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REVIEW: 6247 - Bounty Boat

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18 replies to this topic  – Started by Boomchil , Jul 23 2012 04:31 AM

#1 Boomchil

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Posted 23 July 2012 - 04:31 AM

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Welcome to my very first review on Eurobricks! I've always been a huge Pirates lover and after two years collecting every sets ever released, a silly idea came to me : I don't want them already used and played with, I want to have them new in box. So I've been restarting my collection, searching only MISB sets (or at least with unopened bags), just to have the pleasure to open and build them for the very first time. And by the way, I thought that making a review for Eurobricks each time I open a new set would be a great idea. So here I am! I've picked randomly a little set among the ten or so I got, and it was the Bounty Boat, a pretty good pick since I had it as a child. Please note that my english may not be quite perfect so don't hesitate to correct me. Enjoy.

Product Details
Set No: 6247
Set Name: Bounty Boat (USA) - Admiral's Launch (UK) - Ruderboot (Germany) - Soldaten-schatsloep (Netherlands)
Theme: Pirates
Released: 1992-1995
Minifigures: 3
Pieces: 22 (counting gold coins on sprue as one part)*
RRP: $4,75
Purchase Price: $22,50

* Strangely, the box is saying "33 interlocking pieces", however, I don't understand how they come to that count. Even when considering torso and head as a same piece (since they come attached), I count 34 pieces...


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As usual with older sets, we get a nice picture of the set on a pre-rendered background. No action or special effect here like nowadays, but the story is crystal clear : the two soldiers have caught the poor Pirate while he was digging for a treasure and captured him, stealing (back?) the treasure. On the way back home, they made him raw the boat. Like we say in France, there are days where you'd better stay in bed!

Except for the trasure's content, we can see everything the set has to offer.

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On the side of the box, an alternate picture of the set. However I find that the minifigures positions are quite unnatural.

~Alternate models~

Alternate model 1
Posted Image

A treasure digging scene. This is probably what happened a few hours before the main model. But why in Davy Jones' name do they have inverted their epaulettes? :pir_laugh2:
Designing alternate model with so little parts (excluding special parts like the boat, chest, flag, etc which roles can't be changed, we're left with only 6 parts...) is a quite difficult exercise in my humble opinion, so I really think that this is a good alternate model. I especially like the "earth" on the shovel.

Alternate model 2
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Another scene, with the same 6 parts! Here the Lego designers have decided to make some sort of bridge to help put down the chest. Let's imagine that this happen a few hours after the main model. The story is now complete!

~Box opening~

Breaking the seal
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Yo-ho-ho! Every remaining misb Bounty Boat now have gone up in value!  :jollyroger:

Inside the box
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One bag (I LOVE those old bags with small holes, they feel so much better than actual ones!), a loose rowboat, a Lego Club flyer ("Are you a Lego maniac?" - Yes, but please don't tell the wife!), a little poster showing some Pirates sets, and of course the instructions.

Promotional poster
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A nice Pirates diorama. We can deduct that the set was produced in 1994, since this poster really promote Islanders (Skull Eye Schooner aside, there are all and only Islanders sets).

Lego Club flyer front
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Lego Club flyer reverse
Posted Image

I wish they still offered free sets for our birthday! Maybe I should try to send them the coupon... :pir_laugh2:

Posted Image

A simple sheet with a very few steps (come to think of it, nowadays it would come with three booklets of 10 steps...) very clear and easy to understand. Notice the usual early Pirates sets error about the three-cornered hat proportion which is way too big.

Also, did you see that the cover is the same picture of the box, but inverted? I'll let you find which one is the original shot (clue : :pir-sweet:)


Part list and minifigures
Posted Image

Only six plates and one antenna as common parts. Everything else is about minifigures accessories. And that is just great! I love the colours used, there is a LOT of weapons (three cutlasses, two pistols and one musket!), gold pieces, treasure-digging tools... So much in a little set! As you can see, at that time, minifigures came with the head already put on the torso.

As for minifigures, as a child I had to have this pirate the instant I saw it. If I recall correctly, this was one of the first head with colored hair (2 colors heads were also pretty rare, I can only think of the Pirate Lady face before that). The two other soldiers are ok, but I'd have prefered another soldier instead of the Officer that can be found in too many sets. However, 3 minifigures for $4,75 is a fantastic deal, and I don't think they could have add another one : it would have to swim!

There were no additionnal parts, unlike what is stated on Bricklink (I only got three cutlasses). Maybe because this is one of the latest batches?

~The build~

After step 3
Posted Image

Here we have built the seats, everything else is now accessories. Notice that a pistol, a cutlass and the gold are put in the chest. Like I said earlier, the build is quite simple (but removing the parts from the rowboat can be quite painful...). It take about 2 minutes, now let's see the result!

~The finished models~

Main model
Posted Image

Could it be better? I don't think so. Every space on the boat is used nicely and there is everything to expand the story for hours. A huge success.

Alternate model 1
Posted Image

The bridge is simple but effective. However there is nowhere to sit on the boat now, but hey! With the treasure they will now buy an Imperial Flagship!

Alternate model 2
Posted Image

This is supposed to be a hole but it's really not that good. But let's face it : making two alternate models out of so few usable bricks is nearly impossible, so it's still a nice try!

~Final thoughts~

Design: 10/10 - Think about the story Lego would tell : two soldiers that have caught a pirate digging a treasure and returning to the fortress. Could you get something better? I don't think.

Parts: 10/10 - Again, a lot of useful Pirates accessories, come on, you can never get too many of them!

