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Review: 30015 Jet Ski

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#1 prateek


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Posted 29 August 2011 - 10:46 PM

Posted Image

Why hello there everyone and welcome to my review of 30015 Jet Ski. I got this at TRU in the USA, and since I can’t find a review of it here, I thought I might as well do one. Let's get on to the review.

Name: 30015 Jet Ski
Theme: City
Released: 2011
Pieces: 24
Price: $3.99 USD
Brickset Bricklink

The front features the regular: Set number, part count, picture, etc. The set is displayed in the water, with a harbour in the background. Nothing too exciting but it gets the job done.
Posted Image
The back features warnings and an advertisement for Lego club.
Posted Image

The instructions are printed on a sheet of glossy paper, as to be expected in a polybag. No colour issues, and there are no part numbers.
Posted Image
Posted Image

This set includes 24 pieces, none of which are great, but are all useful. We have some white, black and lime green, which is always welcome. The life jackets are also nice pieces to have.
Posted Image

The highlight of this set is definitely the minifigs. There are two figs, a male and a female. The female has a brown pony tail, blue pants, and the white tank top that first appeared a couple years ago. The male has the new "classic" hair mold in orange, grey pants, and a very interesting new torso print I've never seen before. It looks like a scuba diving suit/a wet suit. Very nice indeed.
Posted Image
Both figures have back printing.
Posted Image

After a couple minutes of building, we have our completed jet ski. It looks very nice in white and lime green, with a black stripe running down the whole side. Very snazzy looking if you ask me. The handle bars are made with an Exo-Force robot arm, which is a great alternative to a BD arm. The only problem with this, as you might be able to see, is that the driver can only stand in one position while holding the bars, with no movement possible. There is also space on the back for a second figure.
Posted Image
Posted Image
The only other problem I have with this is its size. Compared to the boat in the Lighthouse set, this thing is huge!
Posted Image

Final thoughts:
Despite the few drawbacks, I think this is one of the best polybags we've seen in a long time. The model is decent, but we get 2 (!) figs.

Playability: 8/10 It's a jet ski, and with two figures, you can play as much as you want. Very swooshable. -2 points for the fact that you can't move the driver once he's holding the bars, which makes it kinda hard to remove him.
Design: 9/10 Looks great with the colour scheme for the small piece count and price. Could be a bit smaller though.
Price: 9/10 Could've been $3.49 like other polybags, but with two figures, 50 cents extra is worth it.
Minifigures: 10/10 Two figures! A female, and a male with a cool new wet suit!
Parts: 7/10 Nothing too exciting, but a nice selection overall.

Overall: 43/50

Thanks for reading my review of 30015 Jet Ski! :sweet:

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#2 lightningtiger


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Posted 29 August 2011 - 10:54 PM

Thanks for the review 'prateek', a neat little set and you get two minifigs, that has to be a huge  :thumbup: . :classic:
It does seem a little long, but it's designed to carry two....he can't leave his girl friend behind can he otherwise it's the dog house tonight ! :laugh:
Brick On Ski On 'prateek' ! :grin:

#3 captainsamus


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Posted 29 August 2011 - 10:56 PM

Picked this up a while back, and I agree that it's a great deal if only for the two figures.

The actual model if fairly basic, but it definitely gets the job done.

#4 dr_spock


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Posted 29 August 2011 - 11:14 PM

Thanks for the good review.   With that green, I think it can go well being towed on a trailer by the City Camper.

#5 Aanchir


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Posted 29 August 2011 - 11:28 PM

Cute set, even though I don't think it's as stylish as this year's Speedboat set.

The red-headed dude's torso is actually from Space Police III. Specifically, it was the torso of criminal Squidtron in last year's Smash 'n' Grab set. You can still see the white half-oval on the lower part of the torso, which is actually the top of the skull-shaped belt buckle most of the Space Police III criminals have printed on their torsos and legs.

The torso was also used for wetsuits in this year's Marina. I asked Mark Stafford (nabii) about the red logo on the front and back, since I expected it to be from an old LEGO theme (an easter egg like so many references to past Space themes in Space Police III). It turns out that the logo was not designed as a reference to anything, so perhaps this was a deliberate decision so that it could be used more easily in City and other themes without standing out as a space-related reference. It certainly works for this year's City minifigures!

#6 The Cobra

The Cobra

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Posted 30 August 2011 - 11:30 AM

I rate it oustanding.
Such a small set with two figs, one of which is a female.
Now I HAVE to buy one.
Most overread phrase on S@H: "Sorry, item is not available in this country: Italy."

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