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Leliana Lena

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#1 Angeli


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Posted 03 September 2012 - 04:10 AM

Posted Image

- Gimy, stop munching!
- Mhm.
- Seriously, you're playing on my nerves.
- You better look after the road. Those tiny Avalonians could sniff us at any time and swarm, and you know how they can be boring with their toy weapons and miniature horses.
- It does not matter, all within two clicks can hear that we are here, lurking, because of your munching. And if somebody would ask you why do you munch so you would not know what to say. Hell, you do not even have anything to chew on yourself! And why are you grinding at me now? Damn, what is it? Wait; is it ... a gold tooth?
- More then one. I bought them of a traveling merchant from Khaliphin, from their city with a funny name that resembles a bird ...
- ... Petraea?
- M-yes, maybe. Anyway, he engraved these golden teeth before we burned his carriage, heh, Khaliphilians, just maggots under my iron heel, they have no idea who is the real ruler of the world, and how Orcs beat when they beat!
- Yes, lion!
- Nocturnus is power!
- Power and strength!
- Quiet, you'll wake the whole town.

Shadowing in their old, dark armor beaten from years of conflict, two orcs crouched on a hill and watched the sleepy little town in the evergreen forests. Funny Avalonians will have no idea what is happening! They will wait a bit to let the night into a dream, and they'll attack. Behind them, hidden in the dark forest, crouched almost a hundred orcs and slaves ready to impress Drow girl that was commanded the whole troupe. Pillaging Avalonian villages, burning everything and disappearing into the forests and swamps, it was a tactic of intimidation which the Drow loved so much.

- Such a funny look, Gimy. You look like a girl!
- Ah I'd like to meet me this girl with golden teeth, to knock them out.
- From a girl?
- Girls are the easiest prey. Weak, and almost no defense, and ...
- and? Hey, so what? What are you staring at? Oh god ...

In the sky, white dot. Given that it went directly to them, dot slowly turned into human contours and very quickly into feet, hands, wings. The two of them were lying on top of a hill, completely covered with grass rug. But this being went right to them. It landed in front of them, and kneeled, removing the cover over their heads. Totally confused situation, and Orcs just stared. Completely shiny, has folded her white wings behind her backs and held out her hands in front of him. Her eyes shined with gentle warmth, and her lips made such a contrast with hers sparkling, white armor. Silver and golden threads were passing through her clothes making complicated patterns.

- Alenela eteleni, inferior beings - her voice was unusually soft, and friendly, even to the orc - your evil can be seen even from the farthest cloud. Unfortunately, earth, fire, water, air, everything has become a weapon of evil, elementals are sowing discord and sadness all over your country, your dark faced leaders are forging plans and evil machinations are influencing almost all aspects of your four guilds, and you, you two, you are just now preparing  to hurt and destroy...

During this speech, they gathered up, and rose. Her armor was nice, but more like a decoration than to protection compared with their massive, dark three times thicker armor, she had no weapons, and they had heavy maces hung on their belts. She was alone, and the were two of them, and in the end, as nicely observed by Gimy, she's is a girl. They completely straighten up, showing all the strength of their orkish muscles. She was still talking:

- Evil has long outweighed the tray of souls of this country, and it's time to strike a balance. Our clouds were long enough so far away from you, and you have forgotten that we are up there, and that we are looking. And now, anyone who has ever done something wrong, killed, enslaved, steal, lied or simply had bad thoughts of any kind, will be punished. I'll start with you

Orcs were upset, but they still kept heroically. She was still talking:

- But do not worry, your buddies out of the forest will follow you immediately, then whole your camp out there in the east of the country, then the city where your camp was serving, then all these towns of dark faced lesser beings, and then another whose soul is not pure and virtuous. And now, if you have the gods which you pray, pray, and we will begin...

Orcs laughed:

- Sweet little lady. You want to take us? Really? You and what...
- Army? - She wrapped up his thought, because he was left speechless, while behind her grass swayed by the wind raised by the dozen of wings that were landing. White and gold armor, black and white feathers in the wings, and on the point, clad figure whose eyes were burning from the helmet visor, and the wings were glowing as if on fire. It lifted its sword and blew in the golden trumpet, and hundreds of white warriors fly overhead, disappearing into the dark forest. Few moments after they heard screams.

- Alemana Etul, inferior beings, it's time - she straighten herself, and in her hands from nowhere glowed a flaming sword - Light is the Way - she cried striking.


