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Guilds of Historica Information Thread and MOC Index - updated 1-13

Now with Challenge 5 Entries!

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Posted 17 February 2012 - 06:28 AM

Welcome to Eurobricks' Guilds of Historica!

The Guilds of Historica is a world where you can create characters and historical/fantasy MOCs, compete to win prizes, build your lands, role-play, and more!

How to Start / Join
Here's how to get started. It's really easy!
  • Pick a name for yourself, and decide which guild you want to join.
  • Create a Sigfig (a minifig representation of your character), take a picture of your sigfig.
  • Post your name and sigfig picture introducing yourself in your chosen guild's stickied topic. Optionally, but preferably, also include a short background story for your character.
  • Start MOCing and participating!
Origins of Historica

The bard’s song tells a tale of a world long forgotten,

Race against race, clan against clan, shields clashed with swords; long ago when Men of the Lion fought Men of the Falcon, and human armies succumbed to Orcs and undead. Each group clashed with its neighbor for power, unleashing upon the world a great scourge, and the arcane land was thrown into chaos. When it all seemed but lost, a council of wise men and sages was summoned. From all the lands they came to convene in the old world’s great city; the fortress of Cedrica.

To settle the grievance and end a millennium of bloodshed, the sages declined all the treaties of old and joined all the clans into one mighty Kingdom: Historica. They founded the Four Great Regions- each one a realm in itself; - Mitgardia in the North, Nocturnus in the East, Kaliphlin in the South, and Avalonia in the West, so that trade routes would spring up and clans would meet in the markets and not in the theatre of war. The wise men chose a family of great honor, to uphold the truce and to keep the four guilds from dispute, and descendants of that mighty kin to this day rule the Central lands of Historica. So goes the legend. For ten decades the races of old have migrated and spread through the world, following the trade routes, establishing cultures and prospering towns.

Today, it is a world of wonder and natural beauty; a realm where a man and a woman may find peace. But peace is short lived…

Treacherous assassins have tried to murder the King! The capital is in shock and there will be repercussions; the Four Regions assemble their forces as the balance of power shifts, and blame is passed around. For the first time in a century, the guilds of Historica build up old defenses and prepare for the inevitable confrontation; everything hangs in the balance, and Historica is on the verge of chaos once more…

Guildsmen; this is the world you inhabit, this is the place where you will make your fortune, build a mighty empire and battle for the glory and honor of the banner…

Current Scores
Avalonia: 1844
Kaliphlin: 1744
Mitgardia: 1689
Nocturnus: 1631

How Do I Pick a Guild?
Read the first post of each guild's stickied thread; that will give you an overview of the guild's history and lands (although it might be a bit dated). Then read the last several pages of discussion in the guild threads to get a feel for the members and what's going on. Then pick whichever one seems like the best fit for you.  

All guilds are fairly open to all character 'factions' and races/species. Classically 'evil' characters do tend to go with Nocturnus, although werewolves, orcs, trolls, and such are not uncommon in the other guilds.  Some people pick a guild based on what type of bricks they have or what style of building they'd like to do, although there is plenty of opportunity for building in various styles in every guild.

Or, you could go with whomever the current underdog is in scoring, and try to help them out.

  • The sticked Introductions/Questions Thread is to be used for general discussions, questions on which guild to join, how to 'play', generic questions or inquires etc
  • Each guild has its own stickied topic for discussion about that guild. The subject should be that guild, but anyone can post in any guild's topic.
  • The stickied Challenges topic (currently named "Challenge III- Treasure Hunt"; its name changes over time) is used for official announcements about Historica challenges.
  • The stickied "Historica MOC Index" is a massive index of all Guilds of Historica (GoH) MOCs, maintained by rogueang. Don't worry if it takes a while for your MOC to appear there; he's taken on a huge task.
Challenge Scoring Explained
Guild members will earn points towards their team total with the ultimate guild reigning supreme over the kingdom (and maybe a prize or two along the way).  MOCs for Historica Challenges as well as free-builds for your guild earn points.

We are currently on Challenge #3 - Treasure Hunt for the Elemental Crystals

Builds are scored in 3 categories

1. Guild style
- How well does the build work with the overall styles and theme of the Guild?  Are you incorporating your Guild colors?  Does this look like it would fit well within some region of your guild?  If your build is actually set in the lands of another guild, explain where it is and why you're building it.

2. Technique
- Is your build very original?  How does your build stand apart? Have you utilized some new techniques that you haven't seen before?  Did you have a very intriguing storyline or did you show entertaining interactions between the characters in your MOC?  Creativity and originality will help boost your score here.

3. Presentation
- Does your presentation pop?  Are your pictures crisp and clear?  Did you provide different views of you build?  Did you provide a good description of the build to accompany your pictures?  Photo quality is a key aspect.

Other Notes
All guild members are encouraged to take part in the build challenges and discussions in the threads. For all builds (challenges or free builds) you may post WIP shots in your guild thread to gain assistance (highly recommended), but all completed MOCs should be posted in their own topic with the Guild name in the description and the guild standard in the MOC as well to classify as a Guild build.

There is much more history and in-character explanation of the world of Historica in the Guilds of Historica wiki.

Thanks to NiceMarmot for providing the above intro.
Check out MOCs below if you'd like to get a taste of each Guild's building styles.


Here are all the Historica Creations thus far. They are organized alphabetically by Guild and by Member. Please let me know if I missed anything, or a link is incorrect. Updated 6/25

First off, a few useful Guild topics:

Historica - City Guide by daMaximus
Map Making Guide by NiceMarmot
Mitgardian Prime Minister Election
Storytime with Kaliphlin
Eastern Archery Tournament in Mypa Stedor
Valholl Micro-Scale Project
Mitgardian Bard mini-challenge
Rocher Ruling! mini-challenge
Commerce Challenge

The Walls of Valholl

Warrior Beauty

Petraea University

Design a 5th Guild Challenge

Valyrio Challenge

Now on to the MOCs!



