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The Train Techopedia - Tutorial & Discussion Index

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Posted 23 April 2011 - 03:21 PM

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LEGO Train Tech

The Train Techopedia

The Train Tech forum threads contain vast amounts of know-how for every level of LEGO train fan. Your questions may have been answered before, so have a look in our index first!

Breaking news

Getting started in LEGO Trains

Building advice

Track and layout design

Power, lighting and advanced functions

General discussion and inspiration

The forum

Other resources

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Posted 05 February 2013 - 01:50 AM

Current news topics

10233 Horizon Express discussion: Rick (pictures/prices in first post)
10233 Horizon Express review: mostlytechnic
Lone Ranger 79111 Constitution Train Chase discussion: JopieK (pictures/prices in first post)
79111 Constitution Train Chase review: mostlytechnic

Getting started in LEGO Trains

* Getting started in LEGO Trains - What to buy?: MrTools
My son loves trains. Where to start? Segambit
Starting out on 12V trains: Olog
The Enjoyment of Lego Trains, For the Town Fan Who Doesn't Own a Train: TheBrickster
Starter Questions: Track, Electronics, & Cost: Zeon
Should I Get Into Lego Trains?: fhomess
New to Trains - Some Questions: Paul B
All Train Sets Compatability Guide: Noahs-Dad
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Posted 06 February 2013 - 10:17 PM

Building advice

Easy projects for beginners

Project Train Start, For beginners and new fans of LEGO trains: TheBrickster
Building a Classic Train Wagon: TheBrickster
Train Building Ideas: Darthluke824

Improving official set designs

10194 Emerald Night
Emerald Night rebuild ideas: Watchman
Emerald Night Atlantic rebuild: Matt Dawson
Emerald Night Extra cars: MrTools
Emerald Night MOD to 4-6-4 to hide the XL motor: Deeks

Deluxe Cargo Electric Train Locomotive Design? Zach M.
New 12V Trains: AJW
Substituting Lego Train Wheels, Has Anyone Tried It? TheBrickster
Modifying 7939 Cargo Train - Suggestions Needed: Tarby99
Remaking the Super Chief: Legoroni
Solution for the 3677: red battery box sides: JopieK
Replicating the Lone Ranger movie Constitution Train: jrathfon

Troubleshooting official sets

10194 Emerald Night
Emerald Night Fix, A fix for one of the flaws in Emerald Night design: Bruce
Emerald Night, drivetrain failure, and how to fix it: Freddie
Emerald Night, driving rods and platforms, whats the best fix? Teddy
Emerald Night Wheel Fix: What to Do if Your Emerald Night is Locking: TheBrickster
Anyone else have this same problem with their Emerald Night? Goldenmasamune
Help needed: Emerald night modification: kage28
Emerald Night Tender Problem?: Hrw-Amen
Emerald Night Problem: legotrainfan
Problem with Emerald Night Derailing: Ritz Brick
Building Emerald Night. Is correct what I did?: robt
Emerald Night derailing issues: ssgdave
Emerald Night Engine help - These instructions are confusing me: BrickNub

10219 Maersk Cargo Train
Maersk Binding Issues: Rob Klingberg
Maersk Train Problems: Legoluchlol

4841 - Hogwart's Express ... on tracks: PerryMakes
Octan Coach from 7939 Grinds in Bends: Missing Brick

Detailing rolling stock and engines

Advice for Building a Cowcatcher for Steam Locomotives: Jonwill
Rolling Stock Undercarriages: TheBrickster
Thinking Outside the Boxcar, Boxcar Hints & Tricks: TheBrickster
Weathering Trains: A-17
Making/adjusting Flex cables for steam-engine: legodjw
Pantograph?: Hrw-Amen
Help with Building a Pleasure Dome: Tearloch
Passenger Car Roof Question: fluffybunny
Catenary: Hrw-Amen
Pantographs: From Old to New: roamingstudio
Wooden freight cars: Spitfire2865

Building in 7-, 8- and 9-wide

7 Wide guides and ideas: CBFasi
6 and 7 wide, do they go well together? *thomas*
What Size to Build In?: Locomotive Annie
Steam Locomotive questions: Spitfire2865
Train Widths - What works best? bricked one

Advanced building techniques

Building upside-down, A way to create those not-existing parts: Selander
Reverse Engineering Help - 'Cheese Nose': Legoroni

