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[REVIEW] 7959 Geonosian Starfighter

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#1 Blackknight112


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Posted 07 June 2011 - 07:43 PM

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When I first heard that there was going to be a new Geonosian starfighter, I was quite happy. I love the geonosians and there fighters. But when I saw the price, I thought I was never going to get it. But when I was in a toys store, I just couldn't resist. So without futher delay, let's go to the review:

On the desolate surface of Geonosis, Clone Commander Cody and Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi prepare the Clone Army for another assault on the Separatist droid factory. Suddenly, they spot a Geonosian Starfighter speeding towards them. Can they defend themselves against the Geonosian pilot, armed with a powerful turret-mounted cannon and proton torpedo launcher? You decide!

Set number:7959
Set name:Geonosian Starfighter
Sub theme:TCW
Minifigures:Geonosian pilot, commander Cody and Ki-Adi-Mundi
Retail price:$29, 40E

reference pic and info

The box:

Posted Image

Posted Image
Nothing special just your regular Lego box, wich shows the features on the back.

the manual and parts:

Posted Image
Just your regular manuual, and the 2 pieces that weren't included in the plastic bags. My manual didn't came with a cardboard to protect it. But it wasn't damaged at all :classic:

Posted Image
... :angry:

Posted Image
It has a nice selection of parts, especially some dark brown and light brown parts that are really usefull in MOC's. Thought 155 parts doesn't really make you happy at this price range.

Posted Image
The brown parts are new to me, there are 2 of them in the set. The cockpit we've seen before. But it is new to me. And also a fimiliar printed pieces, with brings me to no stickers in this set. I'm very happy with this.

the minifigs and weapons:

Posted Image
Some of the ''special'' parts came in little bags.

Posted Image
This is the reason many people (not me) will buy this set, the minifigs. We have 3 in this set, which 2 are exclusive to this set. Commander Cody, is the same as in the gunship. And I must say, he still does look really nice. It is a nice figure to have. Next is jedi master Ki-Adi-Mundi, he looks very cartonisch, but it is from TCW so what doe you expect. He has a new pieces, which you can put on his head to make him look as he does. As the last one is the Geonosian, I will talk more about him, when I do a compare with his precessor.

Posted Image
the side, Here you can clearly see the edge between the head of Ki-Adi, and the other half of his head.

Posted Image
All the figures have backprinting :thumbup:

Posted Image
Cody just has a regular clone face. And Ki-Adi his head is just ugly, i know he kinda looks like TCW version. But I think he is even more ugly the the mandalorian from the battlepack.

Posted Image
Here is the compare between the new (left) and the old (right) geonosian.

Posted Image
The new geonosian, has nicer printing then the old one IMO, but his head mold is :thumbdown: The neck just looks unnatural, and trust me it does look better in pictures then in real life. I'm not sure if this is suppose to be the zombie version. The box says that it is an regular geonosian pilot.

Posted Image
The colour of the new one does look more like the real geonosian, but I think the colour of the old one looks better in Lego.

Posted Image
Cody just has your regular grey arc gear.

The build:

Posted Image
nothing special here, just some pictures

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
Looks like there is going to be an actual place for the pilot to sit, in this version

Posted Image
The final ship just looks amazing, it looks very sleek.

Posted Image
nothin special with the spare parts.

The Complete set:

Posted Image
As you can see there are not much studs showing, it reall gives that sleek feel to it.

Posted Image
A nice place for the pilot to sit.

Posted Image
He actually fits in really nice.

Posted Image
From the side, the ship looks really amazing IMO, I just love the front gun

Posted Image
The back has nothing special, just the same ingine design the old version used.

The features:

Posted Image
Wow, the front gun can move sideways. this is amazing :sceptic:

Posted Image
nothing special on the back...

Posted Image
..wait... it has a special compartment.

Posted Image
It can actually drop a torpedo, when you lower the hatch.

Compared with the 4478:

Posted Image
For my full review on the 4478 Geonosian Fighter, you can click here

Posted Image
As you can see the new one uses the same basic design as the old one, but it's bigger, and it has some nice tweaks.

Posted Image
IMO the new one is a HUGE improvement over the old one. It just looks more sleek, and realistic. The cocpit is also a great improvement. And the overall size is just bigger.


Price:2/10 It is just a shame, 155 pieces for $29, it's a total rip-off.
Parts:7/10 It has some nice brown parts, but nothin really special.
Minifigs:6/10 For many people the reason to buy this set, but the only figure I like in this set is Cody, the other ones just won't do it for me.
Swoosh factor:9/10 You can easily grab it and fly it around.
Accurate:8/10 It just looks suprisingly good compared to the real ship.
Overall: 6,3/10 It is a nice set, if you like the ship like me, if you just want the figs you can better bricklink them. I strongly advise every one to buy this at the normall price, It's just not worth it. There are so many better sets for the same or lower price (sw an non-sw). You should nly pick this one up in a sale, because you just get to little for your money IMO.