Minifigs: 7/10 - I absolutely love the pirate, but did we really need another officer?

Build: -/10 - Six plates to make the seats cannot really be considered as a build, nothing to say here.

Playability: 10/10 - I can imagine hundreds of stories by only looking at the cover...

Price: 10/10 - $4,75 for three minifigs, a rowboat and over ten accessories/weapons. Do I have to comment? Today it's still rather cheap and can be found for about $30 new, or $15 used.

Conclusion: 10/10 - One of the best Pirates impulse set. It has everything to be played with for hours, it also displays very nicely.

And voilà, I hope you liked it :). If so, sooner or later I'll come with others reviews, at this time I've got Lagoon Lock-up, Broadside Brig, Harbor Sentry, Cross Bone Clipper, Pirates Ambush, Pirates Perilous Pitfall, Armada Sentry, Black Seas Barracuda in sealed boxes.

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#2 Hive

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Posted 23 July 2012 - 11:10 AM

Fantastic little set, especially for the price. Heck, even for the price you paid it's still on par with the pricing of licensed sets today.

Great review, I'll be looking forward to more. How did you manage to find all those sets in sealed boxes? Bricklink? Must have cost you a fortune all in all. Can't say I'm not a bit jealous.  :pir_laugh2:

#3 Brinstar


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Posted 23 July 2012 - 11:44 AM

Great review of a nice little set. I still have mine, I think I paid about £5 for it back in the day. A good way of building up your redcoats and the redcoat flag, rowing boat and assorted weapons make this a good set to buy in multiples.

#4 Skipper


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Posted 23 July 2012 - 11:54 AM

It's too bad they put another officer in this set, otherwise at just under 6 USD on Bricklink this would be perfect for armybuilding . . . still an awesome set though, it's so small but theres so much playability.  Thanks for the (excellent) review!  :pir-sweet:

#5 Jimbobulus


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Posted 23 July 2012 - 12:06 PM

I had this set as a Child. I loved it! Great review, brought back some memories. Especially the Islanders Diorama!  :pir-laugh:
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#6 Captain BeerBeard

Captain BeerBeard
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Posted 23 July 2012 - 12:54 PM

I just realized that I still have this set! Nice review.
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#7 Cervantes


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Posted 23 July 2012 - 05:54 PM

They sure looked awfully happy! Wearing those big ol' smiles while hauling around all manner of guns and swords with which to gleefully and happily murder and dismember each other with.  :pir-sweet:

#8 Dr Leg O Brick

Dr Leg O Brick

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Posted 23 July 2012 - 06:29 PM

Amazing review, I am eager to read your next one! Have you thought about joining the Reviewers academy? Your reviewing skills are excelent.
Good luck on finding more MISB sets, and one more question, witch are you going to do next? A smaller set or a bigger set?

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#9 Boomchil

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Posted 23 July 2012 - 10:09 PM

Thank you all for your commments.

I buy my MISB sets on EBay, since it's usually cheaper than Bricklink (for used sets, Bricklink is much better though), but when a Bricklink seller has several sets and is willing to make a offer, I go for it.

I think the next one will be Lagoon Lock-Up, one of my all-time favorite :)

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#10 Lord Of Pies

Lord Of Pies
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Posted 27 July 2012 - 12:38 PM

Great review - you are going to do me out of a job at this rate, as I am supposed to be the official pirate set reviewer haha!

I really like this little set, it is a nice addition to anyone's collection even if it doesn't have any unique figures or pieces. 3 figures is good for such a small set another Shako is always nice.
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#11 The Blue Brick

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Posted 27 July 2012 - 10:14 PM

Excellent review. When I was younger I would treat these like battle packs to build up my fleet.

They were cheap, came with a small boat, and a couple of mini figures. I loved them, especially this one.  :pir-wub:

#12 Hey Joe

Hey Joe

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Posted 01 September 2012 - 02:31 PM

Speaking as a relative newcomer to the hobby I'd just like to add that it's great you could share this older set with us. Here's looking forward to your next review, cheers!
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#13 Ferrik


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Posted 02 September 2012 - 12:09 AM

Excellent review, Boomchil. This set is quite small but the minifigures are nice and having an extra boat can't hurt.
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#14 just2good

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Posted 02 September 2012 - 12:14 AM

Nice review, 'Boomchil'! :pir-sweet:
This is a fun little set, and reminds me a lot of the recent $5 sets LEGO has been putting out.

#15 Big Cam

Big Cam
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Posted 06 September 2012 - 01:16 AM

I don't know how I didn't see this as I loved your 3 reviews you did for the RA, but this is yet another review we were missing from our index, so thank you very much for helping to fill out our index.

And of course, a smashing review!

#16 bgalakazam


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Posted 30 December 2013 - 08:30 PM

Nice review :). This set brings back memories. When I was a child in Eastern Europe LEGO was very expensive after the wall came down in 1989. This is one of the few sets my parents bought me at the time. $5 was a fortune. I still have most of the parts for it and will restock on the ones I am missing. So much memories :)

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#17 Captain Fortune

Captain Fortune

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Posted 31 December 2013 - 12:52 AM

Thank you very much for the review, specially for the photos of the papers, wich unfortunately I could never see here in Europe.

#18 MatthewLM


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Posted 06 April 2014 - 02:14 PM

Great review. And good point about buying misbs.

#19 Lauriator89


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Posted 11 September 2014 - 05:59 PM

Fantastic and nostalgic review!! great impulsive set to add more fun and increase your army!

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