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LEGO Pirates Master Index

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:jollyroger: LEGO Pirates Master Index :jollyroger:

Ahoy matey! Welcome to the biggest and best index on Eurobricks! Here you find everything that your Pirate heart desires. In the indexes you will find every MOC that has ever been posted in the Pirate forum and in most cases find threads to go to for suggestions, questions, or inquires pertaining to that individual index. Pages such as contests and other threads typically come as is. So what are you waiting for? Take a look around and enjoy yourself!

Table of Contents
I. Indexes
II. Libraries
III. Tutorials
IV. Box Art
V. Articles
VI. Comics
VII. Contests
VIII. Other Stuff
IX. Pirate Set Reviews
X. LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Reviews
XI. LEGO Miscellaneous Reviews


The Master Index

I. Indexes

Index: LEGO Pirate Set Reviews
The great list of all the reviews for the LEGO Pirate sets.

Index: Ship MOCs
The ultimate overview of all the historical Lego ships ever built!

Index: Ship MOCs, Sorted!
Want to see a certain type of ship, but don't know where to start?

The best LEGO sailing ships (minifig illusion scale)
The best ships from the Ship MOCs Index!

Index: Historic Ships, Replicas, Figureheads and Models
You want to know how the real old sailing ships look like?

Index: Land Based MOCs
All the fortresses, Islands, vignettes you never knew they existed.

Index: Islander MOCs
For all the Islander lovers!

Index: Islanders Topics
Here you can find an overview of all the Islanders Topics

Index: Imperial Armada MOCs
The perfect overview of all the Imperial Armada MOCs

Index: Cannon MOCs
Want to build a cannon or carronade? Here's the place to be!

Index: Carts and Carriages
Trundlin' along the ol' wagon road!

Index: Pirate Accessory MOCs
This is an index for all those smaller creations that are part of larger MOCs

Index: Pirate Lego Films
The official Eurobricks pirates community brickfilm index

Index: Armies
The ultimate army overview!
    Post your Pirate Crew: Pirate Figbarfs
    Recommended for the posting of small crews in the style of the Minifigure Series.
Index: MOCs based on paintings
Art tranformed into Lego.

Index: Dark Skinned Minifigures
Want to add racial diversity to your crew?

Index: Long Standing Topics
Before you start a discussion in a new thread, please check this Long Standing Topics Index to see if a topic applies to what you want to share!

II. Libraries

The Great Pirate Torso Library
The biggest collection of pirate related torso designs on the internet!

Non-Pirate Mini-Figures Useful for Pirate MOCing Library
The biggest collection of non-pirate, pirate related torso designs which are on the internet!

Library: Sails
Scans of official sails and custom designs!

The Wikipedia Links
All the pirates related wikipedia links at one place!

Reference Material for Creating more Realistic Ships
Illustrations, photographs and websites

Fleet Listing and Army Listing
A good way to get to know each other's collections.

Pre-Rendered Backgrounds
Backgrounds ready for you to use

More Pre-Rendered Background
More backgrounds ready for you to use

Library: Flags of the Colonial Period
Links to all the great flag designs that have been posted in the pirate forum

Official LEGO Stories as Printed on Pirates Boxes
A place to store and discuss them

Cloth Flag Resource
A website where you can order flags of every type.

III. Tutorials

Want to create a tutorial? Want someone to create one for you?  Click here to discuss!

Tutorial: Batch Image Resize
Get rid of those annoying large and slow pictures! Check this tutorial.

Tutorial: Creating Thumbnails
Make a clickable thumbnail for your post? Follow the instructions.

Tutorial: Formatting Links
Nobody ever clicks on the links in your posts? Read this!

Tutorial: Making Sails by Evil Willy Alternative tutorial by Paul Cantu
Need some good looking sails for your ships? You're at the right place!

Tutorial: Making Sails by Admiral Croissant
A tutorial for making realistic sails

Tutorial: MLCAD Submodels
MLCAD tutorial by ZCerberus

Tutorial: How I make torsos in MS Paint
A tutorial for those too cheap for Photoshop

Tutorial: The making of a Lego avatar
A tutorial for making an incredible avatar

Tutorial: String Rigging
Yes, the rigging thing...

