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Community Build: SW Episode VI - Return Of The Jedi

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#1 ACPin


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Posted 15 November 2011 - 05:28 AM

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With the tremendous success of CB SW Episode V - Empire Strikes back,
let's get started with Series 3: CB SW Episode VI - Return Of The Jedi.

No rules regarding scale (minifig, micro, UCS, midi), size (vignette, 32x32, 48x48, larger) or type (diorama, vehicles, creatures, minifigs, what not).
Not a contest, just a chance to build with everybody in the common theme SW Episode VI - Return Of The Jedi.
Create as many new MOCs as you want but please do your best to complete them before the end date.

Target end date is December 31, 2011.

Guidelines for posting;
1) Post your MOC on as a separate topic in the LSW forum with the subtitle CB SWVI - Return Of The Jedi
2) Reply to this thread with your MOC and link for the thread about it.
3) Photo is optional (max picture resolution for deeplinked pics is 800x600)
4) Your entry will be added beside your name in Sign-ups


1) ACPin - Jabba's Prize, Jabba's Droid Dungeon, Rancor's Lair, Rancor's Demise
2) Brickdoctor - [LDD MOC] TIE/in Interceptor
3) prateek - Mini Endor Imperial Outpost
4) Lord Of The Fries - That blast came from the Death Star! That thing's operational!
5) JackJonespaw - Father! Help me!
6) K-nut
7) darthnihilius
8) JediAnakin - Father and Son
9) Masked Builder
10) Gunner - Jabba's Sail Barge
11) Hollander - LDD A-wing
12] Man
13] hohesC - Ewok Treehouse
14] Walt - Speeder Bike Chase
15] lego envy - Jabba's Palace Doors.., DAGOBAH Yoda's last confession
16] M<0><0<DSWIM - Luke VS The Rancor (Micro-Mood Scale), CHIBI Scout Trooper and Speeder Bike
17] volcanicpanik
18] The Legonater - LUMS MOC: The Battle of Endor (Prelim)
19] Darth Yogi - Ewok catapult
20] sealslip3 - Ewok Ambush
21] Eric W.
22] Raphy
23] Shutter
24] mutley777 - Great, Chewie! Great! Always thinking with your stomach
25] wokajablocka - Feeding time
26) Kaitan
27) Brickmamba - No wait, I thought you were blind?!?!
28) Lobot - Darth & Luke encounter on Endor, Death Star Duel
29) Vector - Jabba's Rancor
30) scouttrooper

Post your comments and sign-up to join this build (and declare your entry if you wish)!


Completed Entries:

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Posted Image
Posted Image

#2 Brickdoctor


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Posted 15 November 2011 - 05:32 AM

I'm back for my third CB, with a TIE/in in the works. :sweet:

#3 prateek


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Posted 15 November 2011 - 05:39 AM

I'm in for this one! I've got an idea.

#4 Lord Of The Fries

Lord Of The Fries

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Posted 15 November 2011 - 08:34 AM

Yeah I mose well join. I signed up for the other 2 so this one can't do any harm  :laugh: .

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#5 JackJonespaw


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Posted 15 November 2011 - 01:00 PM

Sign me up.

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#6 K-Nut


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Posted 15 November 2011 - 01:38 PM

I'm in! But with all the stuff I have it might only be a tiny vig. Hope not though!  :thumbup:

EDIT: I've got some trees and green at my disposal, so count me in for a speeder bike chase!  :sweet:

Edited by K-nut, 15 November 2011 - 11:12 PM.

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#7 Darth Nihilus

Darth Nihilus

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Posted 15 November 2011 - 02:00 PM

I'm in! As soon as I get Ewok Attack for the Scout that is. :wink:
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#8 TheBoyWonder


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Posted 15 November 2011 - 03:01 PM

Count me in! I love ROTJ with the Ewoks.
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#9 Masked Builder

Masked Builder

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Posted 15 November 2011 - 03:12 PM

I'm in.  I shall either continue my trend of MOCs, or build some Starfighter/ship.
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#10 Gunner


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Posted 15 November 2011 - 04:23 PM

Count me in!

#11 Hollander


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Posted 15 November 2011 - 06:38 PM

Count me in, not sure what I'll be working on though.

#12 Mr Man

Mr Man

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Posted 15 November 2011 - 07:17 PM

OK I'm in for this one :classic:.
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#13 hohesC


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Posted 15 November 2011 - 07:36 PM

I would like to take part too, please. I'm working on parts of an ewok village, which is supposed to nicely support the display of ROTJ-sets without taking up too much space.

Kind regards,


p.s.: feeling really excited now that I have signed up  :sweet:

#14 Walter


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Posted 15 November 2011 - 09:20 PM

Sign me up please!

There's a good chance I'll be doing something Rancor-related, but anything can happen at this point. :classic:
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#15 lego envy

lego envy

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Posted 15 November 2011 - 09:35 PM

I'm in too..Just need to figure out what????
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#16 M<0><0<DSWIM


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Posted 15 November 2011 - 10:51 PM

You already know you can count ME in! :laugh:

#17 Fred Daniel Yam

Fred Daniel Yam

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Posted 15 November 2011 - 10:58 PM

This time, I have time!

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#18 The Legonater

The Legonater

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Posted 16 November 2011 - 12:18 AM

Sign me up with a MINI Battle for Endor. Posted Image

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#19 Darth Yogi

Darth Yogi

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Posted 16 November 2011 - 12:24 AM

I'm in.  I'd love to build an ewok catapult.
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#20 sealslip3


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Posted 16 November 2011 - 02:30 AM

I'm in!

#21 Eric W.

Eric W.

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Posted 16 November 2011 - 02:56 AM

Im in for sure!!!! Got a 74-Z ready to go! :thumbup:

#22 lego envy

lego envy

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Posted 16 November 2011 - 02:56 AM

Here is my community Build for ROTJ..Enjoy


Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

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#23 ACPin


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Posted 16 November 2011 - 03:25 AM

Everybody before this post have been added!
Keep them coming! :grin:

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#24 Raphy


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Posted 16 November 2011 - 12:32 PM

Count me in! :D

#25 Shutter


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Posted 16 November 2011 - 05:52 PM

Count me in, not sure what I'll be working on though.
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