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Herb garden at Arod Mearas

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#1 Doornroosje


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Posted 06 April 2012 - 08:33 PM

Herb and flower garden at Arod Mearas, dedicated to the goddes Epona.
I went a little crazy with the new friends flowers, butterflies and ladybugs, and it turned out a lot more flowery than herbal ;-). Just had a lot of fun.
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Herbalist Melinda Cailleach and her young apprentice are collecting some herbs from the herb garden for medicinal purposes.
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It is the middle of summer and the garden is a waterfall of flowers. The fountain brings some freshness in the summer heat.
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There is a small statue of Epona in the wall surrounding a part of the garden.
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The garden is on one side surrounded by a covered walk, that also provides an entrance to the herb garden.
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Close up of the tower
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More photo's at my MOC pages

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#2 soccerkid6


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Posted 06 April 2012 - 08:41 PM

Beautiful garden  :thumbup:  Really looks like a well tended garden, I especially like the roofs of your buildings.
The stairs to the tower are a nice touch as well.
Great work!
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#3 mephistopheles


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Posted 06 April 2012 - 08:44 PM

Great MOC! I especially love the picture from above.  :thumbup:
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#4 de Gothia

de Gothia

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Posted 06 April 2012 - 08:47 PM

Beautiful, just beautiful! A very peacefull and calm moc! Love it! The covered walk is my favourite, made for walks and overlooking the garden! The garden it self is very nice and I love that you went bananas with the plants! Looks very natural!

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#5 kabel


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Posted 06 April 2012 - 09:40 PM

Oh wow, this is really sweet!! I really love the garden and the archway. Also great job on that brown roof. A truely beautiful Moc!!
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#6 Big Cam

Big Cam

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Posted 06 April 2012 - 09:47 PM

A great build, I kind of think it reminds me of a scene from the Harry Potter LEGO video game.
The roofing technique of the multiple layers looks great.

#7 Captain BeerBeard

Captain BeerBeard

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Posted 07 April 2012 - 11:38 AM

This is so beautiful. When I look at this moc, I just want to be there. Doornroosje, you have become one of my favorite builder's. I love your style. The stairs you made are pretty cool! I love everything about this moc! :thumbup: The whole scene is very inspiring. :thumbup:

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#8 Trent


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Posted 07 April 2012 - 11:47 AM

Brilliant work.  I love the stonework on the walls, and the covered walk is excellent.   :thumbup:

#9 ZCerberus


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Posted 07 April 2012 - 03:07 PM

I love the details on the little plants.  

A fine addition to our lands.  

Seems like the pictures are a little harsh in the lighting department- tried taking the photos without the flash?3

Edit: I now see some of them are with the flash on, and others with it off.  I know it can be super hard to keep the camera focus on close up without the flash, but the flash free ones just look so much nicer in color!

Edited by zcerberus, 07 April 2012 - 10:37 PM.

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#10 Ecclesiastes


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Posted 07 April 2012 - 06:39 PM

Great moc! :classic: Some nice work on the walls, the fountain and the garden, but I especially like the all the woodwork. :thumbup:

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#11 The Joker1

The Joker1

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Posted 07 April 2012 - 06:40 PM

Great work it looks really beutiful. :wub:
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#12 bartjuh


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Posted 08 April 2012 - 10:22 AM

Gorgeous! I like it  :wink:
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#13 Doornroosje


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Posted 08 April 2012 - 04:41 PM

Thanks for all your nice comments ! Glad you all like it, really makes my day :classic:

@ZCerberus: I know I am horrible at photography...I appreciate your suggestions in that department a lot! Taking photos is the most dreaded part of sharing my MOCs with you all. However I try to make the best of it and fortunately the natural lighting gets better, so I don't have to rely on the flash that much. I made a series of photo's with both flash and without flash an picked out the best shots. For some reason when I don't use the flash a great part of the photo's isn't sharp enough  :hmpf_bad:

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#14 Gabe


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Posted 08 April 2012 - 04:46 PM

So beautiful and peaceful - truly a sight for sore eyes!  :wub: The garden layout is very pleasing, especially in the overhead shot. I love the architechtural details like the covered walkway, shrine set into the wall and the roof on the tower. :thumbup: I'm quite intruiged by the eaves over the windows on the tower too - the technique is very clever, although i think it would look better if you increased the width of the slanting roof, to cover the front corner of the tower.
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#15 I Scream Clone

I Scream Clone

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Posted 09 April 2012 - 10:47 AM

A really nice garden and surrounds teaming with wildlife. Great job on a really nice idea. :thumbup:

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#16 NiceMarmot


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Posted 10 April 2012 - 04:54 PM

Very nice MOC! Great landscaping, and nice concept.  And I really like the roof technique. Have to add that to my ever-expanding list of roofing ideas.
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