Round 1 Challenge: Build A Watchtower

Avalonian Tower by Kongumster
Avalonian Forestmen Watchtower by Mattman
Watchtower Of Old by Volcanicpanik
Basilita Watchtower Of Avalonia by Andonii
Avalonia Border Watchtower by Silver.Smith
Avalonian Orc Watchtower by LordOfDragonss
Watchtower On Avalonian Great Wall by timura
A.T.C Watchtower by Captain Blackmoor
Xyver's Estate Watchtower by Xyver
Watchtower Of Avalonia by De Sandman
Brickdocton Outpost by Brickdoctor
Avalonian Tower by TheBoyWonder
Desert Plains Tower Of Avalonia by Niku
Coastal Watchtower by Kerntechniker
Dragon's Tongue Watchtower by Jason Cicchini
Tower Kydenon by K.Kreations
Avalonian Golden Watchtower by Legonardo Davidy
North East Avalonian Tower by Andonii
Tower Watch by C.J.Cutrone9
Avalonian Watchtower by lightningtiger
Watchtower Of Arod Mearas by Doornroosje
Eras Duhl by rogueang
Avalonia Guild Watchtower by Capt.JohnPaul
Hemresa Watchtower Gatehouse by narbilu
The Mason's Tower by JacksonRemus
Tower Of Circardia by MikeyB
Watchtower Of Benoic by de Gothia
Avalonian Watchtower Of The West by maydayartist
River Run Watchtower Of Mesodraconem by ZCerberus
The Watchtower by Admiral Ron
Border Wall Watchtower by Captain Beerbeard
Tower Of Arcadonia by Matn
Watchtower Of Moria by Rolli

Round 2 Challenge: Build An Embassy

Kalaph Amra by Niku
Avalonian Embassy In Nocturnus by Xyver
Great Oak Of The Swamps by Rogueang
K'ourghen by K.Kreations
Green Dragon Fortress by Doornroosje
Halcwm Emassy In Mitgardia by De Sandman
Greine Heulfryn by de Gothia
Rossen Manor by ZCerberus
Bura Fortem Aqua by Kerntechniker
Dar' Kalil by Jason Cicchini
Embassy Of Moria by Rolli
Gwerddon Gennad by MikeyB
Veizlasalr Skogrhaukr by Captain Blackmoor
Konolar Thoux by Legonardo Davidy
Lindinis Varro by Derfel Cadarn

Round 3 Challenge: Treasure Hunt

Chapter 3: Altar of the Earth Crystal by Captain Beerbeard
Quinn's Quest for the Earth Element by deGothia
Crystal Quest Chapter 6: The Earth Crystal by Jason Cicchini
Quest for Arcemus' Tomb by MikeyB
Prelude to Darkness by Niku
Allora's Quest for the Earth Gem by Rogueang
Challenge 3: The Heart of the Earth by Rolli
Challenge 3: Hall of the Damned by VolcanicPanik
Tomb of the Druid by Zach Mills
Challenge 3: The Keeper's Tomb by ZCerberus

Round 4 Challenge: Elemental Mayhem

Elemental Chaos in Benoic by de Gothia
Fight on the Sea by Hellboy
Chaos in Chamber's Pass by Jason Cicchini
Rod Farm under Attack by Legonardo Davidy
Chaos in Borland by MikeyB
Beacons of Burrium by Penkid 11
Destruction of Kilfana's Roost by Rogueang
A Dangerous Mutation by Rolli
Elemental Destruction by Styrbjorn
Elemental Mayhem! by ZCereberus

Round 5 Challenge: The Mystic Fountain

Oswallt Uscias by DeGothia
Camp at Buriaed Knard by Legonardo
Llwyn Hynafol by MikeyB
The Sacred Grove by Rogueang
Camp at the Temple of Enoured by Styrbjorn
Asca Duin Imlad by ZCereberus

Avalonia Mocs

Albion - The Capital City of Avalonia by ZCereberus

Avalonia Map v3.0 by Jason Cicchini

Derfel Cadarn

Trade Route Watchtower
Lindinis Varro
Leodasham Manor: Acquiring Champions
Grim Hollow
Throne of Avalonia
Sanctuary of the Damned
Leodasham Manor: Acquiring Champions
Twilight of the Gods
The Dark Isle Saga - Chapter 1: Grim Hollow

Admiral Ron

Avalonian Watchtower


Basilita – Northeast Avalonia Watchtower
Barracks of the 9th Legion of Avalonia
The Rampant Lion Inn
Joust of Basilita
Dungeon of Basilita
Farm of Basilita
Hall of Halves
Chequered Flag Inn
Ballista of Basilita


A Hurried End

Blue Banana

Avalonian Farm


Brickdocton Outpost
Trebuchet Emplacement
Albion Bowyer


Champion of Avalonia
Ruins of Im Fur
Road to War
A Hero has Fallen
Fortane Fortress
The Meeting at an Unknown Place


Let the Enemies Die

Captain Beerbeard

Border Wall Watch Tower
Zakon Goldblade Rides to see the Elf King
Avalonia Prince of the Forest
Antyrian Goldmine
Avalonia Assassin Guild - Origins
Blood Chamber of Immortality
Antyrian Ghetto Shack
Mushroom Picking
Antyrian Wedding
Antyrian Watch
Wizard House
Chapter 3: Altar of the Earth Crystal
Drow Attck on Hopsendootle Brewery
Drow Dragon Riders Attack Avalonia
AAG Safehouse
Camoflauged Outpost
GoldBlade Manor
Down by the River
Mary the Mushroom Mage's Lemon Farm
Run Mitgardian
The Old Goat Herder
The Oil Road