Posted Image

Hope you enjoyed reading this review.


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#2 Jedi master Brick

Jedi master Brick

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Posted 07 June 2011 - 07:48 PM

Thanks for the review BlackKnight122.  But one major suprise No fire flick Missiles :thumbup:.  Its a good set shame about the minifigures though, still the starfighter looks quite good!
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#3 White Cat

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Posted 07 June 2011 - 07:50 PM

Thanks for the great review. I do like the design of the ship, and there's Cody fig in the set. Just love it.  :wub:. But the price is  :thumbdown: like you said. Maybe I'll consider to buy only 2 of this set  :hmpf_bad:.

#4 Donut


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Posted 07 June 2011 - 07:54 PM

Great review Blackknight112! Ki-Adi Mundi doesn't look good from any angle, but I guess loyal fans have to pick this up to complete their Jedi council. The price is a bit high, but I guess we're all used to that by now.

Edit: Oh I see there's a member here who goes by the name Ki-Adi-Mundi. I guess now he'll have an official avatar to use. :classic:

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#5 TheBrickHitHouse


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Posted 07 June 2011 - 07:59 PM

Ki-Adi looks horrid, I've waited years for him - damn u Lego!
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#6 gogocar


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Posted 07 June 2011 - 08:27 PM

Thanks for the review Blackknight. The set looks fairly decent; however, except the figs, there's nothing too spectacular.

Why isn't this frontpaged yet?
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#7 Brickdoctor


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Posted 07 June 2011 - 08:56 PM

Thanks for this review. I'm debating getting this set. There are quite a few pieces I like, but the price isn't that great, Ki-Adi is  :sick: , the Geonosian is  :sick: , and I have a Commander Cody already. I'll probably wait for a good sale.

#8 Blackknight112


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Posted 07 June 2011 - 09:18 PM

View PostBrickdoctor, on 07 June 2011 - 08:56 PM, said:

Thanks for this review. I'm debating getting this set. There are quite a few pieces I like, but the price isn't that great, Ki-Adi is  :sick: , the Geonosian is  :sick: , and I have a Commander Cody already. I'll probably wait for a good sale.
You can buy the set, and then sell teh figures, that will reduce the price per part. It really has some great pieces for MOCing.
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#9 gratefulnat


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Posted 07 June 2011 - 09:26 PM

Thanks for the review Blacknight112

I really like the comparison pictures with the older set, it shows how much more 'less angular' TLG was able to design this one. The ship really is great (the price... :hmpf_bad: ).

As for the minifigures:
Commander Cody is fine (not much you can do wrong there), but for me just another clone - a step above droids (okay, kill me now clone lovers  :devil: ).

The geonosian's face from the front is awesome, but that fat 'neck' really stands out as you say in your review. Maybe LEGO could have done a better job with a rubber mold (such as Plo-Koon). Nice print though. With some wings from the original set the figure looks pretty good though.

As for Ki-Adi-mundi, even with the funny top piece, I still really like it. If you look at the figure from a slight distance, the 'crack' between the two pieces isn't all that noticable and the printed orange lines help to hide this. But a complete mold would have done the figure more justice.

All in all, a well designed ship, and some minifigures that aren't quite as good as they should be for this price. If I didn't like the ship so much, this would be a pretty weak set. Considering that so many rehashed sets have such amazing figures, LEGO seems to have messed up with this one.

If you want it, wait for sales...
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#10 Masked Builder

Masked Builder

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Posted 07 June 2011 - 09:31 PM

Good work on the review my friend! :thumbup: This is probably the set I want the most from the new wave.  While the Clone Wars figs are a bit ugly, I have a special soft spot for them. :wub:

#11 Vindicare


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Posted 07 June 2011 - 09:34 PM

I'll be buying this, I need Cody still. I never got the Geonosian fighter, so this is new to me. But, wow Ki-Adi, noes up there on the ugly list. Right next to Ani and Palpatine.
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#12 Petit-bleu


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Posted 07 June 2011 - 09:42 PM

Thanks for the review.
I like the new ship (but as someone else stated i prefer the previous cannon) and i like the new figs.
Even Ki-Adi who looks like a junky jedi. I want him.

The price is too high but i'll take one as soon as i can afford and then wait to get a second later. They'll fit well next to the Solar Sailer.

#13 Lego Otaku

Lego Otaku

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Posted 07 June 2011 - 10:10 PM

How would Ki Adi's extra large forehead piece look on older non-CW Ki Adi minifig?

Like other, I'll wait for the sale, the price is just too high, I could get a regular 300-pcs set for the same price.

