad Nomad - Added W16 fake engine

    Ive always criticized TLG for brown elements. Even moreso when these brown elements are used for cylinders. But.... your submission and the whole contest is making me eat my words! This looks great!
  10. Lord Duvors

    Heroica RPG 2.0 - Mission #0: Last Of Its Kind

    "Yelana, this is a planet. It's hardly improbable there's more then one group of rebels here." He shook his head. "Look," he said, "I know you want there to be some big conspiracy or secret plot or something romantic and exciting like that, that you want the world to be lying to you, but I don't think that's the case. Sometimes the world is as it seems to be, regardless of what we want to see in it." "Hmm, I see. Tell me, how have the Cydonians been treating labor unions since they arrived?"
  11. rockpig

    (MOC) - Cavegod's UCS Sandcrawler

    Hi All, I purchased the plans for this beauty a while ago. I intend to begin purchasing the parts by the end of this year. However, I have no experience with Lego power functions. The instructions show the placement of the 6 XL motors and 2 Linear Actuators. These parts are on the Rebrickable parts list. On page 1 of this thread CaveGod provided this list of Power Function elements needed for the build. 6 XL motors (On parts list) 1 SM motor 3 x receivers 10 led light cables 3 short extentions 6 long extentions 3 battery boxes Can anyone please tell me the part numbers to order these items via Bricklink? Where do the receivers and the battery boxes go? Is a remote control unit required? (Part number ?) How is everything connected? Can someone provide a link to a video or website where I may learn how to properly use power functions? Sorry for my ignorance in this matter. Any response would be appreciated. Thanks, RockPig
  12. If you have been on social media lately, you've probably seen people doing the Dolly Parton Challenge. Here is my Lego parody of it:
  13. Hmm maybe just the box. But it could be just a placeholder Series 17 was revealed at NY TF so I'd expect the same for this one.
  14. iMacLesggy

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    I made myself a SW CMF list here it is
  15. Fugazi

    Any old Lego store display photos?

    Man, those top photos are ... Shelves full of brand new Classic Space, Castle, Fabuland... <faints>
  16. gotoAndLego

    Custom Lego city NO MODULARS: Soltown

    Nice update, thanks for posting.
  17. Balrogofmorgoth

    LEGO Star Wars 2020 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    I paid full price and don’t regret it one bit. The figures are great (the Tusken is new, for now only in this and Ben’s Hut). The Bantha build is great, but I feel like it’s worth $20 because you get two figures, the Bantha, and some spare parts, which are never a waste in my book
  18. Any chance we get a peek at color packaging for these tomorrow in Nuremberg?
  19. karmajay

    Vote for next UCS at Lego ideas

    From this discussion it seems there were Lego pictures? I only saw regular pictures of the 3 options.
  20. BaneShake

    DC Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    IF we get Black Mask, I would loooooove to see the sculpted skull-piece from last year’s Ninjago sets get used. Finally have every CMF except Sinestro (who I still cannot find, and may just bite the bullet and Bricklink because I’m tired of searching for him), including spares for Jay (to make The Rival) and Simon Baz for extra rings for the other GLs (and purist alien GLs too).
  21. RedHoodPug

    DC Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I think if we were going to get new characters the hint from Falconfan wouldn’t have been as downbeat. Honestly there are so many untapped characters it’s not even funny. My wish list doesn’t seem to have an end and I can’t justify the prices for some of the custom figs on the market. Fingers crossed that there’s a couple of new faces coming.
  22. Yesterday
  23. The Brick King

    Lego Ideas 'Good Mythical Morning'

    I have officially reached the first checkpoint of 100 supporters! As such, I've added the first (of hopefully many) updates to the set, being the Wheel of Mythicality: Support it here:
  24. Mandalorianknight

    LEGO Star Wars 2020 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    Would you reccomend buying it now, at $20 if I only want the bantha? I'm on the fence. ^ This. This is perfectly worded, and EXACTLY how I feel. And the suspense is killing me too, especially since I'll only buy the nebuleon. (Or the gunship if by some miracle it's minifigure scale with lots of good figures, but that seems unlikely.). I especially agree that if the gunship wins, and, say, is a $400 set larger than minifigure scale with, say, a clone pilot and a clone captain, then the vocal minority will be upset it's not what they wanted. (The bomber will almost certainly not win, there doesn't seem to be much support)
  25. My reflection went immediately towards displayability rather than look of the ship. I always loved the UCS Super Star Destroyer which is, in my opinion, one of the most stunning Lego models on display. A Nebulon-B (long and narrow) would similarly look very displayable on shelves. On the contrary, a UCS Republic Gunship would result far too big for shelves and generally hardly displayable, requiring a large surface (e.g. dedicated desk/table). The latest system scale version was already 48 cm long and 43 cm wide, which is perfecty fine size.
  26. GeneralNumberOne

    DC Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Honestly, I wouldn't mind the Batman sets so much if they would include core members of the Batfam. Duke Thomas has been around for almost a decade, Babs has gotten like three new costumes since our last minifig of hers, we've never gotten a Red Robin/Drake, we've never gotten Bluebird (although, I guess she's obscure enough that makes sense), we've never gotten Spoiler, we've never gotten Orphan, and we've never gotten Batwing. Also, it's been years since our last Alfred, and even longer since our last comics Alfred. Also, Jerry the Turkey.
  27. ptrg

    [MF-MOD] "I've added some special modifications myself"

    I’d love to see instructions or a few breakdowns how you did this.. looks incredible, the circular shape is perfection.
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