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What is the LEGO Ambassador Program / Classic-Pirates.com Ambassador

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Posted 20 August 2014 - 07:39 AM

What is the LEGO Ambassador Program?


Please note this thread only concerns the LEGO Ambassador Program in relation to the LEGO Pirates Forum and Classic-Pirates.com, if you're seeking general information about the LEGO Ambassador Program or other LEGO themes please visit the Embassy Forum.

What is it?
The LEGO Ambassador Program is an initiative officially run by the LEGO Group to enable greater communication between the company and  AFOL Communities, whether they be online communities like Eurobricks or traditional LUGs (LEGO Users Groups) where the members meet in person.

How does it work?
Each LEGO Community has one or more Ambassador who acts as an intermediate between their AFOL community and official LEGO Representatives.

LEGO Ambassadors generally:
  • Work on projects assigned by LEGO representatives.
  • Assist in collecting data - usually through surveys.
  • Provide feedback to the LEGO Representatives and raise concerns discussed by their AFOL community - usually in the hope of gaining useful information to return to their AFOL community/
  • Deliver official announcements to their AFOL community - these are usually Press Releases for new sets.
The Ambassador Program is undergoing a major overhaul later in the year and the above may change, however that is how the program has been operating in recent years.

Classic-Pirates.com Ambassador Projects
Even though the LEGO Group did not request us, in the past Classic-Pirates.com has taken initiative and worked on its own Ambassador Projects.

Generally this involved conducting a survey to ascertain specific information and then collating the data into a presentation.

The presentations were submitted to the LEGO Group via the Ambassador Program and some of the concepts were eventually utilized in their Pirates of the Caribbean Theme and Minifigure Collector Series.

Two of our most significant Ambassador Projects have been: If you browse through the presentations you'll observe which ideas have found their way into recent sets.

The Latest Project
For our latest Ambassador Program we're being really ambitious!  This time we're designing an brand new LEGO Pirates Sub-Theme in it's entirety!

We want to make it so good the LEGO Group decides to produce the sets with as little revision as possible - maybe that's dreaming, but that's the attitude we need to have if we're ever to succeed.

Questions? Comments? Feedback?
If there is anything you'd like to say or ask in regards to Classic-Pirates.com's involvement in the LEGO Ambassador Program, please post in this thread.

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