They appeared out of nowhere. Old and wise say that they were always with us, helping us to live better and fairer. And they call them simply: celestials. And in those ancient times celestials fractured along two lines, one, who wanted to let the people, elves and other races find for themselves their road to good, and others, who claimed that all the races are so drenched in evil, jealousy and hatred that they can not return, and that all should be removed from the face of the earth. It was said that the war that broke out between them almost ravaged landscapes, but the first ones won, and the latter retreated underground. Smart and old people call them demons, but who is to say that this is truth? Yes, demons, but not that kind of demons that we can meet and see all over Nocturnus, pale copies of the real, authentic evil, with black wings and a beautiful faces, whose proximity and a fully gleans leaves you breathless, and their hatred for each race paves your wish to live and happy smile; the type of demon that if looked at, you lose the art of dreaming forever. The winners of that ancient war, who wanted to let the people to develop themselves and reach enlightenment on their own, spread their powerful wings and flew away, and on far away clouds built their cities of white and gold, and of them, no one else has heard. Here and there you could see the remains of their buildings in quiet and remote places, where war vortices or teeth of time have not eaten them whole, such as Misty Shrine, or deep in a desert making Prelude to Darkness that would come if this sites were disturbed, as most of them had THE crystal, or some lesser one. Other races were bond to seize them as their own, such as the temple Above the Clouds. But that did not matter, they were the remains of the past. Today, their clouds descended all over the Historica, bringing down its gleaming cities to the strangest surroundings, on the tops of mountains, deep in the wasteland, the area of sea and lake, a giant among trees Avalonia, on the burning sand of Khaliphlin, on the rocky hills of Nocturnus and the sparkling glaciers of Mitgardia. And just as suddenly, they began to share justice. But, as we all know, justice is blind, and who else can say that it is completely righteous?

Posted Image

One by one the Drow cities began to fall, one after the other elementals were destroyed. And when the evil was on the run, Celestials, as people called them, turned their righteous sight to the vendors who were stealing while measuring, saloonkeepers who watered wine, and finally the children who were stepping on flowers. At first they seemed as unlikely saviors, but if it's really true, we'll see. All four guilds sent their representatives to the largest city that has continued to sparkle high on a cloud, floating somewhere over the city of Cerdica, sent there with idea to make contact and start negotiations with the new power in the region.

Posted Image

And it is just a question of time when will the demons, but the real ones, gather strength and break out of the underground

Posted Image

For some reason, people were not mentioning Celestials before their descent. Now, you can here all kind of information about them: supposable, there are numerous fractions, and each can be identified by the colors that are dominant on their clothes. Every could respect one emotion the most, and that emotion is reflected trough their clothes. But what color is for what emotion, I will leave that to the guild members that choose to build, if this guild leaves as a fifth guild. Let me just give you few examples: White is for justice; gold is for strength, pink is for passion, new friends light blue is for friendship, etc - let your imagination go wild ;)
Usually, one cloud have celestials of one color, but they like to mix.

At this moment, clouds were lowering all over Historica, to the highest mountain tops, on the surface of the sea, near great cities and on top of the tick jungles. At the moment, they are not integrating with people and politics of Historica, except for "purification" of evil, but, very soon, they will. Maybe they will trade? Share their knowledge of art, magic, craftsmanship and architecture? Or just share their knowledge of war? Are they force enough to impose their will on all the guilds? Certainly not. But how will they interact with guild members depend only on them, with few guidelines: celestials hate evil, in all forms. They can not be bought, paid or coerced with wealth. But they can be outsmarted, they think pretty one-sided and in one straight line, so they can be outwitted, especially when they are out of tune with the world today, being so long on clouds. Evil rouge would probably have more luck avoiding celestial then the warrior. Intelligent, cunning, speed and dexterity, wisdom and wits are great weapon against their righteous wraith.

Posted Image

They rarely use magic; when they do, they tend to lean on wind, air and lighting type of spells. But they do have divine powers, as they can not be poisoned, they can see inside of person, seeing his soul, they can heal people by touch and their closnest scare evil creatures. They are vulnerable on water and fire, and they do not like dark. Every Celestial is somehow claustrophobic, and hates closed space. As they tend to wear their own emotion colors (yellow is for pride, and pride goes hand in hand with those who praises power, or gold:), they all have white and gold as motive, and this two colors are on their banners.

It is easy to build as celestials - think heavenly, white, and gold, with every other trans color as support. All other colors can complement the build. Tall, slim, lots of terraces, stairways, balconies and gardens; lot's of statues, water falls, fountains, etc. Think of Venice. Rich gardens, lot of plantlife (it could be new and strange, crazy colors, etc.