Captain Blackmoor

Avalonia Trading Company Watchtower
Veizlasair Skogrhaukr
Avalonia Trading Company Dungeon
Avalonia Dairy Farm
Avalonia Trading Company Sawmill

Capt. JohnPaul

Avalonia Guild Watchtower
Avalonia Landscape

Captain Settle
Tolswick Farm
Tolswick House
Selthorn Cottage
The Last Stand
Tolswick Barracks
Tolswick Guard House

C.J. Cutrone9

Tower Watch
Ehado Expands!
Sneak Attack!

de Gothia

Watchtower of Benoic
Greine Heulfryn
Albion Bakery
Albion Blacksmith
Albion Pottery and Weaver
Avalonian Dungeon
Deep in the Benoic Forests Hide the Brave Forestmen
Avalonian Farm
Sealgair the Hunter
Fisherman’s Happiness
Benoic Quarry
Avalonian Ballista
Avalonian Siege Workshop
Benoic Inn
Quinn Meets her Uncle
THe Feasting Hall of Benoic
Quinn's Quest for the Earth Element
Albion Houses - Three Houses for our Mighty Capitol
Benoic Soldiers Marching to Nocturnus
Guarding the Border of Nocturnus
de Gothia Meets Artorious Rex
de Gothia Going North
de Gothia Meets Elon Chorian
Elemental Chaos in Benoic
Elon and Sons Come to Benoic
The Gates of Gothia Castle
The Council of Benoic
The Eachans
Leaving Benoic
Returning Home!
de Gothia in Valyrio
The Perfidy in Valyrio
In the Dungeons and Landing in Mitgardia
Cleansing the Wood of Benoic

de Sandman

Halcwm Embassy
Halcwm Embassy in Mitgardia
Halcwm Machine of Death
Farm of Halcwm
Avalonian House


Watchtowe of Arod Mearas
The Green Dragon Fortress
Armory and Sword Tournament of Arod Mearas
Queen Illadriel’s Palace deep in the Enchanted Woods
Farm of Adoc Mearas
Avalonian Siege Weapon
Herb Garden at Arod Mearas
Market Day in the Village of Arod Mearas


Elven War Lion


Sir Gideon Presenting Himself!


Customs on the Waterways of Avalonia
Drow Counter-Attack to Avalonia
Fight on the Sea
5th Guild - Down Under


The Mason’s Tower

Jason Cicchini

Dragon’s Tongue Watchtower
Meeting with the Log Baron
Greetings on the Road
Merchant's House
Crystal Quest Chapter 2: At the Blind Monk
Crystal Quest Chapters 3 & 4: Busted! & The Mage Talonmer
Crystal Quest Chapter 5: The Council of Leaders
Crystal Quest Chapter 6: The Earth Crystal
Ctystal Quest Chapter 7: Elisa's Story
Chaos in Chamber's Pass
5th Guild - Tolimar


Tower Kydenon
Library of Albion
Hall of the Wyvern: an Avalonian Treasury
Aldwin Kdenon
Gatehouse of Kydenon
First Blood
West Forest Gate


Coast Watchtower
Bura Fortem Aqua
Wall Tower B

Legonardo Davidy

Avalonian Golden Watchtower
Konolar Thoux
Gruven's Gatehouse
Albion Tavern
The Mines of Gruven
Watching the Forest
Orc Hunting
Nocturnian Border
Drow Watchtower
Avalonian Trade Cog
Gates of Barqa
The Beacon of Glevum
Nature in Distress
Watching Over Lindinis
Rod Farm under Attack
Hobbit Hole
Elemental Aftermath
Roerblad Manor
The Fletcher
5th Guild - The Land Beyond: Morgali
Running fbeerbout of Thugs
Dragon Inn
Woodland Tower
Hand of Corruption
Petraea University - Kaliphlin History
The Halls of Augmar
Wall Tower - Albion
Assassination at Sea
Canals of Ilyria
Watching the Border
A Home in Petrea
Mushroom Gathering
Avoiding Corruption
O'l Poggard's Carrot Farm

Lightning Tiger

Avalonia Watchtower


Avalonian Orc Watch Tower


Avalonian Watchtower for the West Region


Tower of Arcadonia
Encounter With the Elven Princess
Merlin's Magical Shop


Avalonian Forestman Watchtower
Revenge on Nocturnus


Werewolf Encounter!
The Execution of Murdock
Woodward Forest Outlaw Hideout
Woodwardian Siege Engine
Avalonian Embassy in Mitgardia
Albion City Guard Barracks
The Black Widow Inn
Woodward Stables
Fishing in Woodward
Woodward Avalonia
Hunter's House in Woodward
Watching Over Woodward
River Crossing in Woodward


Tower of Circardia
Gwerddon Gennad
Hemrick the Armorer
Here Piggy Piggy
Casglu Ardd
The Brothers Dorlin and Broslin
Row House
Duram the Beekeeper
Fishing Camp
Captain’s Hall
Roltic the Huntsman
Circardia Light Ballista
The Wondrous Antics of Barnum and his Convivial Troupe
Quest for Arcemus' Tomb
Battle of Red Ford
Rallo's Tonics and Elixirs
Hamlet of Circadia Gatehouse
Docks of Cartoth
Chaos in Borland
Let the Carrion Feast on His Bones!
Celyna the Seamstress
Posted Notice
Lazy Days
Shepherd Along the Capitol Road
Ministry of Trade


Hemresa Gatehouse


Desert Plains Tower
Kalaph Amra
Desire Pool
Albion - Explorer's Stable
Prelude to Darkness
Into Darkness
Explorer's House of Goods and Trade
Arfelan Woods
Mornie Alantie
The March to Mpya Stedor, the March to Destiny

Penkid 11

Beacons of Burrium
Cristil Bloom
Strolling Through the Woods
Petreae East Gate Astronomer's Tower
The Red Inn


The Stronghold - Eras Duhl
Great Oak of the Swamps
Grodvek’s Farmstead
Elven Ballista
Brulum Harbor
Dallaenus Arrives
Dallaenus Plants the Oak of Moruth
Allora's Quest for the Earth Gem
Hecate Hall - Mage's Guild
Destruction of Kilfana's Roost
Kilfana's Roost
5th Guild - Togensue - Guild of the East
Avalonian Elf Army en route to Besiege Ondyllion
Druid Camp - The Sisters of Spring
An Unauthorized Look into the Life of Cecil B. Prosperous
Oak Maidens
Happy Holidays!


