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Hello everyone

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#1 Brickadiergerard


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Posted 30 November 2012 - 08:13 PM

Hello Eurobricks members.

I'm very pleased to have joined this wonderful community, I've got round to posting an avatar, and now here's a bit about me.

I came out of my dark age with Batman 1, which I persuaded myself I had to buy for my eldest daughter who was then, er, 1. But they were for the future, something for us to enjoy. And I was right, as Batman 1 and 2 are firm favourites with her and her sister, and me. Even my (very patient) wife agrees they're great. We've created some great civilians, cops and villains, as well as a few vehicles, over time to flesh out our Gotham community. Particular favourites are a police SWAT team with an armured truck and some hairy bikers. Also a tiny Lego Strike Team as a homage to "The Shield".

Since then the Lego from my childhood that has managed to survive the passage of the years has also become a firm favourite, after a bit of part-enrichment from BL, and now the children are, if not Black Falcon fanatics like me, at least willing to let the greatest ever Castle range feature in their medieval games. Usually as baddies.

As well as Batman and Castle, I'm a fan of the Middle-Earth ranges. I'm one of those people who loved the books as a child and teenager, and then enjoyed the films. I had a pretty clear idea in my mind as to how I thought charaters and places looked, and some of that chimed with PJ's vision, and some didn't. So I've adapted the LOTR range quite a bit to tie it in with my images in my head, and have built some minifigs and scenes which didn't make it into the films - Prince Imrahil, Tom Bombadil, a barrow, that kind of thing. I'll get round to posting pictures to share them with you all. And the Batman stuff.

Apart from those core obsessions, we've got a few pirates (hence the current Avatar image, my Lego Jack Aubrey), quite a bit of Star Wars (mostly daughter number 2's) and a fair number of CMFs (mostly daughter number 1's).

But my favourite set? The one that makes me smile every time I see it? That's Spaceship 918. Takes me right back to 1979 and where this wonderful hobby began for me. .

#2 Wedge09


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Posted 30 November 2012 - 08:24 PM

Welcome in Eurobricks :thumbup: :thumbup:  Hope you enjoy your stay in this enormeous community :classic:

I'd like to see your MOCs about LOTR :wink:

My gallery on Flickr, don't forget to visit my new blog Life in a Brick

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Alexander Vandangant, 99-year-old male Elf Hunter in Sandy's HeroicaRPG

Alexander Vandangant, proud member of Avalonia in the Guilds of Historica

Wedge09, proud member of the Rebel Alliance in Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka

Alexander "Wedge" Vandangant, proud member of the Kawashita group in Andromeda's Gates

Come to ridiscover the Guilds of Historica

#3 Mazin


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Posted 01 December 2012 - 07:58 AM

That's a great introduction Gerry :thumbup:  Welcome to Eurobricks :thumbup:

Raising a new generation and playing Lego, what can possibly be better? :wink:


I'd like to see your MOCs about LOTR :wink:

Me too! Very curious about your creations.
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