#14 Aanchir


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Posted 07 June 2011 - 10:30 PM

View PostLego Otaku, on 07 June 2011 - 10:10 PM, said:

How would Ki Adi's extra large forehead piece look on older non-CW Ki Adi minifig?

Well, we can never know for sure, since this is the first Ki Adi minifigure that has ever been released. I suppose some people might be able to whip up some customs or find another minifigure face that looks appropriate, though.

Great review. I don't buy Star Wars sets, but I am very happy with the quality of this one. I figured I'd share that the brown pieces you couldn't identify are aircraft parts introduced last year in set 7206. One of them is also used in this year's Speedboat set, demonstrating that they are not nearly as overspecialized as the 8-wide airplane nose piece that predated them.

#15 Parrothead Rasmus

Parrothead Rasmus

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Posted 07 June 2011 - 10:58 PM

I love the ship but the minifigures look (pardon my immature language) fugly. I wish they'd just drop the cartoon style. I know they're made to look as they do in the cartoon, but there hideous.  :hmpf_bad:

#16 mutley777


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Posted 07 June 2011 - 11:06 PM

Thanks for thwe great review!

The set is quite a bit bigger than the old, one which is good.

If you have one to hand is there a chance you could post a picture of the new geonosian with the old geonosian wings on him?

#17 TheDarkness


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Posted 07 June 2011 - 11:28 PM

Thanks for the review. I'm not a big fan of this set, though again the detail on the minfigs is excellent. I will probably just hit Bricklink for Ki-Adi-Mundi.

#18 Cpt. Dan

Cpt. Dan

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Posted 07 June 2011 - 11:44 PM

Thanks for the great review! I have to say, I cannot wait for this set to be released in the US. Other than the incredible frigate, this is my most anticipated set this summer.

I do like the Geonosian figure though. I think it looks really accurate to the CW series, so IMHO Lego did a good job with him. Ki-Adi though is rough, I don't think it portrays him well at all but that's just me.

#19 sok117


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Posted 08 June 2011 - 12:16 AM

View PostBlackknight112, on 07 June 2011 - 07:43 PM, said:

IMO the new one is a HUGE improvement over the old one. It just looks more sleek, and realistic.

If such thing can be said about a fictitious vehicle  :laugh:

Thanks for the review, I had no idea how much better this set looked compared to the older vision, the size, cockpit, and colour consistency all have been improved dramatically, I really like the overall sleekness as you mentioned, can't wait to get this one!  But I think the minifigures could've been improved, I'm okay with the genosian, but he needs wings, and there should be two of him.  Also, I think they should've included the commander who was actually with Mundi in the episode, his name escapes me though.  And Mundi, looks, just okay.  Oh well, can't wait to buy this!  :sweet:

#20 Nightshroud99


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Posted 08 June 2011 - 12:33 AM

Wow, um this set sucks.  :oh3:

But, I'll get it because I want Ki Adi Mundi (he's one of my favorite Jedi) and I don't want to have to pay like $10 for him on bricklink.
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#21 sok117


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Posted 08 June 2011 - 12:54 AM

View PostNightshroud99, on 08 June 2011 - 12:33 AM, said:

Wow, um this set sucks

What parts of the set do you not like?

And I agree with mutley, can we see the cw genosian with wings?

#22 Ceroknight


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Posted 08 June 2011 - 01:09 AM

One of the most unique looking ships in the saga,
Love the figures, two exclusive one only found in a set that isn't sold anymore.

Can't wait for this  :sweet:
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#23 wokajablocka


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Posted 08 June 2011 - 03:08 AM

I think the Geonosian is awsome but his neck is a little too long but much better than the previous vesion. Now with Ki Adi Mundi I think he is quite acurite aginst TLG Clone Wars figures. His head shape mimics the real head shape but all Clone Wars faces they are horrible and this takes this figure down a notch IMO. Gerat set and will be getting this, aslo good if you missed the privious Commander Cody fig.

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#24 KielDaMan


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Posted 08 June 2011 - 06:33 AM

Thanks for this review Blackknight! Personally I think it's a pretty good set considering I missed the previous version and no matter how poorly-received the Ki-Adi fig is, it is still a Ki-Adi fig which I appreciate TLG for giving us (I'd rather have this than none at all). This is also a cheaper way for others to get the non-keychain Cody fig so it's all good for me.

View Postsok117, on 08 June 2011 - 12:16 AM, said:

Also, I think they should've included the commander who was actually with Mundi in the episode, his name escapes me though.
I concur, I wish this would've included Commander Jet (with that nice new helmet mold) instead of Cody, but I guess that's too much to ask for 3 new figs in a small/mid-sized set.

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#25 Darth CJ

Darth CJ

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Posted 09 June 2011 - 08:37 PM

Love the review! Have you ordered any more of the summer wave?
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