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The Forest II: Day Two

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#151 Sandy


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Posted 28 August 2012 - 09:24 PM

Yeah, it's odd that Carly hasn't said a word after the bandwagon started to BOING! No "I'm innocent, believe me!!!!11", no "Whatever, vote how you like", no "You'll see..."... nothing.

But like I said, we first need to see if we are right about Carly, then its easy to deduce that Ralphy is on her side as well. If both of them turn out to be cultists, its likely we've narrowed them down to about a half of their original number.

Or maybe we win by default by being so awesome and adorable and cute! Wouldn't that be great?! :grin: Then we can hold a "tax-free month", couldn't we, dear Lazlo? :wub:

I love to shop tax-free, and this bunny needs some new furs... :wink: I think fox would suit my pale complexion the best (no offense, Virus).

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Posted 28 August 2012 - 10:41 PM

Humn looks like I got some explaining to do.

First of all I don't need a reason to make a list. I made a list of why I found it suspicious Casey was defending someone she didn't know at all. I still think that is suspicious. One does not just defend a person they don't know they can trust.

Secondly I do not see why I shouldn't base my vote on a gut feeling. We ended up lynching Petey who turned out to be a townie. I went with my gut and ended up not voting for someone who turned out to be town. I voted for someone who I thought was scum based of her behavior.

Today I voted for Casey first because I still thought she was the best candidate for a vote. I don't have any other information about any of the townies so I had to base my vote on my gut feeling...

When I read the case that was build against our Korsakoff Cow I decided to switch my vote to her. I can't lynch someone on my own, you need to have some followers to do so. No one seems to think Casey is a bad guy so I can't get her lynched.

If I really am such a good candidate for a lynch. Investigate me. I'm just a plain old townie.

#153 CorneliusMurdock


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Posted 28 August 2012 - 10:54 PM


You didn't answer my question, Ralphy.  Not going to try?

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#154 badboytje88


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Posted 28 August 2012 - 11:01 PM

Oh sorry...

Must have missed it. I expected there would be a vigilante kill, a scum kill and a serial killer or something to surprise the hell of everyone. God sometimes works in mysterious ways. It was just my expectation of the night that didn't turn out to be right.

#155 Hinckley


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Posted 28 August 2012 - 11:26 PM

finaly vote tally

Carly Cow (Tamamono): 19 votes (Rufus, Professor Flitwick, JimButcher, CorneliusMurdock, Shadows, CallMePie, Sandy, Dragonator, Scubacarrot, Rick, WhiteFang, badboytje88, Cecilie, Quarryman, Pandora, iamded, TinyPiesRUs, Dannylonglegs, Eskallon)
Casey Cat (Scouty): 1 vote (Tamamono)
Ralphy Rabbit (badboytje88): 5 votes (Scouty, Zepher, Waterbrick Down, 2 penalties)

The day has come to a close. With 19 votes, Carly Cow (Tamamono) will be lynched.

Posted Image

It's not very late in the afternoon and the people of Winter Haven have already decided on a lynch candidate. While nobody is paying attention, Carly Cow cheeses it all and makes a break for the open road.

Posted Image

However, Firuz Fox is ready for her. "Why are you running off, Carly?" Firuz asks.

"Oh gee, Firuz, I don't know," Carly lays the sarcasm on thick. "Maybe it has something to do with the entire village thinking I'm a cultist and voting me to be executed! Now get outta my way before I spray you with my sour milk."

"I'm afraid I can't let you go," Firuz tells her.

"Why?" Carly asks. "They're going to kill me anyway! So what if I leave instead?"

"If you mean us any harm, you can still cause it from afar," Firuz answers. "I've seen the power of the spirit world. If you're a cultist, proximity won't stop you from the sacrificing of innocents."

Posted Image

"Gotta Go!" Carly says and then quickly turns on her heel to escape the other way down the open road.

"Wait, Carly!" Firuz Fox cries out after her, "Don't run!"

Posted Image

"Screw you, groundhog!" Carly cries as she runs off, not facing the direction she's running. "You can't catch this cheetah!"

"Carly!" Firuz calls after her, "Watch out for the..."

Posted Image


But it's too late. Carly Cow (Tamamono) lies dead in the road with a severely broken neck. If only she had heeded Firuz's warning and watched out for that...

Posted Image

...band wagon.

Posted Image

"Killed by a band wagon? Now, that's a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad pun!"

EEE Eee EEEEE! Oh ooooh ha oooh ha oooh-a! Day Two has now concluded. If you have a Night Action please get it to me ASAP. You have 24 hours from the time of this post. Late Night Actions will not be counted. Thank you.

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