Bogies and wheels

Bogie Suspension, Working suspension under single carriage weight: Bricktrix
Moccing a new train with a 3-axle bogie, help wanted: aawsum
Help - I need some help on train stuff, train bogie help: crabboy329
How to attach bogies to 7 wide carriages, Technique Question: peterab
Power Function Train Bogie with three axles: Magina
Powered Trucks for Split Train Base: roamingstudio
Help w/ Building a Jacob's Bogie: Spike the train builder
3 Axle Trucks for PF: Tearloch33
Pushrods on RC/PF Motors: Konrad
Double Train Track Possibility: OrangeKNight
Long Carriages on Standard Rails: NitroX infinity
Replacing my 12 train rolling stock wheels: Tarby99
12V Connecting Rods on Wheels: roamingstudio
Modifying PF Wheels for 12V Connecting Rods: roamingstudio
Wheels binding up - please help: Railman66
Rubber on PF wheels: Lazarus
Ordering Six Med Flange Wheels?: Prince Manic
Dummy PF Motor Bogie: stu808

Couplers and close coupling

Train Couplers: towerwarlock
LEGO Train Wheels and Couplers Where to buy? efullner
Coupling, Help and/or tips asked for a coupling: Richie
Couplings issues: locoworks
Tram Building Tips: MetroiD
Couplers?: Lilbrix
Kadee Couplers and Lego: DetroitBricks
Heavy Trains & Couplers: Nicolas
Advice on Neodymium Magnets for Trains: Sokratesz
Direct Coupling of Train Wagons: efferman
Knuckle Couplers on LEGO Trains: legoboy3998
Train buffer mods: riograndefan
Magnet trouble: Duq
7938 Passenger Train Help: Ritz Brick

Non-standard scales

Miniland Scale Trains, Shay Logging Locomotive. Have you tried building this scale? TheBrickster
Non-L Scale LEGO Trains: Spike the train builder
4 Wide Trains + 4 Wide Track + PF = ?: soundwave_sw
Wide gauge technic trains: nicjasno

New official parts

New wheels on Toy Story Train? Matt Dawson
New Train Parts on Shop at Home: fluffybunny
12V train wheels with a red pin: legotrainfan

Custom parts

LEGO Steam Engine Drivers Vs. Big Ben Bricks, An admittedly biased report: SavaTheAggie
Big Ben Bricks - traction: BryanKinkel
Tutorial: BBB wheels with rubber O-rings: Toastie
Can HO-scale Wheels be Used for LEGO Trains?: spanks_4
A Modding Idea: Frank STENGEL
Ideas and uses for BBB Clear Wheels: Daedalus304
custom 1xN ladders: zephyr1934
Custom power pickups: alainneke
Custom Steam Locomotive Rods: zephyr1934

Set restoration

7740 Restoration: ced64k
Classic Set Restoration: 181-1 Complete Train Set with Motor Signal: kyphur

Stickers and decals

Stickers/decals for trains: simonskluk
Decals for lego trains, creating custom decals for trains: Legoboy3998
Train company Logo Stickers for MLCAD: Voodoo Hand
Shadows' Decal Index (in the MCW forum -- includes train decals)
7750 Stickers: Sokratesz
Making Decals for LEGO Train MOCs: Tearloch33
TTX Stickers Available at Ministicker.NL: SpokaneSteve
Emerald Night Sticker Sheet: azuremoon
Santa Fe Stickers: Hechristensen
Decal Help Needed: Lego1975
Lego Train Set Sticker Scans: broomhandle
LEGO BNSF (10133) strange font differences with the real thing: JopieK

Building instructions

Using On-line Instructions of Train MOCs: LegoTrainFan
Instructions To Build ALL 30 Models Of The Lego Hobby Train (10183) : Community
Building Instructions by Me: kyphur
Building instructions needed: Henrik Ludvigsen
Looking for Some Plans for a Mineral Wagon: Lazarus
4563 Load and Haul Instructions Needed: Chief Justice Lego
Train Model 314 Comes from Which Loco?: roamingstudio
Beware: eBay fraud -- Train MOC instructions: Steinkopf
C40-8W and similar instructions, where to find?: edsmith0075
Queens Bridge Victorian Station by brickbuilderspro: Locomotive Annie
Box Cars and American Trains: galacticslave

