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  2. jtooker

    [Moc] Red Lions Castle

    I love the brickwork style you went with on this castle. Like with your other MOC, you've added just enough extra detail to make this MOC interesting while still being a believable/potential set/kit. The castle fits very well on the raised baseplate and the tower is an especially nice touch. The roof supports for the tower (round 1x1 bricks and plates) are superb. The occasional buttresses around the walls and tower are nice details and there seem to be just the right number of (and right sized) windows. I'll leave two minor critiques. The first is that the roofs are a bit plain - I like the few dark blue slopes you included in forestmen MOC and think some dark red slopes would be a nice touch here. The other is the use of the pre-fab wall pieces, though using the printed ones helps a bunch. What you did for that sized tower might be best, but I'd be curious if you tried any (non-square) brick-built towers. Thank you for sharing your MOC.
  3. arijitdas

    [MOC] 42110 model B (truck)

    Thank you for the very detailed response. I am really bad at MOCs - have failed terribly. Your response is definitely encouraging.
  4. That's what I suspect. IANAL though.
  5. I don't know how exactly, but windows just doesn't work well for me.
  6. daveysbricks

    Brunojj1's mind-opener - red supercar

    Would it be ok for an individual to create a virtual model of say, a LoxLego creation, and distribute it without the permission of the original creator?
  7. In this exact case, would it be okay for that person to freely share the resulting virtual model?
  8. The example with the 42102 was specifically meant to address the point, that if you want to build it, you have to buy it ;). Lego did not chose to release half/full done 3D-models with partslist weeks or months before the model is released - no one cares about that (in fact the opposit is the case everey one is happy about it, Osprey anyone?). So to keep my point and question as simple as possible: Why is one thing great and the other is not? And to make it clear again: I'm not talking about instructions.
  9. JintaiZ

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    42083 for $280. Not the best bargain, but hey... my wallet hurts a lot less!
  10. Evan-Eleven the Engineer

    [WIP] 1968 Dodge Charger

    Hmmmm. Then I would go for the Honda Civic Type R 2020, it is a great car; I know from riding in a '99 Civic that it has great grip around corners!
  11. I'd say the parts list is OK, but the high-detail speedbuild and 3D model are infringing copyright unless they have separate permission. However with TLG, because they publicly release the building instructions as soon as the model is released anyway, speed builds don't really make any information more easily available, and 3d models and 'Pimp My X' instructions are unlikely to harm sales. If CaDa, TLG, or any other company or individual does not release instructions publicly while they are still selling the model, then I think it is not morally OK to share speed builds, 3d models, etc, for the official model. And it's legally shaky regardless of what the company does. As a different example, I suspect TLG would have a decent legal case against anyone who shared the Osprey build instructions, if they decided to pursue it. Reverse engineering from marketing photos however is probably different, because in that case the person making the model has never had the opportunity to closely examine the original model or its BI.
  12. But that'd be true for all designers, not just Bruno. Scans of instructions and virtual models are so easily made and circulated, they're gonna go around eventually. If CaDA can't make their business model work even after collaborating with celebrity designers, then the business model is wrong, and it doesn't matter who they contracted. It's not on Bruno to keep CaDA afloat (unless they're paying him a regular salary, or compensated him with shares in the company...).
  13. I'm tempted to see what kind of tires will 42124 have at the end ...
  14. JintaiZ

    [M13 – Quarzite - TT] The horror beyond the veil

    Nice (and creepy) build!
  15. guilhermelimait


    Hi @JintaiZ, Thanks for commenting, in fact, I like to share both of the worlds. It is not because it is made by technic pins and beams that it is ugly or strange to the eys in my opinion. I like to use it like it is, that's why it is open. But thanks for sharing your thougths, I really appreciate! :)
  16. I_Igor

    [WIP] 1968 Dodge Charger

    well gentleman ( @nicjasno and @Evan-Eleven the Engineer ) I have only black in my inventory; oh yes and glow in the dark few... Ales, perhaps something like this should be interesting project
  17. The horror beyond [1] - ver. 2 by simulterious, on Flickr The horror beyond [2] - ver. 2 by simulterious, on Flickr The horror beyond [3] - ver. 2 by simulterious, on Flickr Deep below the populated caverns and tunnels of Quarzite, where the pink crystals grow green and sickly; a ritual takes place. Sith cultists bathe in the toxic fumes of a sulphur infused crystal lake, their vision going hazy. An ancient legend says that within these tunnels still roams the spirit of an ancient dark side entity, a sith lord long forgotten or even an avatar of the dark side itself. In this hellish state they can see him, a great monstrosity red as blood, it's eyes set upon its chest. The air is even heavier now; it's wings now emerging, almost touching the top of the cavern. The cultists didn't know that the price for immortality would be so great, yet their master demands it. They can feel his presence even now, thousands of light years away. At that point they feared that monster sitting upon his throne more than this demon in front of them. They will pay the price; their master now being a step closer to returning.... Behind the scenes Really having fun with this horror theme! Entry was inspired by the SCP foundation and some Lovecraft sprinkled in. I tied the story a little bit to our favourite emperor - I imagine it takes a lot of esoteric work to bring a sith lord back to life...
  18. JintaiZ


    I think the idea is amazing, but maybe cover up the technic pins?
  19. Ngoc Nguyen

    Technic 2021 Set Discussion

    My plan for Technic 1H: 42116 Skid Steer: Rebuild. I have a spare clamshell bucket from 42043 Arocs B model. 42117 Plane: Rebuild in red. I have a spare pair of red taper panels from 42098 B. Also I'm not fond of the teal color. 42118 & 42119: Not gonna buy. Im not fond of pullbacks. 42120 Hovercraft: Definite buy. I like this set. Hopefully it's not gonna be cancelled because of the potential resemblance to a military rescue boat. 42121 Excavator: Buy or rebuild. I really like this set. I have a string of black tracks and spare buckets from 42055 B already. If it has some new part I'm gonna buy it. 42122 Jeep: Definite buy. I really like this set. I may get a bunch of tyres from bricklink for my 42053s and 42080s. 42123 Senna Mclaren. Definite buy. I really like this set. 42124 C+ Offroad: Not gonna buy. It's just another 42109. I got bored of 42109 after a week. At least 42109 looks cool to me. 42124 doesn't. 42125 Ferrari: Not really sure. Aside from the fact that photos arent available, I dont think it's gonna be any different from any of these cars I already own in terms of both car types and car functions. If it's different then maybe.
  20. Evan-Eleven the Engineer

    [WIP] 1968 Dodge Charger

    Yes @I_Igor, that piece:)
  21. I_Igor

    [WIP] 1968 Dodge Charger

    sets with this part
  22. nicjasno

    [WIP] 1968 Dodge Charger

    Yup. I think the small scale car will be something fwd, like a vw van or golf. Just to be different.
  23. In the long term, if CaDA can't make enough money because the instructions are too easily found for free online, then they'll be less likely to sign a future contract with him. Time will tell indeed. It'd still be illegal to rehost Thijs' instructions though. You could legally make your own instructions and sell them for cheaper, but that'd just be rude
  24. I_Igor

    [WIP] 1968 Dodge Charger

    this one?{"color":86,"iconly":0}
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