Sail Making: Chinese Junk
By Captain Cavinano

Tutorial: Photographing Lego
Taking better picture of your MOCs

Shipbuilding techniques by the master himself
How to build a frigate by Captain Green Hair

LDD Tutorials by Horry and others
[Tutorial] Sailing ships interior
[Tutorial] Caravels
[Tutorial] Small ships-of-war
[Tutorial] Fortifications of the Sailing Age
[Tutorial] Historically Accurate Capstans
[Tutorial] Fort Outworks
[Tutorial] Cannons
[Tutorial] Functional Capstan by Sebeus I

Tutorial: Splitting hulls
Dreamweb explains how to split and construct LEGO hulls.

Custom Hull Tutorial
Dunkleosteus explains how curved custom hulls are done (in LDD).

IV. Box Art

6290 Red Beard Runner

6270 Forbidden Island

6251 Pirate Mini Figures

6240 Kraken Attackin'

6242 - Soldier's Fort

6267 - Lagoon Lockup

6274 - Carribbean Clipper

6257  - Castaway's Raft

6265 - Sabre Island

6259 - Broadside's Brig

6241 - Loot Island

6260 - Shipwreck Island

6239 - Cannon Battle

V. Articles

A Guide To The Pirates Minifigures - part I
Yo Ho, Ho Ho, A Pirate Fig For Me!

A Guide To The Pirates Minifigures - part II
The Soldiers

A Guide To The Pirates Minifigures - part III
The Imperial Guards

A Guide To The Pirates Minifigures - part IV
The Islanders

Pirates 2009
A reflection on the new 2009 pirates line by The Brickster

Ambassador Report: The Future of LEGO Pirates available in English and Chinese!
Based on a survey done on Classic-Pirates.com

Pirate Fans Part Requests
Based on a survey done on Classic-Pirates.com

Sirsven7's "A Look at Pirate Sets" Series
A comprehensive review of pirate sets of the past

VI. Comics

Kings And Queens Of The Sea
A Pirate LEGO comic series by Dreamweb

EB Pirates Episode 1 - Green Hair and the yellow thief!
A pirates comic by Captain Green Hair and Mr. Tiber

EB Pirates Episode 2 - Welcome to Port Paraiso!
A pirates comic by Captain Green Hair and Mr. Tiber

The Savage Element
A pirates comic by KDog

Captain Braunsfeld Comics

A collection of comics by Captain Braunsfeld

Maiden Voyage
A pirates comic by Sebeus I

Torture Island
A comic-style joke by Plaid Beard

VII. Contests

By Norrington: Dead Men Tell No Tales Vignette Contest - Entries - Poll
The vig can depict an scene from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

By Mr. Tiber: Ship's Figurehead contest - Entries - Poll
Build the best figurehead for a minifig scale Lego ship

By Imperial Scouts: EuroBricks Pirate Halloween Contest - Entries - Poll
This is a fun contest for the spirit of Halloween!

By Imperial Scouts: Cap'n SlyOwl vs. oo7 Build off!! - Announcement of the winners
An epical battle between two of EBs best MOCers

By Captain Green Hair: Pimp your IMPT ship! - Entries - Poll - Vote-off
For this contest you must use the 6 wide bow pieces similar to the ones in the IMTP ship.

By Imperial Shadows: A Pirate's Life! - Entries - Poll - Winners Announcement
Imagine that LEGO has announced the return of Classic Pirates in all it's glory!

By the staff: Pillage the Village, staff, Creative Critic, Prizes - Entries large, medium, small, staff - Winners large,medium, small, staff, creative critic

By the staff: Captain's Cabin, voting, winners, Creative Critic winner

By the staff: Pillage the Village II: The Calm after the Storm, Creative Critic, Prizes - Entries large, medium, small, staff - Winners large, medium, small, staff, creative critic

By Commodore Hornbricker: Tournament of Retribution, Teams

By Ratshot and the staff: 2010 Community Build, Entries, Winner

By Commodore Hornbricker and the staff: Tournament of Retribution II, Entries / Voting Round 1

By Bonaparte: The best LEGO sailing ships (minifig illusion scale) - Winners Announcement  

By Admiral Croissant and the staff: Tournament of Retribution III First Round Redcoat Entries, First Round Bluecoat Entries, Second Round Entries, Unofficial Comics and MOCs, Links to all of the Comics (thanks to Brickington)

By Bonaparte: Pirates Teamwork Contest - Entries - Voting - Winners

VIII. Other Stuff

The Shipyard Ranking System

Alarm Clock


Behind the Helm Interviews Index

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