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MOC: Mildly Yellow, alternate of 5767

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#1 Raytracer


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Posted 31 January 2012 - 11:43 AM

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Hi all,

So, I didn't like the 'F1' alternate of the 5767 (5767, not 5765!!!) cool cruiser set - anyone who owns this set would be familiar with it, I'm not sure what the designers were aiming for.

Anyway, to fill you in, I've been building F1 cars for a while, though I took a few year break and in the meantime LEGO came out with long, curvy parts that made me tingle in strange places... And as it happens, this set had many, many such parts.

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5767-1 by Raytracer Photography, on Flickr
Here's the original culprit. I like the yellow, I like the parts, just not a fan of the actual set design... that's ok, that's what creativity is for!

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DSC_4313 by Raytracer Photography, on Flickr
Meet my F1, a slim-nosed version - though I realised after I took the pics that I forgot the wing mirrors, oops.

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DSC_4296 by Raytracer Photography, on Flickr
Side on, low and aggressive

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DSC_4294 by Raytracer Photography, on Flickr
Rear 3/4 view, safety light visible

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DSC_4293 by Raytracer Photography, on Flickr
Have to admit, this is as much about testing my photography as showing off the model - but this front view shows the front wing attachment.

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DSC_4312 by Raytracer Photography, on Flickr
Rear winglets, and a shot of the side pods

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DSC_4310 by Raytracer Photography, on Flickr
Just a casual bit of car porn

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DSC_4305 by Raytracer Photography, on Flickr
I didn't like the steering wheel that came with the set so I made a much smaller, more F1 style one out of 1x2 plate with clips and a technic t-piece.

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DSC_4300 by Raytracer Photography, on Flickr
Here's that mount point for the wing, a 1x1 plate with vertical clip... another one would have been good but the set only comes with 5...

What's it called? Mildly Yellow, of course!

*Any resemblance to Jordan F1 colour scheme entirely coincidental, honest.

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#2 JackJonespaw


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Posted 31 January 2012 - 01:08 PM

This is very nice! I try to stay away from alternates, but you pulled it off well!

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