Watchtower of Moria
The Alchemist
Moria’s Mitgardian Embassy
Challenge 3: The Heart of the Earth
A Dangerous Mutation

Siercon and Coral

Faerie Flower Festival
Geode Caverns
Faerie Flowers
BlakeBaery Inn
Pegasus Springs
The Honey Bee Tree
SoF: Spinel Fox
Faerie Forest
Hell Tiger
Flame Atronach


Avalonia Border Watchtower
Albion Blacksmith 2


March to Southeast
Lego after Battle
Soldiers are Coming Home
Elemental Destruction
5th Guild - Campus
Avalonia Village


Avalonia Watchtower


Watchtower on Avalonian Great Wall
Dungeon in Avalonia
Elven Villa on a Beach in Enchanted Forest Island
Infiltration on Albion


Watchtower of Old
Temple of Mars - Ultor
Albion Pantheon
Challenge 3: Hall of the Damned


Xyver’s Estate Watchtower
Avalonian Embassy in Nocturnus
Fuchal Shop/House
Fuchal Farm
Avalonia Stables
Fuchal Town Hall

Zach Mills

The Search for the Crystal
Tomb of the Druid
First Contact - Let's Hunt Some Drow
Damned Elves


River Run Watchtower of Mesodraconem
Rossen Manor
Great Gatehouse of Albion
Avalonian Farm of Mesodraconem
Avalonian Ballista and Mantlet
Avalonian Trebuchet
Chapter 1: The Forgotten House
Challenge 3: The Keeper's Tomb
Kaliphlin Tower
Mitgardia Tower
Nocturnus Tower
Greffen Bridge
Elemental Mayhem!
SoF: Heartlake Tower
Vulcan Hall
Chapter 4: Altar of Hardool
House of Burress


Kaliphlin Guild

Round 1 Challenge: Build A Watchtower

Burj Sina - Where you can see far by Christoph
Desert Watch Tower by Kustig
Jah-Kuh-Eh Watchtower by J4ke
Kaliphlin Watchtower by CptMugwash
Qarkyr North Pass Watch Tower by Waterbrick Down
Rakath Mountains Border Tower by CptMugwash
Ra'ad Twur by Basiliscus
Kaliphlin Great Escarpment Watch Tower by Axel
Mt Agnathka Lookout by NiceMarmot
Kaliphlin White Watchtower by Fonzy
Zigar-an-Gifuzi by NiceMarmot (second entry)
Guarding the Great Escarpment by SkaForHire
The Heliotropic Crystal Glass Manufactory by robuko
Crossroad Tower of Petraea by Erynlasgalen
MOC: T'wur ZaGorth by NiceMarmot
Kek'baan al-thir Watchtower by Brickmaestro
Arad Dukkar - The Tower of the Dawn by gabe
Watchtower of Legomandias by robuko
Rakath Watchtower by J4ke
Kaliphlin Guild Sentry Tower by mikey
Kaliphin Coast Watch by K-nut
Kaliphlin Tower by mikey

Round 2 Challenge: Build An Embassy

Kaliph Moria by Kayne
Embassador Nohr Mahn's Embassy In Mitgardia by DaMaximus
Claw Breaker Area Embassy In Nocturnus by DaMaximus
Duc lestrange's Valentine Ball by Robuko
Kaliphlin Lodge In Konugard Mitgardia by CptMugwash
Knife-Point Embassy by Scubacarrot
Dogun A Kaleti The Easternmost Star by Gabe
At The Top Of The World by SkaForHire
Palace Of One Hundred Scorpions by NiceMarmot
Kaliphlin Embassy In Nocturnus by Axel Rose
Kaliphlin Embassy In Avalonia by Fonzy
Embassy Kalilia by Erynlasgalen

Round 3 Challenge: Treasure Hunt

Quest for the Water Crystal by Axel
Above the Falls - Bahru Musca searches for the water crystal in the jungle by Basilicus
That Can't Be a Wyrm - Chapter 1 by BrickMaestro
Quest for the Blue Flower by Christoph
Adventure Time! The Search for the Water Crystal by Erynlasgalen
Quest for the Water Crystal - The Island with No Name by Gabe
The Lich Rises by Kayne
The Lost Druid Temple by Mikel Kalores
Quest for the Water Cyrstal by NiceMarmot
The Piscithopter Hydrophobia by Robuko

Round 4 Challenge: Elemental Mayhem

Elemental Surprise in Ghuba-ya Biashara by Da Maximus
Destruction in Pertaea by Erynlasgalen
Emerging Mayhem at Bedhuri by gedren_y
The Dragon of Nadur by Kai NRG
Attack on Starbowl by Kayne
The Fury of the Wave Elemental by Mikel Kalores
Hell in Historica by Robuko

Round 5 Challenge: The Mystic Sanctum

Hoshi No Mizuumi - The Lake of Stars by Erynlasgalen
Camp at the Temple of the Red Ruby by Kai NRG
Camp at the Black Pyramid by Mikel Kalores
Camp at the Temple of the Mad Monks - Necropolis of Amset Ra by Robuko

Kaliphlin Mocs


Happy Holidays, from Historica!
Yoikbreg Tailor Shop
The Quisquiliarum - Vacation Barge