Building specific prototypes

New York Central: S-2 Electric - Thoughts? Advice?: Buzzetta

More building help

A Question About a "Megatruck" for a Train: Madcat2000
Anyone doing armored trains?, Looking for photos: larry marak
Pneumatic Steam Engine: Mark Bellis
7898, 7997 and 10194 side by side. Do they really fit together: Segambit
Building a display for the Emerald Night: gotoAndLego
Comprehensive 10025 to 10022 Conversion List, 3 part lists for the 3 versions of 10022: fyparr
Weight Brick - how much does it weigh? Belchher
Building My 10194 Emerald Night, Video: Julencin2000
What carriages do you use with BNSF & SFSC?: thegurumb
Creating a Monorail In a Lego City: RileyC
What do you do for End of Line Bumper Blocks?: kyphur
3677 Windscreen in a Santa Fe: roamingstudio
Looking for Bridge Addition Suggestions: jackson233
Help with LEGO Colors: Tearloch
Turntables: Rail Co
Painting parts?: Lego1975
Tips on building a longish ramp: jonwil
Emerald Night Coach Questions: DaveBey
A holiday train question: TheLegoDr

General building discussion

* Train Parts Q&A: nebraska
* LDD Help with Trains: Hrw-Amen
Duplo trains anybody?, planning to convert Duplo trains for minifigures: Marko
Christmas Trains: muell
Finding a train to build and sizing it up: BelValcor
How Do You Create Trains?: Frank STENGEL
Looking for Tips & Techniques to Build Steam Engines: FlyerNut
Monorail Rules: cei
Monorail ca. 1971 seed: zephyr1934
The 4.5v Idea Book! PF Style!: Electricsteam
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Posted 08 February 2013 - 04:24 PM

Track and layout design

Tips for beginners

Just bought my first Train set - what next?, Track laying questions: Thrawnseg
Switching up Tracks, How can you diversify your train tracks? Adam
How much track?: IAmWillGibson
New to trains - need some advice: tmctiger
Starting a Monorail: mattman
Track layout question from a newbie!: markz68
Newbie- Track Design: jerewrig

Laying track

Enhance lego track with flat tiles: PeoplesFarmer7
Making Curved Track Look Better: DHCP1121
Anybody else nail their tracks down? Brik-el
How to make long smooth curves from straight track: lego9vtrainfan
Big Loops Testing: HoMa
Fixing curved track to baseplates: catbricks
RC Train Tracks: Reversing loops: vladoniki
Silencing a train layout: JSN
Flexi-track ideas: Mark Bellis
Found a use for my hated Flexible Track!: kyphur
Flex Tracks & 10219 Maersk Loco: Bernie56
Level Crossing on Curved Track?: mrblue
4.5/12V Parallel Track Crossover: zzap64
12v 'interference-free' / 'isolated' conducting pieces: Sokratesz
Attaching Tracks to MDF Sheet: Paul B
How Do You Secure Tracks to Baseplates?: kasmca
How to Disassemble 12V Tracks without Breaking Sleepers: ced64k
Modifing 12v Track to Half-Length: Sokratesz
Long Steam Locomotives (x-8-x) and Regular Curve Track: LEGO Guy Bri
Tracks: DIY rail crossing with PF tracks: DjiM
12v Turning Loop Tech Talk: Shazam12
Elevated Train Track Curves: sokolean
MOC custom PF crossroad track: dugmence

Inclines and multi-level layouts

Bridges & Inclines, Building Tips and Strategies: TheBrickster
What grade of an incline is best for the new train sets?: Ludzig
Idea for Multi-Level Track Layout: Sokratesz
Angle of Incline: Geomem
Lego Train inclinations: Haddock51
9V Extreme II - Twin Spirals with bridge: Haddock51
Lego Monorail spiral?!: bowen179
Anyone made a "vertical transverser"?: John Hill

Narrow gauge

Narrow Gauge Railroading, Ln30/Ln3: greenmtvince
Narrow gauge trains, Narrow gauge trains, why not make one? crabboy329
Roller Coaster rails in Joker Funhouse: Pingles
Narrow gauge track: norm103
Narrow Gauge LEGO train including points etc.: JopieK
Combining Silver Mine Shootout and Temple of Doom tracks?: mccool
Knock Off 4" wide straight tracks: Gavinfuzzy

