Infamous Steve Contest: FIRST 25 CHALLENGES have BEGUN!

This announcement is no longer active

Mister Phes


Creative Critic

The first Creative Critic to write 25 Replies to Building Entry Topics (created by other Builders) will WIN a 25€ LEGO set of their choice.

Please ensure you have Registered as a Creative Critic so we know you're participating.

Building Categories

The first Building Entrant to attract 25 Replies to one of their Building Entry Topics will WIN a 25€ LEGO set of their choice.


Double Posting (2 or more consecutive posts in the same topic) won't count towards your Objective's Post Count


What Do I Do When I Reach 25 Posts/Replies?

The staff will be monitoring but to ensure you're noticed first, bring it to the attention of the Classic Pirates Crew ASAP!

First to 25 tag example

Just Tag or Quote a Crew Member and they'll come a runnin'

And if you're unfamiliar with how that's done, or have questions about the Challenges, just ask in this topic right now...