Kaliphlin Great Escarpment Watchtower
Kaliphlin Embassy in Avalonia
Quest for the Water Crystal


Ra’ad Twur
Inspired by Those Who Have Gone Before
Above the Falls - Bahru Musca searches for the water crystal in the jungle


Kek’baan al thir Watchtower in Kaliplin
The Wyrm-Riders
That Can't Be a Wyrm - Chapter 1


Fountain of Wisdom
Burj Sina – Where you can see far
The Myth of Erezhi
Sick in the Desert?
Quest for the Blue Flower


Kaliphlin Watchtower
Kaliphlin Lodge in Konugard, Mitgardia
Kaliphlin Bazaar
Small Oasis
Rakath Mountains Border Tower
Samrd’dha City on the Isle of Gorr


Kaliphlin Ambassador Nohr Mahn’s Embassy in Mitgardia
Kaliphlin’s Claw Breaker Area Embassy
Mpya Stedor Palace
Mpya Stedor
Mpya Stedor Wall
Ruins of Everlast, Home of I.A.M.S.
Mitgardian Beer Transport in Mpya Stedor
Elemental Surprise in Ghuba-ya Biashara
The Alleeridders Riding Out
Mpya Stedor Tower
5th Guild - Drakrydar, Home of the Dragons
Mpya Stedor Gate
Maybe Some Important Kings...
NY'eve at The Mu Sigma Studenthouse
The Quest of the Alleenriders, Chapter II, Lloth
Evacuation in Mpya Stedor
Changing Clothes
The Battle of Mpya Stedor
The Mpya Stedor Golden Window Company


Petraea University - Hot Springs


Crossroad Tower of Petraea
Embassy Kalilia
Adventure Time! The Search for the Water Crystal
Destruction in Pertaea
5th Guild - Wyndgardiam


Kaliphlin White Watchtower
Kaliphlin Embassy in Avalonia
Ma’al Ta’ar Household
Kaliphlin Temple


Arad Dukkar – The Tower of Dawn
Dogun a Kaleti – the Easternmost Star
Kaliphlin Fishing Boat
The Tale of Erudhalion and the Water Horse
The Grand Entrance
Berigora Harbour - The Old Quarter
Quest for the Water Crystal - The Island with No Name
West Berigora Barracks and Military Academy
The Causeway Falls into Darkness
5th Guild - Temukan
The Wedding Gift
The Basilisk's Gaze


Welcome to the Nestlands - Cobalt Vale East Entrance
Revelry at the Dromedary Drinking Hall
Emerging Mayhem at Bedhuri
Causeway Garrison
Gurree Spring
[url="http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=79546[url="http://www.eurobrick...62712/"]Nesquik Outpost[/url]/"]Battle at the Ruins of Mehd[/url]

Jah Kuh Eh Watchtower
Battering Ram
Siege Workshop
Rakath Watchtower
Weapons Enchantment


Desert Garrison


Kaliphlin Coast Watch


The Market of Queen's Cross
The Dragon of Nadur
The Black Carrier
The Raft! Ageven Goes Sailing
5th Guild - Soflos, The Fruitful Isle
Botanical Gardens WIP
Castle of Kaliphlin
Camping in the Avalonia Countryside
A Journey of Exploration
The Library of Petraea University
Petraea Printing Press
Life in Valyrio
Language Class!
Petraea University - Hall of Ancient History
Sailing in Style
Through the Desert
Into the Swamp!
The Hut in the Forest
Guildhall Feast!
Arkbri River Bridge
The Robber's Lair
A Winter Hunt
Escape from Cedrica
Inn on the Arkbri
Rescuing Merith Part 2


Kaliph Moria
Sailing the Dune Seas
The Ruins of Magi Linnus
The Lich Rises
The Moon Lord Kha
Attack on Starbowl
Citadel of the Moon-Withered Woods
Vengeance on the Hand


Desert Watchtower

Masked Builder

Historica Outpost

Mikel Kalores/Masa of Kaliphlin

A Coffee House of Barqua
The Lost Druid Temple
Kaliphlin Times
Kaliphlin Times
The Mask Trader
The Fury of the Wave Elemental
5th Guild - Skislandor
Camp at the Black Pyramid
Testing the Prototype
Gate Abductor
Knights of Aslan Joining the Phantom Legion
Petreae University: Professor leStrange's Lighthouse Keeping Class
The Convent of St. Rafya in Illyria
GoH Collectible Minfig Series 2
Puss "No" Boots sets off to Visit Zakon Goldblade
Bishop Jamon Begins Recruiting for the Knights of Aslan
The Ruins of Kalores Castle
Rescuing Merith: Part 1


Kaliphlin Guild Watchtower
Kaliplin Fire
Kaliphlin Guild Sentry Tower


Desert Caravan


Mount Agnathka Lookout
Palace of a Hundred Scorpions
Marja-Rhytaville Market
T’wur ZaGorth
The Myth of Tiafra & Garnafauxo
Quest for the Water Cyrstal
5th Guild - Kelasituan Guild
GoH dvent Calendar
Departure of the Southern Lions from Messahmuk

Odin’s Son Fred

The Great Stone Stairs
The Blackthorn
The Gazebo of Darlig Ulv-Stranden


Caravan from Sans Serif
Shrine of Aquz


Bellemort Battle
Meet at the Cottage
Beginning the Journey
Drow Dragon Summoning


Heliotropic Crystal Glass Manufactory of Kaliphlin
New Year’s Eve Feast for the World’s End Caraan Company
Preparing for the Abyssan Kaliphlin Embassy Party
Duc leStrange’s Valentine Ball
Doctor Dee’s House in Abyssan
a Discovery in Doktor Frankenstein’s Laboratory
Watchtower of Legomandias
The Holy Order of the Mad Monks
The Piscithopter Hydrophobia
Pub Tales
Daniel Marches
Exeunt Omnes, Pursued by Wyrm
The Auction
Hell in Historica
5th Guild - The Rimlands
Ancient Wisdom