They are using animals, but which one, I will leave this to the imagination of the guild member who is building. Remember, anything goes, if you can implement it in a story :)

Customization of Celestials can be done with almost no bricks at all - wings are not a must, and if someone wants celestial with wings, he can brickbuild them, or use practically anything, as shown by Jareth here There are more examples online. Imagination has no limits.


I am proud to present to you:

Leliana Lena, a Celestial outpost

Posted ImagePosted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Guild name: Celestia.
Guild Location: all over Historica.
Capital and Ruler:___capital: Lena Elenia___ruler: Ela'Aleniana.
Unique characteristics: inside the text above.
Color scheme : gold and white for banner, for buildings, in the text above.
Name of the leader: Ela'Aleniana, a Solar.

Posted Image
Posted Image


White celestial (white - wisdom):

Posted Image

Gold celestials

Posted Image

Red celestial, blue one, pink and grey one.

Posted Image

Few details:
Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image
Posted Image Posted Image

Angel statue; notice that she is praying; and here are the wings:
Posted Image

Also notice that angel statue can spread its wings:
Posted ImagePosted Image

Supporting pillars aro totaly streight, even though they look croocked tothe side (check stud count on the base and on top of them, it is 20 on both sides). Also, the round tower was made mainly (90%) from 2x2 bricks:

Posted ImagePosted Image


btw, the Dark ones have shown their presence also. Here is intro to the whole story:

- My lord...
- Not now.
- But my lord...
- I told you so many times, obey my first, and do not ask second.
- ...
- So, you are now going to stand there... all of you? Ok, what?
- There are some... individuals asking for you.
- In this time of night? Sent them away. Let them come tomorrow.
- My lord, I think you should meet them. There is something... unnatural about them.
- Ahaha, so, they are typical Nocturnians. Sent them away!
- ...my lord, they are not, they are darker. They suck the light out of the room, and all the plants died, Sligruth stud in front of them requesting introduction, and they just touched him. He went to the floor instantly... And Snarla, maiden, can not stop crying, and one of them just laid his eyes on her...
- you are right, I will deal with this immediately, first the Drow, then that damn elemental wizard, and now this... will I have no peace? Give me my armor!
- And my lord, not that way, they are not in the great hall, they are on the terrace.
- The terrace? But how?
- They flu, my lord. Came with the darkest part of night.

Posted Image

Lord Ssilyrrlith was not known as a man that carries a lot of guards with him, only two. Now, he wanted to impress the new comers. He went on the terrace alone. And there, in the dark, he saw four shadows moving. He is a ruthless leader, who got that position certainly not by being afraid or soft, but, at that particular moment, he felt quite uneasy... An evil was gushing the air; he was evil, in his own kind of way, like most of Nocrutnians, but this... elemental evil:

- My lord - a soft voice, building words like he was singing a song, engulfed him; at least they acknowledge him as a lord of this part of Historica - We heed your attention. A great evil is going to swallow your lands. You have to be prepared.
- I know. The Drow. But we can handle them.
- The darskinned elves of the underground? The are just children...
- Oh, you mean elementals. Not a problem, we are holding our grounds. In Nocturnus, only two places were hit, Waterdeep and the village of Oorok, and
- No, my lord. Elemental are but a toys. This evil is more ancient then just magic or power thirsty creatures
- So, is it... you?
Something that could resemble a giggle swiped trough four shadowee silhouettes. Or was it a frown? Either way, he felt uneasy, and questioned his decision to go outside without guards
- No, but it could be said we have a same... heritage. There will be changes on Historica, we can feel it in our souls, we can feel it pressing our bones, the clouds are coming closer to the earth, and THEY are coming - his voice transferred from melody to hissing - And THEY are much more numerous from us, and they did defeat us before, as it was just luck... And they will cleanse every city that you have, every house and every soul, and if you do not organize and include other clans, they will whipe you out the face of Historica. They will not want to, they will be compound to do so.
- But why? What have we do to them, if we even do not know they exist??
- Because you are evil, and evil can not be allowed to exist... And after you are delt with, we will be next.

Posted Image

- So, they are good?
- Good, evil, this kind of alignment is just a point of view. Trust us, if they mark someone as an evil creature, they will clans him. Regardless of guild, clan, race, gender, age... Speak with powers of this world. Unite. Or perish.
- That will never work. And why would I believe you? You seem as evil as the ones you are describing?
- We will let you live, for now, my lord. That should be proof enough. You've been warned. We do not have patience for you lesser species either way. You can either organize, change or perish. You can not change, you do not want to perish, so I suggest you organize... And live as long as you are able, my lord... - and they vanished. Not flu away, just merged with the shadows.

