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Danish Friends House

Denmark Bright Light Orange Friends

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#1 Anne Mette

Anne Mette

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Posted 07 August 2013 - 09:53 PM

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When I saw the many new Bright Light Orange bricks from the LEGO Friends theme my first thought was that the colour looked like the colour of a typical Danish “yellow” house. Therefore I decided to collect Bright Light Orange bricks in order to build a house in that colour.

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#2 PsyKater


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Posted 07 August 2013 - 10:11 PM

Great! The first house in Bright Light Orange! I just love this color. And you are right, it fits actually pretty well with the typical Danish houses.
- PsyKater [psyː'kɑtɐ]

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#3 lightningtiger


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Posted 07 August 2013 - 10:34 PM

I love how you have done the roof......and that's a lot of dark red 1x1 slope 30's ! :laugh:
Beautiful house 'Anne'......Brick On with your Friend's ! :grin:

#4 eurotrash


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Posted 07 August 2013 - 10:41 PM

It's a good looking building!  I like the SNOT roof.  Do you think you'll add an interior?

Thanks for sharing it with us..

#5 Kristel


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Posted 07 August 2013 - 11:18 PM

The house overall looks great, but the roof is definitely the stand out feature!

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#6 Captain Settle

Captain Settle

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Posted 08 August 2013 - 12:06 AM

This is fantastic! I love the roof and the path is done very well.
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#7 Esurient


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Posted 08 August 2013 - 07:29 AM

Great job! Love how you did the house and the tiling! :thumbup:
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#8 Hobbythom


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Posted 08 August 2013 - 08:04 AM

Great build! As mentioned, the roof and sidewalk really stand out.

#9 Mutant Orc

Mutant Orc

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Posted 08 August 2013 - 08:39 AM

this is brilliant!! I love the patterns on the floor- however I'd like to know where that male figure came from- he looks like a more sensible version one of the friends figs- but he has too much nose! :wacko:
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#10 King Aragorn

King Aragorn

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Posted 08 August 2013 - 08:45 AM

Wow, this is amazing!!! :wub: :wub:
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#11 Anne Mette

Anne Mette

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Posted 08 August 2013 - 09:32 AM

View PostMutant Orc, on 08 August 2013 - 08:39 AM, said:

however I'd like to know where that male figure came from

It is a 4 Junior Peter Parker figure:

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#12 Redhead1982


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Posted 08 August 2013 - 12:26 PM

I've seen the house already on Flickr, and it still looks impressive. Most of all, the amount of bright yellow bricks is impressive by itself, and the model of the house is lovely. The colour scheme is great, and reminiscent of Danish house. My favourite 'architectural' detail is the cheese built roof - I'll definitely try it out sometimes. The size of cheese slopes makes them a great alternative for roofing in comparison to other types of slopes.  And Anne Mette, welcome to the EB forum! :classic:

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#13 kbcakir


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Posted 11 August 2013 - 10:02 PM

Perfect building, perfect roof, perfect use of 4 juniors fig! After all these years wasted by being hated by lego fans, this fig eventually enjoys to be the popular kid of the high school!

Congrats! Perfect Moc! And also perfect floor, I'm gonna steal it definitely.

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#14 Jody Meyer

Jody Meyer

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Posted 17 August 2013 - 12:59 AM

what a great job, nice lines, and a great roof :grin: I have to admit, the jr. figure actually works well with the friends theme. might have to look into getting some, my daughter is the friends collector in my house....I am the city type...

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#15 Legogal


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Posted 17 August 2013 - 12:19 PM

Wow! Very cool colors, roof, trees, hunky boyfirend, and overall design!
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