The caves of Airom


Knife-Point Embassy
Inspection of the Gates


Guarding the Great Escarpment
At the Top of the World
Delivering Fuel to Market
Oasis Town of Al’Derak
Call to Arms - Battle of Khordeem
Meeting of the Great Generals in the Desert
5th Guild - Pennamore
Defending the Oil Road
Call to Arms: Battle of Khordeem
To Serve One's Duty
The Slaughter at Sultan's Rock


Nea Chora

Waterbrick Down

Qarkyr North Pass Watch Tower


Abdas' Desert Tavern



Round 1 Challenge: Build A Watchtower

"Welcome to Mitgardia" by Busboy489
Surprise watchtower by _dargor_
Watchtower at the pass by rucorder
Penguinius' Inspenction by The Penguin
Guarding the road to Valholl by Ecclesiastes
The Mightiest Tower in Mitgardia by On Stranger Tides
At the frozen river by Etzel
Mitgardian Border Watchtower by kabel
Dwarven Tower of Pikesteel Mountain by Fat Tony
Mitgardia outpost by Man with beard
Syalir Peak Watch Tower by Dan Church
Hot Springs Tower by Viceroy
Mitgardian watchtower by Legoman273
Early Warning by darkdragon
The Hanging Tower by macfarlandman
A tower of the Great Elk Clan in the Northern Mitgardia by Haltiamieli
Fangnorst, tower o'er on the sea by Tomcat RIO

Round 2 Challenge: Build An Embassy

Penguinius' Mitgardian Embassy Part by The Penguin
Mitgardian Embassy In Kaliphlin by rucorder
Syaqaar Embassy by Dan Church
Mitgardian Embassy In Kaliphlin by LEGOman273
Elymas by Ecclesiastes
Tree House Embassy by Soccerkid6
Mitgardian Trade Mission In Mpya Stedor by Kabel
Mitgardian Embassy In Kaliphlin by Calanon
Tower Embassy by Bartjuh
Traveller's Refuge by Alex The Great
The Lost Chapel by darkdragon
The Northmen's House In Petraea by Etzel
Mitgardian Embassy In Fuchal by Blockburn
Mitgardian Embassy In Gruven by Jakon

Round 3 Challenge: Treasure Hunt

The Ruin of Gorradil by Bartjuh
The Search for the Crystal by Blaze
Above the Clouds by Cara
Crystal Quest by Ecclesiastes
Druid Lord by Glenpinpat
Search for the Crystal - Fey-Ghoul's Hollow by Gondabuggan
Storm at the Mountain Top by Kabel
Finding the Air Crystal by Soccerkid6
Lord Tazalon by Tazzy007

Round 4 Challenge: Elemental Mayhem

The Awakening by Cara
Elemental Terror by Ecclesiastes
Attack on the Mountain Sept by Kabel
Elemental Attack on Hardcanny by Soccerkid6
Water Elemental Attack on a Mitgardian Outpost by Torgar

Round 5 Challenge: The Mystic Sanctum

The Mystic Fountain by Buurli_Burri
Tomb of Chorian by Ecclesiastes
Viking Treasure Boat by Garmadon
Black Rock Temple by Kabel
Mystic Ice Tower Refuge by Mrcp6d
Camp at the Great Church by Rast
The Ruins of Emraldon by Soccerkid6
The Halls of Azdal by Torgar

Mitgardia Mocs


Misty Mountain Top (Rise of the Mage: Chapter 3)
Drake’s Head Inn
The Elven Shrine (Rise of the Mage: Chapter 7)
Dwarven Treachery (Rise of the Mage: Chapter 8)
Assembling the Horde (Rise of the Mage: Chapter 9)
Battle for the Imperial City (Rise of the Mage: Chapter 10)
The Mage Rises (Rise of the Mage: Chapter 12)

The remaining chapters of Rise of the Mage (Lego Historic Themes Forum)

Tower of the Arcane (Rise of the Mage: Prologue)
Instilling Obedience (Rise of the Mage: Chapter 1)
Journey to the Underworld (Rise of the Mage: Chapter 2)
The Soul of a Demon (Rise of the Mage: Chapter 5)
Lord of the Dragon Riders (Rise of the Mage: Chapter 6)

Alex the Great

Traveller’s Refuge


FrozenFall - A Mitgardian Village


Tower Embassy
The Ruin of Gorradil


The Gloss'Edhel, the Ancient Race
The Search for the Crystal
Valholl Training Grounds
Slums of Shaolin
Pikesteel Village


Mitgardian Embassy in Fuchal, Avalonia




Can Man Fly?

Buurli Burri

What My Mulled Wine Smells Bad?
Ragnar's House
Attack of the Trolls
The Legend Begins...


Welcome to Mitgardia


Mitgardian Embassy in Kaliphlin


Above the Clouds
The Awakening


Falcon’s Forge
Albion Inn

Dan Church

Syalir Peak Watchtower
Syaqaar Embassy


Surprise Watchtower
Mitgardian Steamtank


Early Warning
The Lost Chapel
Demise of Than-Reya
On More Micro Valholl
Rocher Research - Mitgardia's Society of Science and Sorcery looks in Rochers


The Warrior and the Painter - Part I
The Warrior and the Painter - Part II


Guarding the Road to Valholl
The Tales of Ekron Chorian
Mitgardian Ice Fishermen
The Melting Festival
Ondylion Houses
Mitgardian Catapult Battery
Temple of Gyhnran
Ondylion Fleet
Beacon of Ondylion
Crystal Quest
Tower of Valholl
Gates of Ondylion
Answer at Dridair Tower
Gyrin's Domain
Mitgardian Commerce
Representing the Guilds
Elemental Terror
The Order of the White Wyvern
5th Guild - Eaurios, Pearl of the Ocean
Ondylion - Bethesda
Ondylion - The Northern Gate
Ondylion - Market Area
Ondylion - Diamond Block
The Ondylion Fashion Show
Ondylion - City Square
Ondylion - The Great Hall
Ondylion City
Walls of Valholl
Welcome Party
Setting the Eachans Free
An Unexpected Turn of Events...
The Guardian has Fallen