Track maintenance

9V Track, Cleaning & Protection: Otters
Cleaning 9v train tracks: BrickWild
Cleaning / Repairing old 12V blue track + switches: roamingstudio


Joining old and new track, track compatibility: Drdavewatford / SavaTheAggie
Making/Modifying 9V track: FreeBee
Classic 9V Track to PF Adaptation: Cndlego
PF trains running on other tracks? Would it be possible?: Eilif
Rail Crossing for 9V RC brand, Missing stuff: LEGO Train 12 Volts
RC Track Crossing & Cutting: broomhandle
Duplo and LEGO track compatibility: Jaroslaw
Track issues: retrotecchie
PF trains on 4.5V points: whosscruffylookin
Is 9V Track Compatible with PF Track?: sevs
Conversion of Power Functions to 9V Track: The Lego Wizard
9v Flex Track: codefox421
4.5V to 9V Track Solution: Eric J. Olson
Track Compatibility: phoinix
Switching from 12V system to 9V system: AlmightyArjen
Retro using the12 volt system and being caused to use bad language: Locomotive Annie
Emerald Night compatible with old track?: naf

Custom track

The next evolution... ME Track: Eric J. Olson
ME-Models Track arrives!: Rob Klingberg
Me models 9v track: Gareth
New Track Design from BBB: monai
Custom LEGO track (not mine): zephyr1934
ME Models R56: Eric J. Olson
ME-Model Rails for Indiana Jones Track: roamingstudio
Anyone running Lego train on OO/HO track: mobi
LGB tracks: rebelego
Discovery: Easy Tram Tracks: azuremoon
Embeded track system project: James_T_Menendez

Switch troubleshooting

Defect 9V switch, Have you ever had one? legotrainfan
Defective RC switching track? Trains derail: Goldenmasamune
Problems With Switch Track: Captain Green Hair
Dismantling monorail switch? Lego Otaku
Monorail track switch- got a dead one: Lego Otaku
Repairing 12v points: Andromeda

Switch motorisation and conversion

Remote Switch Tracks, motorising switch tracks on RC tracks: zul alpha 3
7996 Switch Track, Conversion to 9V: hoeij
Electrifying 7895 - help with the ideas, electrifying 7895 points to use with 9V motors: pdxbricks
Electify your train switches; I have built 10 electricly operated RR switches: dlp4341
9V Remote Controlled Switch: AFOL12v
Just starting with Lego trains, Automatic LEGO Train Switch: kolaf
RC 7996 Dual Crossover modification: Tearloch33
Some help needed with 7863 Magnetic Remote Control Unit: distortme
Motorized switches etc.: Deadparrot
7996 Modifications howto?!: JopieK
Barman's Lego Power Functions-Controlled Train Switch: DLuders
Ronald Vallenduuk's Power Functions Points Motor: DLuders
Switch Point Motor with PF Servo Motor: Mark Bellis
Electric Switch Tracks Set: deejay
Repairing 12V point switch, Modding manual to remote: Andromeda
RC switch 9v conversion troubles: Jdur321
Electric/RC/PF points: best way and best PF motor?: Pierre_Cochereau

Planning track layout

Actuall, Track and layout size questions: Noworries
Track layout Geometry, changing the track pitch: Teddy
Track layout question: muell
Train Track question, How close can you get track: sebby
Multiple Trains on the Same Track 9 Volt, Best layouts? Maltem
Wall-Mounted Layouts?: Rob Klingberg

Digital layout design tools

Bluebrick Layout Software, Use it to design your dream layout: Cyclone Breezerider
BlueBrick Layout Designer: Set and Parts Index: missouri_bb63
Digital Designed Layouts and Track Plans, Show all your digitally designed layouts here! Richie
Track designer type program in 3D? Lego Otaku
LEGO SAH Train Track Planner: Fuzzylegobricks
Sariel's Lego Monorail Network Planner Tool: DLuders
AnyRail™ Model Railroad Software: Lego Man Can
Any bored BlueBrick wizards out there?: eliminator
Looking for a LEGO Train CAD Program: spanks_4
Where are PF tracks in Bricksmith / LDraw?: robt
Does BlueBrick support elevated layouts?: daveybai


