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The tales of Ekron Chorian

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#1 Ecclesiastes


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Posted 14 February 2012 - 10:54 PM

Tales of Ekron Chorian.

When the winters are the most cold, the children love to hear the stories of Mitgardian heroes and legends. This time Elon has a great story for the children. It’s about Ekron, his fathers grandfather.

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“Children, it is freezing outside. If you want to go outside you’ll have to wear 4 layers of clothing at least. But the winters a long time ago were much colder. Everything was covered with snow and ice. It was forbidden to go outside at night, because it was impossible to breathe. One time when Ekron was checking, some traps for rabbits. A snowstorm surprised him. The wind was so hard even the strongest trees had a hard time. And the snow was very deep. It took Ekron four hours to get back to Ondylion. Although he was just two miles away. But with Mitgardian strength he got back safe!”

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Ofcourse the children wanted to hear more stories so Elon went on telling.

“In our goldmines there used to be a monster who did not want to share the gold. Lots of people died because of it. One day Ekron desided it was enough. He faced the monster and tried to bring him back to the deepest part of the mines. But the monster didn't let hem. He just wanted to kill everything that came on it's path. So it had to be done the hard way. After a heavy fight Ekron managed to cut the monster’s head of. The monster was dead now and Ekron took a closer look. He noticed the monster had special eyelids. Probably because he lived in the dark. Ekron cut those of and forged them together with his pike. And till this day that weapon is still in the family. If I die, my son will get it!”

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Still staring at Elon’s weapon, the children insisted one more story.

“Back in the days of Ekron there was no Jarl who lead all Mitgardians. But danger most times didn’t come from Mitgardia. Danger came from overseas, the Clan of Rigera. They came with many men to plunder. Most of the time plundering went without a fight. Because people ran away. But Ekron desided this had to stop. Rigera was surprised when he arrived at Ondylion. There was a small army waiting for him. And before he had a clear notice of what was going on, he already was in battle. Altough outnumbered, Ekron and his man defeated Rigera. Filled with anger and surprise on their side they were victorious!
Till this day we can count on the Rigera Clan. Because altough Ekron won the battle, he spared Rigera's life. Rigera sworn an oath, to help Onydlion in battle and each year they still bring us goods as a kind of taxes. All this because Ekron spared him!”

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And now it’s bedtime children...

Better pictures: Flickr

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Posted 14 February 2012 - 11:52 PM

Lovely story and lovely vigs, I especially like the first one, the floor is genius.  Good job  :thumbup:

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Posted 15 February 2012 - 09:09 PM

Great stories! I like the way you build the floor in the first picture. I also like the snowy landscape.  :thumbup:
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