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"That can't be a wyrm" - Chapter 1

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Posted 13 May 2012 - 01:13 AM

Chapter 1

“That’s ridiculous, Fen. I’ve heard that story since I was child, just like you. We’ve always known the Elemental Crystals are just a myth, and the Druid Shrine and all that. I’m not a fool. Where’d you hear that rubbish anyway, from these tin-heads bringing in your safe holdings?” Tash’baan scoffed at the hired soldiers guarding the return of some of the inn’s valuables in a sealed chest.

“No - I’m not making this up, Tash. I’m telling you, the governor’s Regent was here, he’s just leaving now. There, look down the road. He had an official proclamation from the High King and Master Flagg himself. Apparently, Master Flagg’s sister actually met the legendary Historian and confirmed the myth’s origins. The Regent read it aloud to everyone in the inn – we all heard it.”

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Tash’baan turned and started to walk away before Fenrik called out to him, “So, are you gonna go for it? You’ve got nothing to lose.” Tash’baan looked back at his dear friend, “You’re really serious about this?” Fenrik through up his arms and said, “Come on, when have I ever lied to you before? I mean, when it was important.” Tash’baan squinted at the sand blowing by his face and looked around him, surveying the dusty little village he’d called home for the last five years – Kek’baan Al-Thir. His ancestors had settled here three hundred years ago when they discovered the natural spring below the rock’s surface. Precious water in this desert wasteland. The wide rock shelf kept them safe from sand wyrms, and it was equally distant from Qarkyr and the capital Petraea, which allowed them to cash in on local trade routes. Not a bad spit of sand, Tash’baan had often thought to himself. He had left the village as a child, not being content to grow into his ancestral shadow here; frankly, he’d never been able to sit still – always wandering, exploring, searching. He never really knew for what. Now he found himself thinking, if the water crystal really does exist somewhere, by the Gods, I could find it if anyone could. Could this be why I’ve never felt settled anywhere? Always feeling like there was something incredible to be found?

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“All right, Fen, I’m in – if you’re with me.” Fenrik laughed heartily and tossed his goblet against the inn’s wall where it shattered in a splash of ale and glass. “You’ve got yourself a partner, my friend,” Fenrik replied. “I’ll start making arrangements for provisions through my connections with other merchants. You get a crew together – you were always better getting people to do what you want. Besides, you’re a legend in this rat-infested hole of a town, Tash. Men would follow you anywhere to be associated with one of your adventures.” Tash’baan smiled, he knew it was true. The Baan family name could get a lot in the Parched Lands. Tash’baan the Nomad, off on another adventure, he mused. This might be one for the legendary books. He smiled to himself as he paid the stable boy who had been preparing his camel for a long, hot journey to Petraea to find mercenaries.

“You there, boy – I need you to prepare and send a message to my friend Bjorek Magnus. He lives in Ondylion, Southern Mitgardia. Contact Elon Chorian if you need help – he’ll know where to find him. Tell Bjorek I require his “services” on an adventure of untold mystery and danger with a potential “royal” connection to the High King. He won’t be able to refuse. And ask him to bring that blasted lizard of his – he hardly goes anywhere without it, and he could come in handy. You return to me with an answer I’m satisfied with in five weeks’ time and I’ll pay you 100 gold pieces. Get back in three weeks and I’ll make it a tenth of a share in my Black Oil stock with the Petraea General Trading Company.”
“Right away, sir. I won’t fail you, sir,” the boy replied as he hurried away. “There’s a good lad,” Tash’baan mumbled to himself.

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Posted 13 May 2012 - 02:54 AM

I'm jealous of all your animals...
Nice village scene  :thumbup:  I think some more plates or foliage would help to break up the blockiness a little.
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Posted 14 May 2012 - 05:23 PM

That's a nice little village. Will have to stop by next time I go up to Petraea. I too am jealous of all those animals. Nice photoediting too.
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Posted 14 May 2012 - 07:59 PM

Your village has such a nice energy to it with everyone in it and all the animals scattered about.

I also like the house on the right, I can imagine a whole town built like that out in the desert.

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Posted 14 May 2012 - 08:02 PM

Those pics brings me back to the classic-castle feel! Great work! And you sure do have a lot of great animals!  :classic:

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Posted 20 May 2012 - 12:58 PM

First, my apologies Brickmaestro that i've taken so long to get around to commenting on your entry. Your village looks great, very lively.  :thumbup: Lovely landscaping too, the dark orange and sand green accents look a treat - i'm getting very envious of ppl who have a good amount of dark orange!  :laugh: It's a shame that you didn't manage to progress this story any further - it's a great start. Free builds maybe?  :sweet:
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