A Railway Controlled by Lego Signals An interesting way to operate a Lego railway: Xrisl
Automated train -- extended: Kolaf
How many trains run on your lego layout at a time?: 12vretrofan
Commuting train using 2 RCX's: Duq
4 RCXs to control two trains and one car automatically: mikezang
RCX controlled deCoupler and reverse loop: mikezang


Western Train Scenery - With Instructions: Gambort
New, Interesting Way to Do your Scenery on the R.R.: Brickstarrunner
Lego Trains & HO Scale Landscaping, Have you tried combining? TheBrickster

General track and layout discussion

Rail Crossing: The Forgotten Piece, Do You Build With 4519? TheBrickster
Track Mix, Grey, Bley, & Metal Rails, How Do You Mix Your Train Track? TheBrickster
Garden Railroading & Large Layouts with Lego Trains: TheBrickster
Trains in the garden ?, Garden Railways: Paul
How to go about railways in the Garden?: Hrw-Amen
Garden Railways - A Lego Layout in the Garden? Is She Nuts?: Locomotive Annie
Garden Railway: emm
Layout Choices, What type of layout do you prefer? TheBrickster
Pizza Displays, Creative Idea for Smaller Layouts: TheBrickster
Small Train Layouts: Chromenight
Lego 7996, is this piece being discontinued? grogall
Platform height and clearance: Frankie Roberto
No more straight and curve packs (7896): halfpenguinhalflego
The Integration of Trains & Boats: TheBrickster
Balancing Towns with Trainyards: TheBrickster
Help me design a new train layout: mostlytechnic
How to Build a Lego Monorail (Without Monorail Tracks): DLuders
Help with My Layout Design: Lego Man Can
Inside Curve Study: kyphur
How do you Clean Your Layout?: kimi
Track Storage: Legoroni
Custom 9V Track Durability?: edsmith0075
Unbending Tracks: Frank STENGEL
Advice on Acquiring Track: MarkV
Lego Track Availability: zephyr1934
9V train track contacts 5306c01: brickie
Layout: How Much Volume?: JamesP
More train track variety, please ?: jtr
Goofy through-the-wall idea?: brickgrrl
Suspended Lego Train Track: MCNwakeboard
Red RC track, too good to be true?: graafderk

Track and layout polls

Straight and curved tracks in one set?, your opinion: Klaus-Dieter
Building Lego Train Track, Parts vs. Prefab: TheBrickster
Your layout, table or floor? Which of the two do you prefer? Brickviller
Size of your layout? Thrawnseq
Track wish list: andythenorth
Should Lego change the way they sell Track ?: The Yellow Brick

Layout inspiration

Blocksford 2010, Captain Zuloo's Exhibition Layout: Captain Zuloo
Cargo Train Fun, Share pictures of your cargo trains at work: TheBrickster
Large busy Dutch Lego City: LegoSjaak
My Lego Layout at Our Local Train Show: hoeij
Miniatur Wunderland: fred67
Layout: Marshalling Yard: AussieJimbo
Layout: Serveja Vilage: Sérgio
LAYOUT: Welcome to the Piney Woods: SavaTheAggie
Planning My Layout: cimddwc

Train shows and events

A Hobby for All Generations..., ToT-LUG Makes the Big Time: Davey
TLG to Participate in NMRA National Train Show 2009, Annual ILTCO layout is 10-12 July in Hartford, CT USA: Riplego
Hungarian Model Show II: Stiel
Photos from COLTC at the WGH tour in Columbus OH: mostlytechnic
Trainshow 2011: lightningtiger
Lego World 2012 Copenhagen Train Layout: Esben Kolind
Houston Fall Tour Train Show, Orange TX: SavaTheAggie
GFLUG at Plant City Train Show near Tampa, FL, USA: brickbuilder711
Brickworld 2012 FPS: A View From the Front of the Train (and sde): CarollFilms
Trains at Brick Fiesta 2013: SavaTheAggie
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Posted 10 February 2013 - 03:38 PM

Power, lighting and advanced functions

Basic notions

Will someone explain gearing and motors for me? Goldenmasamune
What is the best way to power a train layout? mobricki
Advice for Train Newbie: Power Systems & Motors: rriggs
Power Functions 7745 Advice Request: martyboy70
What train-motor is the best?: OleBM
9V or Power Functions? Which is Better for Long Term Track Expansion?: Phil Slender
Gearing a power function motor: edsmith0075

