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The Wasteland

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Posted 24 June 2012 - 05:08 PM

After the reformation of Spherus Magna all  of the Makuta where killed however, the Dark Hunters still exist. There is an island surronded by treacherous seas that seems to be void of life.This island is known as the Wasteland and it is unknown to almost all the beings of Spherus Magna. There are however small groups of matoran and toa living in the Wasteland. They live in Oasises( I'm positive I spelled that wrong)Their lives are hard and they are under constant threat of Dark Hunter attacks and raids. The Toa here can use their elemental abilities far more powerfully than anywhere else. The Dark Hunters of the Wasteland are lead by an ancient Rahkshi who is simply called King. It is unknown how any life got to the island. In the past the Toa could protect the Matoran,but now the Dark Hunters have been growing stronger and have begun to even recruit toa into their ranks. Trade and communication between villages has stopped and each village must fend for themselves. Either the Toa die or the Drak Hunters do, either way blood will be spilled.
In case anyone cares every MOC from tortoise magna has been taken apart and my new mocs are much better.

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