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MOD: Snow Plow

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#1 cpw


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Posted 01 April 2012 - 02:52 AM

Posted Image V-LC-9A

This is my take on what 4434 would really look like in the Winter (mild as hit has been).  Any self-respectable highway department ends up fitting out their trucks with a plow and salt spreader.  I built the plow in LDD using yellow; because that is the color of the New York DOT trucks.  After seeing the dump truck, I decided that matching the bright orange would lok nicer so decided to use that instead.  The salt (1x1 round tiles) was conveniently available from the PAB wall in the Rockefeller center store; so I could get it without breaking the bank.  One nifty feature I like is that the bottom of the spreader is a 2x2 turn table so it can be spun for some extra playability.

A view from the front.  It would have been nice if I could have gotten a 1x2x2/3 brick in orange (a double "cheese wedge" as it were) and a 1x8 tile, as are available in yellow; so it doesn't get broken up so much and would be straighter.  I also thought about making it articulate side to side instead of just up and down, but didn't want to overcomplicate it.  As it is now it stays together fairly well and I think introducing another connection point between the truck and plow could reduce that.
Posted Image

A view from the side.  You can also see that the antenna are just a bit short to act as the sticks that show the edge of the plow.
Posted Image

Thanks for looking.

#2 LEGO Train 12 Volts

LEGO Train 12 Volts

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Posted 01 April 2012 - 06:00 AM

Beautiful add-on!  :wub:
Posted Image   Posted Image

#3 monoton


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Posted 01 April 2012 - 08:31 AM

I love the salt spreader on your model as much as i hate it in real life! Haha looks great!!
4434 is a fantastic set, Maby i Should post My Tilt cab mod :)

#4 lightningtiger


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Posted 01 April 2012 - 10:53 AM

Great modifications to this dumper, I built one one with a shorter tipper and a large tool storage unit behind the cab. :wink:
Salt dispenser is a good design as well 'cpw'.....planning any more vehicles to the orange fleet ? :wink:
Brick On Truck On Plow On ! :grin:

#5 The Joker1

The Joker1

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Posted 01 April 2012 - 05:33 PM

Nice mod I may try this. I too have recently modded a LEGO set into a snow plow (only mine was the smart car :tongue: )
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#6 cpw


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Posted 02 April 2012 - 03:36 PM

Thanks for the kind words.  I don't have immediate plans for more vehicles in the orange fleet.  I'm trying to do a MOC of a Metro-North switcher (BL06 Pictures).  I've got it mocked up in LDD, made the cable to connect the 9V battery to the IR receiver; and have the top half of it built mostly built.  It actually runs and I think captures the spirit of the real thing; but I need some more bricklink/PAB to get the pieces I want to finish up the bottom part of it.  After building the top part for real, there are some changes I want to make on the prototype; which I want to design in LDD before doing another PAB order.

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