At the Frozen River
The Northmen’s House in Petraea
Prime Minister Inauguration


Mitgadia: Wyrm Clan's Mountain Stronghold
The Wyrm Fortress atop Mt Mitgard
The Healing Springs of Mt. Mitgard

Fat Tony

Dwarven Tower of Pikesteel Mountain
Dwarven Mechano-Bow
The Magelica
Dwarven Tower of Pikesteel Mountain


The Origin of the Buraindo


Mitgardian Guardhouse
Minstrels of Mitgardia
Petraea University - Anatomy Class
Petrae University - Chapel
Mitgardian Hanging Garden
Mitgardian Diamond Mine


Druid Lord


Search for the Crystal - Fey-Ghoul's HollowSlums of Valholl
The Hunt
The Barracks


Mitgadia Garden Challenge: Sir Gunman Lurikeen's Fountain


A Tower of the Great Elk Clan in Northern Mitgardia
Small Mitgardian Homestead
A Slightly Bigger Mitgardian Homestead


Hostile Forces Sighted at the Border

Jacob Nion
Visiting the Winery
5th Guild - Gadaelon - The Realm Below the Realms
Ambushed in the Mountains!
The Rangers of Mitgardia
Dwarven Garden


Mitgardian Embassy in Gruven
Konugard – a Mitgardian Town
Konugard WIP - Blacksmith
Dwarven Rocket Artillery
The Search for the Crystal: Part 1
Mitgardian Mountain Outpost


Mitgardian Border Watchtower
Mitgardian Trade Mission in Mpya Stedor
Stoneroda 1450
Lady Emma of Valholl
Mitgardian Democracy
Valholl Chapter II
Gentrification in Valholl
Storm at the Mountain Top
Beneath the Bridge
Arandela Negra
Attack on the Mountain Sept
Valholl Wall
The Omurtag Gate
Camp at the Black Temple (WIP)
Black Rock Temple
Vinery at St. Gustavo
Ambush in the Mountains
Monastey Garden on Mt. Mitgardia

Lego Legis Legere

5th Guild - The Amafriends Guild


Mitgardian Watchtower
Mitgardian Embassy in Kaliphlin

Man with Beard

Mitgardia Outpost


Hanging Tower


Ice Dragon Attack
Frog Legs in the Forest
Winter Hunter

On Stranger Tides

The Mightiest Tower in Mitgardia

The Penguin

Penguinius’ Inspection (Mitgardia Watchtower Inspection)
Penguinius’ Mitgardian Embassy Party


Mitgardian WatchTower
The Gallows
5th Guild - Belley
Mitgardian Fortified Port of Erikson
Returning to Valholl


Watchtower at the Pass
Mitgardian Embassy in Kaliphlin
Legend of Cordorix
Mitgardian Settlement


Treehouse Embassy
Another Valholl Entry
Castle in Mitgardia
Finding the Air Crystal
Mitgardian Border Watch
Valholl Slums
Mitgardian Watchguards
Mitgardian Catapult
Mitgardian Guarded Bridge
Dwarven Tower
Training Ground
Finding the Air Crystal
Mitgardian Barracks
Dangers on the Trail
Valholl Tower
Carpenter's Shop
E.R.T. Barracks
5th Guild - Silmeria
Dwarven Cottage
The Ruins of Emraldon
Valholl Side Tower
Petraea Dormitory
Mitgardian Lighthouse
Avalonian Wall/Fort
Forest in Mitgardia
Mitgardian Trading Post
Valholl Garden


Raids in Mitgardia
Mitgardia in a Nutshell


Lord Tazalon

Toma S

Boy and Girl from Mitgardia
Respite Beside Frozen Lake

[color="#00FF00"]Tomcat RIO[/color]

Fangnorst Tower o’er the Sea


Water Elemental Attack on a Mitgardian Outpost
The Jarl's Mug
5th Guild - Fahrettin

Umbro Stormborn

Frostbite Keep


Hot Springs Tower
Mitgardian Walrus Hunt
Trading with Kaliphlin



Round 1 Challenge: Build A Watchtower

Hells Gate watch tower by Tazmaniac
Nesquik outpost by lorax
Nocturnus Coastal Watchtower by Evil Stu
Dark WatchTower of Haudh-en-Dúath by Cij Daoke
Burning Snow Watchtower by lisqr
Watchtower of the Werewolves by Hersbrucker
Nocturnus border tower by metalslime
Moorlight Tower by Hexx
Twisted Tower of Ashaba by Angeli
Nocturnus Guild Rakath Mountains Watchtower by Dr Rod
Na'khra Uzk Bridge by Artanis I
Nocturnus Watchtower by Dr.Cogg

Round 2 Challenge: Build An Embassy

Werewolves Embassy by Hersbrucker
Dalmire House by Tazmaniac
Misty Shrine by lisqr
Nocturnus Embassy In Kaliphlin by Hyler Talliwell
Nim'Gyynorr by Tazmaniac
Nocturnus Guild Embassy In Avalonia by Evil Stu
Llurth Dreir by Angeli
Nocturnus Embassy In Mitgardia by Dr.Cogg
Ragnarok by Balthasar
Frost Viperae-Lord Malvadex Embassy In The North by Cij Daoke
Nocturnus Embassy In Hykerbia Mitgardia by Dr Rod
Nocturnus Desert Embassy by Artanis l
Rilauven Outpost In Mitgardia by Angeli