Lord Ssilyrrlith was left alone on the terrace, alone with his thoughts... So, a fifth power is coming... from the clouds? Unbelievable, this could as well be a plot of the Drow, a mischief of the Khaliphilians to buy more weapons or just a plan from Avalonians to usurp him and make him look in the sky, while they attack from the ground. Or from beneath a ground, in case of the Drow... He decided to sleep on this, but what he could not know until few nights later, this encounter made him loose ability of sleeping for a whole week... THEY? Do THEY have a name?

Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image

Dark angels, my favorite is archer ;)
Maybe, just maybe, if someone likes the concept of Dark Angels, there can be a fraction (but not a guild), of these antagonists, think of them as graduated, updated Drow (Drow.2:)

And thus, to our planes they have descended
And evil draught of the elementals they ended.
But is it rain that clouds do bear
Or flood that crush, and sink and tear?

By Lord Shale's Ignacio the Bard!

Brickshelf galleries
Posted Image

Here you can see some other Drow cities from me:
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And everything is nicely indexed in the topic Drow , featuring hundreds of minifigs in one place.

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Posted 03 September 2012 - 11:50 AM

What a beautiful tower!  I can't imageine how long it would take me to build something like that. . .  :thumbup:

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Posted 03 September 2012 - 12:32 PM

Dude, you finally got away from the red and black! Awesome part usage. You should send me that chick from your last moc.  I have a really good use for her.( I'm so sorry for the evil joke)  eJust let it go.
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#4 horizon


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Posted 03 September 2012 - 12:33 PM

Flabbergasted is me.



#5 soccerkid6


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Posted 03 September 2012 - 12:34 PM

Very neat entry and the tower design is brilliant  :thumbup:
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#6 mickotemplar


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Posted 03 September 2012 - 02:03 PM

Avesome creation keep up the good work

#7 Penkid11


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Posted 03 September 2012 - 05:52 PM

No red and black! The color choice is superb here. Your style is still very much present, even with the color change. Excellent job.
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#8 de Gothia

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Posted 03 September 2012 - 06:53 PM

Wow! This is a cool thing! It looks just like an Angeli build but in the same time it doesn´t! Glad to see that you build in other colours! This is really something extra! Great work!

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Posted 04 September 2012 - 05:51 AM

Instantly recognisable as being one of your builds. And an interesting method of building the round walls. I really like the effect it gives. What do you do to get the blue cast in the lighting of your photographs?
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Posted 04 September 2012 - 06:01 AM

Nice! good luck in the contest

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#11 Angeli


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Posted 04 September 2012 - 08:53 AM

Thank you all:))
For the blue light, I am using a simple, plain blue neon light (but not black light fluorescent tubes, plain blue light, because black light does not have good effect on lego, too overstated)

Posted Image

#12 Maxim I

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Posted 04 September 2012 - 10:31 AM

Those poor Orcs :devil:
Great story!!! I admire it how you are writing more and more stories lately!

About the MOC itself:
Great how you did these pillars! For a moment, I couldn't believe these were straight :blush:

Also nice combination with the white and the transclear!

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Posted 05 September 2012 - 08:00 AM

I really like the round tower; I don't think I've seen that technique before -- it gives the wall a really nice texture.  Great work all around.
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#14 Angeli


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Posted 05 September 2012 - 11:07 PM

Thank you :)
About writing: it is interesting, I've got a new job, and it is much more time demanding then the last one, and now I have time for everithing. At those days that I've worked for few hours a day, I didn't have time for squats and could not finish anything (sounds ridicilous, I know:)

And about that whay of building towers, using 2x2 - well, I have a lot of white 2x2 (more than a thousand), and only about a hundred of 1x2, so, I took few of them and started playing with round 1x1 plates, trying to make a structure that would actualy stand. And now, built like this, it is almost anbreakable :)
I've made this video to show you :) The parts that are falling off are from roof, not the round tower structure. And at the end, look at that fall - still in one piece

(note: all my videos on youtube are unlisted and only for Eurobricks:)

#15 Gabe


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Posted 13 September 2012 - 12:58 PM

Wow Angeli, beautiful build and really interesting premise for a 5th guild - i like the way the celestials are seen as gamechangers in Historia, and your speculation on how the current guilds might act to respond to thier arrival. I also really like the way you namechecked some other mocs and worked them into your mythology, and also the ideas you give for building the celestials.

Also, did i mention your build? Small (for you), but mighty!  :thumbup: The spirilling pillars and 2x2 round tower really do have a light, airy feel to them. Best of luck in the comp - i'd quite like to see a celestial guild myself. :classic:
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#16 Mike S

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Posted 17 September 2012 - 01:40 PM

Awesome tower! I might have to borrow that design some day.:thumbup:

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