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MOC: The Cliff Relic

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#1 Peppermint_M


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Posted 05 July 2012 - 10:44 PM

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High in the mountains of Penbyd there is a temple in a crevasse. The cliff pass to reach it is dangerous and barely navigable. Rainstorms and high winds blow sediment down the only thoroughfare and the wild and changeable weather can turn a dry path to a raging torrent of mud and stone in minutes. Still out brave heroes took the risk.

Finally reaching their goal, there is no time to rest if they are to collect all the relics before Duke Craven. In the ruined temple stands the statue of Seth the Spearaxe, his mighty and unusual weapon lies clamped in its hand. This relic is rumoured to control the lightning and winds to bring terror to enemies and calm the skies over friends.

So, this was an experiment in terrain and photoshop. How does it look?

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#2 Darkdragon


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Posted 05 July 2012 - 10:47 PM

I like it. Maybe the background could be cut off and replace with black where it would shift angles at the grounds?

#3 Alasdair Ryan

Alasdair Ryan

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Posted 05 July 2012 - 11:00 PM

Very realistic scene.:sweet:
Were is the path,is that the trans-clear brick's that are going up the side at the back?
I have to be honest and say that the Photoshop idea does not really appeal to me,as I would rather look at the nice Lego scene/moc than a photo-shopped background.:blush:
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Updated 02/08/12
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#4 LEGOman273


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Posted 05 July 2012 - 11:53 PM

The landscape is quite good. :thumbup: The only advice that I have is to use fewer studs, and more cheese-slopes.

#5 DraikNova


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Posted 06 July 2012 - 10:05 PM

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#6 soccerkid6


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Posted 07 July 2012 - 12:42 AM

Your terrain experiment is a great success in my book  :thumbup:
The photo shopping looks pretty good, but there are a few spots, (most noticeably the left front corner)where you cut out some of your build.
The waterfall is a great touch, and overall the scene works nicely  :classic:
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#7 Ferrik


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Posted 07 July 2012 - 01:20 AM

Looks great. :wink:
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#8 Cara


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Posted 17 July 2012 - 03:05 AM

The photoshopping is successful  :thumbup: but I think the photography has too much flash/reflection on it that distracts from the details of the terrain and the shinyness is at odds with dull old paper background.
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#9 DraikNova


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Posted 17 July 2012 - 09:24 AM

If you replaced that burnt iron color with a more misty-foggy grey it would look better.
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#10 Behind the Camera

Behind the Camera

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Posted 19 July 2012 - 12:17 AM

Really cool scene! I really like how you capture the texture of the terrain and make it interesting. The background, though, should blend into the environment more rather than just being a background, so to speak.
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#11 Josdu


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Posted 02 August 2012 - 06:48 PM

View PostFerrik, on 07 July 2012 - 01:20 AM, said:

Looks great. :wink:
Yeah its a nice biuld :wink: !

#12 jmathew


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Posted 03 August 2012 - 10:34 AM

The above suggestions are really good and helpful....

#13 TenorPenny


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Posted 03 August 2012 - 12:01 PM

The use of trans-clear for your stream/waterfall was an unusual one, but works really well.

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