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Heroica RPG - Quest #46: Product Testing

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#226 Capt.JohnPaul


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Posted 11 September 2012 - 01:17 PM

Used a real dice? There's the problem. :tongue:

Have you been acounting for my chance of not getting harmed by negative effect? (Special Guard)

If so, I heal myself. Back row.

EDIT: Ok, I went over my options, if you didn't account for Special Guard, then do so to see if I was slowed. If I wasn't slowed, I'll attack the shroom, back row.
"I could fail at healing, and I certainly would die. If I use a potion, I'm still dead. We have to hope for Guardian Angel."

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#227 Endgame


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Posted 11 September 2012 - 09:09 PM

QM Note: I rolled for it, sorry. Since you are slowed and can't do anything this round...

Round Fourteen of the Phoenix n' Fungus Fisticuffs

>Alex is slowed

>Giga Sporeshroom VS Alex: 20/2=10=3 SP remaining
>Grand Phoenix VS Althior: 22/2=11-3=8/2= 4 damage

Alex is too slow to do anything, the Sporeshroom draining away the last of his vigor. Collapsing to the floor, the Sporeshroom grabs him and dangles him in front of his fiery friend. With one last cry of  "CENSOR YOU!" The Phoenix slams it's beak into Alex's face. Things go black for what seems like forever. The party comes to, laying in a battered heap in the Dini Manor. The heroes scramble up, groggy and confused. Howard adresses them - a twinge of dissapointment creases his face.

Posted Image

"...I think it is safe to say that this testing session is over, heroes. I can't let you back in there in good conscience.

Besides, you were kinda sorta lucky to be teleported out with your sanity intact..."

As the morning sun rises, Howard chaffuers them back to the hall. A heavy tension hangs over them the entire ride, as the heroes' ponder their unsuccesful venture. Dropping them off where he picked them up, Howard Dini flies off with one last comment:

Posted Image

"Better luck next time, I suppose..."

The Quest has failed.

The Party:

Posted ImageXander Unth'or (posades)
24 year-old male human Hunter
Level 16.5 *Immune to Blindness and Fragile* Marking Demon Type enemies
Power: 29 (16+11+2)
Defense: 5
Health: 29/29 (8+15+6)
Ether: 0/0
Gold: 42
Equipment: Precision Bow (WP:11; all 'Aim's become 'Hit's), Hunter's Quiver of Marksmanship (WP:2 to a bow or a crossbow, allows the hunter to favour two types at the same time; protects from blindness-effect), Heavy Armor (SP:5, protects from fragile-effect)
Inventory: Horse (WP: 1, grants speed within quests), Pongcanis Club (WP: 8), Enigmatic Hammer (WP: 3), Potion(2), Skeleton Decoy, Venom, Elven Bomb

Posted Image Althior Emorith (And Finnegan)
32 years old male human
Level: 20 Sage
Power: 35 (20 + 10 + Spellbound gloves)
Defense: 4 (Cloak)
Health: 30/30
Ether: 16/26
Gold: 20
Equipment: Twin Sai Blades (WP:10, Dual Strike), Spellbound Gloves (+5 power when casting Spells, doubled if target is weak to Element), Robe of the Elven Necromancer (SP 4),
Inventory: Dragoro (WP 8), Skeleton Decoy, Potion, Tonic, Shovel, Bedroll, Remedy, Horse, Diamond (Light), Topaz (Lightning), Amethyst (Darkness), Ruby (Fire), Sapphire (Wind), Garnet (Earth), Opal (Ice), Aquamarine (Water), Emerald (Wood)

Posted Image Alexandre le Chevalier (Played by Capt.JohnPaul)
Level 15.5 Paladin, 20 year old elf male
Power: 23
Defense: 13
Health: 35/35
Ether: 15/15
Gold: 30
Equipment: Sword of the Elven Blademaster (WP: 8; ignores SP), Cross Heater Shield (SP: 10) (Mail of the Renegade Commander (SP: 3; Damage of all Free Hits is halved; suitable for Knights and Barbarians)
Inventory: Potions (4), Bedroll, Smoke Bomb, Tonic x2, Smoke Bomb, Fire Bomb

QM Note: Sorry your adventure ended so abruptly. :blush: :sad: Please leave me any constructive criticism in the QM's lounge that you can.

Q46 is a wrap.
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