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  2. JarJarBonks

    [MOC] Star Wars Clone Trooper Speeder Bike ver0.9

    The more I look at it, the more I like it. But they look more grey than white in the actual scene, so I would swap the white for LBG
  3. Oh my, how could I have missed this? Windusky, why? I have to concede its a cool sigfig, the little red cape looks great!
  4. Seems like there's gone a lot of thought and preparation into your sigfig DimpQPire, looking forward to seeing it completed!
  5. bamsham363

    [MOC] VW Repair Shop

    Many thanks, feedback always appreciated, it was nice to start with diorama and interesting to produce a story line, to add something more than just a straight build, I thanks my boys for the storyline, it merged with some homework they had.
  6. JarJarBonks

    REVIEW: 75215 Cloud-Riders Swoop Bikes

    Great review! I do find the stickers really awkward though...
  7. JarJarBonks

    [MOC] MINI Conveyex Transport (SOLO)

    Very nice! An interlocking system would be nice so they attach on to each other with the rail in the middle.
  8. 1 - the game ends with the gameover sound after 3 failed shots, the program stop and you have to press start for a new game. 2- the pistol is an IR power function remote controller, the infra-red light can only come out through the barrel of the gun, so it focuses the IR light beam. each figure has an EV3 IR receiver in the torso (1-stud hole in the middle of the figure), so the player has to point with some accuracy to the sensor of each figure, and the transmitter can not fire for 2 targets at the same time. Can you see how it works, its just like the real thing (below) but a think they use a laser instead, Lego don't have them yet, IR has to do it?
  9. Saw this one on Facebook. It is awesome! Very interesting how you've managed to attach the lifting gear rack so low on the trailer. Congratulations for a fantastic MOC!
  10. CMP

    Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    Atramor pointedly looked away as he disembarked the ship and inhaled the last of his Smelling Salts. "Aye. All we need to do is get to the Hall. I'm sure at least a few of us remember how to get to that damn Temple..." The rogue looked up towards the city of Eubric outlined against the sky as he clambered out onto the dock, inhaling deeply. Truth be told, he almost wasn't expecting to make it back from Fort Freedom. Would've been a hell of a way to go. Then again...he'd never passed up the chance to do battle with an archdemon. And this one nearly destroyed Heroica. Atramor turned his attention to the civilians- Bellanotte, Waldorf, and the rest of the non-Heroicans. "This is it, mates. I'm not exaggeratin' when I say we're walkin' into hell. We made it outta the suicide mission, but now is the time for ya' to run off. Ya've saved Eubric from itself. You're as much heroes as the rest of us, but if things go badly for us, Eubric's still in one piece. There'll be rebuildin' to do, and...well, all sorts of post-war nonsense, but my point is, your fight is done. Get outta here, scatter so the Bonies don't find ya', and if anyone asks, tell 'em we're servin' a fairy eviction notice to a nosy archdemon in our haunted basement. We make it back out alive, all the drinks are on me." His mouth twitched into a smirk. "After all, ya'll are heroes, and everyone knows heroes drink free." He swiveled to face the remainder of the party - all Heroicans at one point or another. "We got our target. Ya' got any final thoughts for these people, now's the time."
  11. I use similar tool also used in dental prostethesis "workshops". It has a small knife on one side and a tiny spoon on the other (similiar to tha one on the photo below) but mine is rather blunt so not to dangerous. I mostly use the small spoon to push long axles out of holes and the knife also serves to pull the pin out sometimes. Otherwise, tweezers are also on my desktop as well. Has anbody found some with rubber wrapped jaws or something similiar? Do such tweezers even exist? Sometimes I damaged the end of the axles a bit when pulling them out.
  12. No, you should not be the admin...anyway, shared for you!
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  14. @TheLegoPerson9 @RacerRabbit Obviously, we are talking about official sets here, but you might like this:
  15. I just got known interesting and neat LEGO Grundlæggende Lederuddannelse 2008 (Basic leader education) minifigure was sold out on ebay. Never heard a thing about it. The figure was only given out to participant who attended an internal program in TLG Billund in 2008. who knows anything about it?
  16. It's February in Europe too tho.
  17. Selander

    MOC Tank engine locomotive - Knapsack style

    Thanks for all positive comments and creative proposals. In fact I am doing some add-on:s right now, and will take new pictures after receipt of a BL order 😙 M motor is merely for display, a std train motor drives the wagon.
  18. Boooooooring! Why would we need that? We already have the juniors version because he came first and we all wanted green goblin back then. The one from the bridge battle is my favorite anyways so. Are there still figs left that we don’t know off? or was that just wishlisting?
  19. notpennysboat

    Guess the next animal mould round 3

    It's been a while, about 25 years ago, that I'm waiting for theme like "Zoo" or "Farm", but now after reading this up, it could just be a sub-theme for City, it seems very logical, like a part of the town. With all the Zoo subtheme things, it could have a bus and bus-stop, foodtrucks for hot-dogs or ice-creams...a plenty of "City" theme things. About the vehicles, in addition to the bus, Zoo bus stop, it could have a vet truck, a animal transport truck (for terrestrial or marine animals), even an Zoo copter for emergency, a cleaning-vehicle...? Well, there is always something to do for having a nice subtheme. :)
  20. paintballman

    Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    Nice...let's prepear for a spectacular closing!
  21. Blip

    Bricktory is Life!

    Or at least it would be, if I could get Bluerender's lighting setup to play ball again... Some of you may recall me posting this a while back: I noticed someone asking about Star Trek themed MOCs, so I thought I might get started on uploading a bunch of my other old SciFi themed Bluerenders, that were otherwise gathering hard drive dust and electrons. So hopefully, here is the first of a few... Anyone recognise what it is? I'm currently fighting a long and protracted battle with getting Bluerender lighting setups to go how I used to have them, but once I win I'll possibly try to get round to posting another view - this one was the initial attempt at replicating the view of a Star Trek fact files cutaway.
  22. so many detail!! love it love it! especially there're so many many creatures out of human kind
  23. Dear fans, I knew there're hundreds MOC or official sets before me, and they are really good reference, especially my friend @bricksboy shared one 7913 set during my tour in LEGOLAND California. Base on it and thank to many MOC in the forum, I'm working on my design with those new function bricks. Some piece parts are still on the way yet, but I can't help building some ver0.9 prototype to share. Though my target is to recreate the Saleucami scene of EP3, but TCW S02E10 also on that plant. Your comments and advice are appreciated, will help me to polish the MOC better.
  24. That's 100% certain, since the guy who bought the car refused to pay.
  25. TitusV

    Moto the Fire Dragon

    Hahahaha, have I been so hard on the previous bases? Oopsie... Well, this one is excellent in any case! The colourscheme is lovely and a great use of the radar dishes If I've got anything to remark, it would have to be that it may draw some attention away from the dragon The beast itself is very nice as well, with some smoot curves, amazing wings and such a cute tail that I want to hug it
  26. I guess axle twist is there as well, but not as much as play between two pairs of 16T gears. It is easy to try it, when I lift it and steer by hand it is clearly seen. 12T+20T bewels are much better with slack so I will swap them.
  27. Most likely a wish list... which there is a thread for.
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