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Modular Recycling Lot

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#1 Vincent Kessels

Vincent Kessels

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Posted 04 February 2012 - 12:23 PM

Posted Image B-OM-12B

My new Recycling Lot in the Modular Building style. It is based on the containers of the 4206 Recycling Truck.

Posted Image
Modular Recycling Lot - 3 by Vincent Kessels, on Flickr

Not everybody recycles!

Posted Image
Not everybody recycles! by Vincent Kessels, on Flickr

#2 lightningtiger


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Posted 04 February 2012 - 12:32 PM

Nice job there 'Vincent', driveway through the footpath - interesting and yeah, it seems not everyone recycles eh ? :wink:
Great designing and use of those new bins 'Vincent'.....Brick On ! :classic:

#3 Trent


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Posted 04 February 2012 - 12:32 PM

I really like this - what a great idea!  I particularly like (well, you know what I mean!) the rubbish that's been dumped...how often have we all seen that?!  I like the lowered pavement too.

#4 RedGiant


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Posted 04 February 2012 - 01:29 PM

Lovely build, this looks great! :thumbup:
I think it would look even better with "dirtier" roofs(?) on the containers. :sweet:

#5 iElkie


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Posted 04 February 2012 - 03:22 PM

Hey this is a very clever idea! Well done! I also like the difference in height that you created on the sidewalk.

#6 HighFlyer


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Posted 04 February 2012 - 03:40 PM

Excellent build, I love the dumped items and the lowered pavement area - very good!  :thumbup:
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#7 L@go


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Posted 04 February 2012 - 03:46 PM

Very nice! The damaged wall and the garbage adds just that perfect amount of detail. I really like the idea of raising the pavement by one plate, I might nick that idea off you :)

Posted Image   Posted Image   Posted Image   Posted Image   Posted Image   Posted Image   Posted Image


#8 Vincent Kessels

Vincent Kessels

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Posted 04 February 2012 - 04:36 PM

Thanks for the all compliments.  :classic:

I raised the pavement with one plate so I could use tiles for a bicycle path on regular road plates.

Posted Image
My Street - Making a photo of the bookshop by Vincent Kessels, on Flickr

#9 The Player Nº1

The Player Nº1

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Posted 04 February 2012 - 09:19 PM

Good ideia Vincent Kessels, every city have to have a Recycling Lot! :thumbup:

#10 alois


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Posted 04 February 2012 - 09:32 PM

A simple, but effective idea! And very nicely executed. By the way, I'm glad we don't have these in the neighbourhood where I live, I'd have to walk a lot more. :laugh:
Posted Image   Posted Image   Posted Image Posted Image   Posted Image

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#11 Redhead1982


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Posted 04 February 2012 - 11:42 PM

That's an nice MOC. I mostly like how you created a slightly rased pavement, it's how they are in real life. Also, the recycling lot area is interesting with some graffitti and a 'dump' area behind the broken wall.

#12 ibecks


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Posted 05 February 2012 - 09:13 AM

This is a great little build.  I especially love the dumped washing machine - nice touch! :)

#13 Ecclesiastes


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Posted 05 February 2012 - 03:27 PM

Great idea! And i nice touch with the graffiti on the walls!

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#14 Locutis


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Posted 05 February 2012 - 03:30 PM

Nice design on your MOC.  I never would have considered a modular so small, but it works very well!   :thumbup:


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#15 Freddie


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Posted 05 February 2012 - 07:52 PM

It's a clever and neat idea - cities often have these blank spaces between buildings for some sort of community utility, why shouldn't LEGO-cities have them?

On that note; Would you mind if I borrowed your idea?

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