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Heroica RPG - Quest #29: Journey to Dastan

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Posted 17 August 2012 - 01:33 AM

Sarick slithered from underneath the bedroll and watched Roland leave.  "There are no feelingsss of hurt Galen.  We...I am not upset."

Sarick attached his pouch of gold to his belt, re-strapped the sword to his back and looked at the group.  "I am also ready to head back."

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Posted 17 August 2012 - 01:57 AM

IC: De'kra looked down at the small object he was given, and his movements change. Frantic motions overtook him, as he analyzed it from top to bottom, feeling its every curve and hole. As he assessed the item, his eyes drew darker and deeper, until they were a blood red.

Finally he turned back, stumbled into the room and chirped, "Ever-thank you sky-flyer! Great-long I have deep-missing one of these, and to sudden-receive it here? This is best great-reward on whole mad-quest! I can not ever-thank you enough! May Mata-N...Great Beings smile upon you!" The echo studdered slightly at the last sentence, but his eyes remained an excited red.

Finally turning to his teammsates he clicked, "Let we go, there whole worlds to save."

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De'kra stats

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Posted 17 August 2012 - 02:08 AM

Xander smiled to himself; the female Rito sure had a distinct air about her.  He turned to Flavius, giving a salute to the mighty warrior that was not unlike himself.

He then addressed Nikolai. "Thank you friend, it is quite the kind gesture to honor the original payment that was agreed upon.  May Dastan prosper for ages to come."

Xander added the gold to his pouch, walking away from the palace that had given him so many memories.

Per aspera ad astra.

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Posted 17 August 2012 - 03:41 AM

Cronk thanks Nikolai for the gold.  Cronk will make sure to use it in Cronk 's fight against evil.  

Cronk does have question.  What happened to Cronk's friend Felton?  Cronk would be sad to leave knowing Felton imprisoned.

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Posted 17 August 2012 - 03:53 AM

The Party:

Posted Image Nerwen Calmcacil (Chromeknight)
Level 12 Cleric *Immune to Wind*
Power: 18
Defense: 2
Health: 21/21
Ether: 11/17
Gold: 293
Equipment: Peace (Hammer, WP: 6), Winged Helmet (SP: 2, immune to Wind)
Inventory: Wooden Staff (WP: 3), Potion, Tonic, Remedy, Elixir, Grand Tonic, Venom, Bone, Bedroll, Shovel, Crown, Emerald (Wood)

Posted Image Galen Woodward (Fugazi)
Level 12 Rogue
Power: 17
Defense: 1
Health: 1/22
Gold: 542
Equipment: Sword of Bashing (WP: 5; Ice), Chimera Headdress (Headwear, Suitable for Ranger and Rouges, +1 SP, +4 Health)
Inventory: Throwing Dagger (WP:4), Bedroll, Venom, Bomb XX

Posted Image De'kra (Tanma)
Level 17.5 Rogue
Power: 22
Defense: 1
Health: 23/23
Gold: 715
Equipment: Kapura (WP: 5; Fire), Cloak of the Blue Assassin (SP: 1)
Inventory: Chiara (WP: 5, Lightning), Shadeaux Dagger (WP: 5), Fauxthril Hand Cannon (WP: 5, unsuitable), Cloak of the Elven Spy, Scroll of Frailty, Remedy, Bedroll, Pickaxe, Shovel, Magnifying Glass

Posted Image Sarick Lanse (Xarrzan)
Level 12.5 Mage
Power: 19
Defense: 0
Health: 16/16
Ether: 10/16
Gold: 359
Equipment: Dragon's Wrath (Staff, WP: 6)
Inventory: Healing Staff (WP: 5, healing effect), Dragon's Heart (WP: 15; Fire, Wind; Suitable to Knights and Rogues), Opal (Ice), Sapphire (Wind), Topaz (Lightning), Tonic, Bone, Mythril Shard, Bomb XX

Posted Image Cronk (Cornelius Murdock)
Level 22.33 Paladin
Power: 34
Defense: 9
Health: 23/44 (+2)
Ether: 15/25 (+2)
Gold: 320
Equipment: Zoot's Bane (WP: 12, Light, Paralyzing Venom applied) Ennoc's Blessing (Shield, SP: 7), Elaborate Helmet (SP: 2), Cloak of Chimera (Backwear, Suitable for Mage and Clerics, +2 Health, +2 Ether)
Inventory: Healing Staff (WP: 5; healing effect), Bloody Pointy Stick (WP: 1), Lance (WP: 12), Heavy Armor (SP:6, Power -6), Potion, Holy Bomb, Blacksmith Writ, Bone, Cultist Documents, Lightning Bomb, Tonic, Bedroll

Posted Image Xander Unth'or (posades)
Level 16 Barbarian
Power: 24 (26 if fighting from Front Row)
Defense: 0 (1 if fighting from Back Row)
Health: 23/23
Gold: 561
Equipment: Pongcanis Club (WP: 8; *Poisoned*), Robe of the Pongcanis Champion (WP: 1 Front Row)(SP: 1 Back Row), Horse (WP: 1 Front Row)
Inventory: Double-Sided Battle Ax (WP: 6; Aim), Enigmatic Hammer (WP: 3), Precision Bow (WP: 6; all 'Aim's become 'Hit's; unsuitable), Sword of Ancestral Hatred (WP:5, +1 WP for every kill, unsuitable), Potions (2), Grand Potion, Skeleton Decoy, Venom, Elven Bomb

Posted Image
"I am not quite sure, although I believe Septrine has attended to that matter. You'll have to ask your fellow heroes when you return to Uland."

"And now it is time for us to part ways. Thank you all once again, and yes, you too, my Rito friends. You have all been a great help to our kingdom, and if Dastan ever needs help again, we will know who to turn to. Farewell!"

Niko walks off, and the Rito wave goodbye as they take to the skies once more. The heroes found carriages waiting for them, which took them to the coast, and finally sailed off into the horizon. They looked back at Dastan shrinking in the distance, wondering if they would ever return. But for now, other adventures awaited them back at Heroica.

The quest was a success!

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