Round 3 Challenge: Treasure Hunt

Elesee-Luna by Angeli
Werewolves Relics Part II - the Hidden Land by Hersbrucker
Challenge III Roundup - Find the Fire Gems by Jareth
Demon's Pillar - Quest for the Fire Crystal by Lisqr
Quest for the Fire Crystal by Tazmaniac

Round 4 Challenge: Elemental Mayhem

Whirlwind Assault by Hyler Talliwell
Waterdeep by Angeli

Round 5 Challenge: The Mystic Sanctum

Nocturnus Refugees Seek Shelter in an Ancient Drow Chamber by Dr Rod

Nocturnus Mocs

I Scream Clone

Kelra Labyrinth


Enemies of the Past
Nocturnian Airforce
Breeding Dragons
Inspection of the Nursery


Twisted Tower of Ashaba
Rivaulen Outpost in Mitgardia
Llurth Dreir
Lith My’athar
Mirage Dragon - A Drow Hunt
Song of Fire and Ice
Leliana Lena

Artanis I

Na’khra Uzk Bridge
Nocturnus Desert “Embassy”
Orgmuk: Veteran Nocturnus Catapult
Moruth Swamp Thing


Wyvern's Cough
Hunt for Elon Chorian
Count Nero Seeking Council

Cij Daoke

Dark Watchtower of Haudh-en-Duath
Frost Viperae – Lord Malvadex Embassy in the North
Merodaquian Town Hall
Lord Khan's House - Merodaquin Judge

Dr. Cogg

Small Nocturnus Embassy in Mitgardia
Nocturnus Watch Tower
Mitgard Port

Dr Rod

Rakath Mountains Watchtower
Dr. Rod’s Nocturnus Embassy in Hykerbia, Mitgardia
Dr. Rod's Expanded Watchtower - Rakath Mountains

Evil Stu

Nocturnus Coastal Watchtower
Nocturnus Guild Embassy in Avalonia
Nocturnus Swamp Village
Grim Duty


Demurg Kwai
When Allies Meet
Wrong End of the Food Chain
The Mage's Tower
The Wolf's Den - A Nocturnus Inn
Hunting Party


La Catapulta de Muerte


Watchtower of the Werewolves
Werewolves Embassy in Kaliphlin Region
Dragon Warrior from the Werewolves
The Legend of the Nocturnus Werewolves
The Holy Relics from the Nocturnus Werewolves
Warship of the Werewolves
Minotauren Warship
Lord Darecold’s Carriage
Werewolves Relic Part II - The Hidden Land
Skeleton Ship XL
Battle at the Claw Breakers - Werewolves Under Attack
Village of Master Raccoon


Moorlight Tower
5th Guild - Oracle Tower of Arcanos

Hyler Talliwell

Tower of S’dak’l’vil’th
Nocturnus Trade Wagon
Whirlwind Assault


Mr. Cinder’s Mushroom Farm
Giant Mantis Hunt
Challenge III Roundup - Find the Fire Gems
Nature's Blessing Faire
Underdark Trade Delegation
Angelic Trio
Bullywugs on Patrol
Silo Cottage
[url="http://www.eurobrick...629/"]Nocturnus Calendar[/url]


[url="http://www.eurobrick...62726/"]Burning Snow Watchtower[/url]
[url="http://www.eurobrick...c=65217/"]Misty Shrine[/url]
[url="http://www.eurobrick...ic=62449/"]Fire Chariot[/url]
[url="http://www.eurobrick...63109/"]Inferno Siege Weapon[/url]
[url="http://www.eurobrick...65058/"]Fateful Encounter[/url]
[url="http://www.eurobrick...873/"]Untainted Mystic Isle[/url]
[url="http://www.eurobrick...7/"]Demon's Pillar - Quest for the Fire Crystal[/url]


[url="http://www.eurobrick...62712/"]Nesquik Outpost[/url]
[url="http://www.eurobrick...63051/"]Keepers of the Giant Bees[/url]

Lord Vladivus

[url="http://www.eurobrick...pic=79300/"]The Shrine of the Black Knight[/url]


[url="http://www.eurobrick...496/"]Nocturnus Border Tower[/url]


[url="http://www.eurobrick...65189/"]Dwarven Watchtower[/url]


[url="http://www.eurobrick...=62248/"]Hell’s Gate Watchtower[/url]
[url="http://www.eurobrick...64829/"]Dalmire House[/url]
[url="http://www.eurobrick...62786/"]Neutral Ground Tower[/url]
[url="http://www.eurobrick...350/"]Nocturnus Trade Roads[/url]
[url="http://www.eurobrick...c=66004/"]Cross Roads – Where all four Guilds Meet[/url]
[url="http://www.eurobrick...=65407/"]Wyvern Nest[/url]
[url="http://www.eurobrick...c=68145/"]Quest for the Fire Crystal[/url]
[url="http://www.eurobrick...pic=68799/"]The Great Rocher Heist[/url]
[url="http://www.eurobrick...69820/"]Guarded Inn[/url]


[url="http://www.eurobrick...pic=71019/"]The Ranged Guild's Hideout[/url]
[url="http://www.eurobrick...001/"]Nocturnus Minifigs[/url]
[url="http://www.eurobrick...pic=71928/"]The Ranged Guild's Hideout v2[/url]
[url="http://www.eurobrick...=72798/"]Goblin Wagon[/url]
[url="http://www.eurobrick...pic=74459/"]The Swamp Serpent[/url]
[url="http://www.eurobrick...5/"]Grong's Army[/url]


[url="http://www.eurobrick...c=66160/"]Watch Your Step[/url][/url][/url]

[url="http://www.eurobrick...pic=79171/"]The Rakath Saga[/url]

Lord Varis of the Rustling Leaves Clan within the Enchanted Forest of Avalonia

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