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MOC: The Caravan from Sans Serif

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Posted 25 December 2011 - 11:47 AM

As the caravan approaches even more dust is kicked up when the stop.
The dust settles and the caravan is visible.

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At its head is a well adorned horse, his rider holds a diamond topped staff and a gold sword is at her side. Two warriors run abreast of the horse, their scarab shields flashing in the sunlight. Following behind two fierce lizardmen, their curved blades sharp and dangerous.  A mixture of horses, camels and ostriches follow, well dressed figures riding upon them. Unusually for most caravans this one has a pair of alligators and bringing up the rear a dark mage on a skeletal horse.

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The riders and runners draw near the gatehouse to the city and the leader calls out: “Hail! I am Vashti M. Balsamea, chief Magineer of Sans Serif! We have travelled many weeks to reach you. A great calamity befell our nation and we, the sole survivors heard, that Kaliphlin would welcome some such as ourselves.” She paused and gestured to the group. “I bring our magi, craftsmen and strong guards. All we ask is to ply our trade for the benefit of this fine land.”

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She ushered some forward, “These are my loyal soldiers, Habib and Ali, their stalwart cohorts, Srrhus and Hrisss, the Lizardmen.”

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Others came forward. “My personal guardsmen, Ulf, Makimba and Ki.”

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The mages stepped off their mounts. “Omar, Nadira and Amir, my finest magi-technicians, skilful in creating all manner of devices.”

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The two riding alligators came forward to be introduced. “Dwavin and Dwynar, brothers and the best carpenter and smith of the country.”  

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A regal woman who had been riding a camel appeared beside the leader, “I am Anita, her Magiship’s assistant.” She bowed deeply but scowled upon standing and noticing who was next...

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“Ah, this is Zafir, the cattle merchant.” Vashti said. Then she stepped aside as a menacing figure approached. This one had been riding the skeletal horse...

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“May I introduce Bēvar-Asp, the Nessmancer. Without his valuable assistance we would not be able to create our most famous invention. The Horseless horses.” She looked uneasy as the darkclad figure inclined his head and returned to his mount.

“We craft all manner of device and mechanical creature. Sadly an experiment resulted in a hoard of locusts that could eat anything. If not for iron magic, the whole world could have been lost...” she trailed off and looked imploringly “We offer our talents and skills in return for shelter and acceptance.”

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#2 Maxim I

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Posted 25 December 2011 - 09:24 PM

Welcome to Kaliphlin Sans Serif!

When Mpya Stedor is a bit further in it's construction progress, I would be more than honoured if you visit our city and markets!

Lord Damaximus of Stedor, loyal to the guild of KALIPHLIN!

Governor Maximilian Damaximus of Stedor, city of ESLANDOLA! President of the MAESTRO Trade Company.

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Posted 26 December 2011 - 03:29 PM

Welcome Vashti, welcome all!

Your trades will add greatly to the wealth of Kaliphlin, may you find peace and prosperity here.  Please do not unleash locusts on the land!

yours aye,

Rasputin Jones is restoring the King of Kaliphlin in Guilds of Historica

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