Powering unpowered locomotives

10133 Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Locomotive
Problems powering BNSF using 8866 PF Train Motor: Tearloch33
BNSF with PF motor ?: mrblue
Converting BNSF to Power Functions: Piranha
MOD: BNSF conversion to powerfunctions: ronenson

10173 Holiday Train
Power Function with the Holiday Train? fnorfurfoot
Powering Holiday Train 10173: Jamzee
MOD: 10173 Holiday Train with PF: spacepilot3000
Motorizing the Holiday Train: alan_muhl
Motorized Holiday Train: adello25
Holiday Train 10173 + Power Functions?: jamzee

10194 Emerald Night
Powering Emerald Night: iamzee
I don't know much about legos. Help?, Gift (Powering the Emerald Night): ChristineS02
10194 Emeral Night 12 Volts, How to convert set 10194 into 12 Volts: LEGO Train 12 Volts
9 Volt motor on Emerald night?, Best way? Maltem
Emerald Night Express, which way of power functions? Caramon352
Emerald Night Tech Question: Scooter
nuno2500's Mod to Emerald Night to Get 9V Track Power: DLuders
Emerald Night Question: Scooter
Emerald Night battery pack added to coach car: thebrickbutcher
Emerald Night with M Motor Issues: TomixNscale89
9V Train Help w/Emerald Night: Slave2Leia
Help Powering the Emerald Night ?: kat180
Motorizing Emerald Night 10194 with PF Motor 88002: Locutis
Emerald Night With New PF-L Motor: Missing Brick
Emerald Night: quick question: Werlu Ulcur
Custom PF rail trucks, how to question: edsmith0075
My Emerald Night Power Functions Tender Mod: edsmith0075
Emerald Night and PF motors: edsmith0075

10219 Maersk Cargo Train
Using 7898 to power Maersk train?: randomoblong
Question about motorizing Maersk Train/Emerald Night: adello25

4708 Hogwarts Express (2001)
4841 Hogwarts Express (2010)
Harry Potter 4841 Question: Bernie56
Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Express with Power Functions: KIERAN2400
Advice needed: Powering 4708 Hogwarts Express: Dazmundo

7597 Western Train Chase
Powering the Toy Story 3 Train: henryhotspurs
Lego 7597 Toy Story Train with RC/PF: stelek
Powering TS3 and HP Hogwarts with XL PF Motor: Billius

8404 Public Transport Station
Powering the Tram from 8404: enrgie

9467 The Ghost Train
MOD: Ghost Train Power Functions: dr_spock

10233 Horizon Express
Horizon Express: Power Function to 12V conversion: Heppeng

Motorising MOCs
Adding power functions to narrow engines: towerwarlock
MOD+ARTICLE: Motorizing Ben Beneke’s BR23: Toastie
Gearing a XL or M Motor for a LEGO MOC Train: Tearloch
Concept Motorizations with New L-Motor: Selander
Powering train engine through cars with CV joints?: redeemed
PF Motor with BBB XL Wheels: ScotNick
Help With Power Functioning My Train?: Brickstarrunner

Dual-motor locomotives

Are Two 9V Motors Better Than One?, Ramifications of adding a 2nd 9V motor to your locomotive: TheBrickster
Battery life: 2xRC Motor vs. 1xPF Motor: andythenorth
Using 2 PF Train Motors on 1 Engine, How to get two PF train motors to run the same direction? legoboy3998
Two RC/PF motors: andythenorth
PF train motor compared to 9V motor: hoeij
Reversing a second motor: mostlytechnic
Two double powered Maersk engines: LegoSjaak
New Option for Dual Motor PF Locomotives: mostlytechnic
Are two battery boxes able to be hooked up on the same train?: edsmith0075
How To: Two Powered PF Boogies, one IR receiver: edsmith0075

Converting RC to PF

7898 green loco questions: ignacj
Hacking PF in to the RC trains: Cian
MOC: 7898 Cargo Train converted to Power Functions!: Goldenmasamune
Q: Converting RC to PF (7897 Passenger Train): Luke_likes_Lego

Converting 9V to PF

10001 Metroliner with PowerFunctions: Gabrielthorn
Power Functions in 9V Trains: Staszek
Power Functions and Santa Fe: stating the obvious: wtorbeyns
To switch over or not (converting 4559): drevim
Replacing internal 9v motors with PF motors: Radar
PF Conversion: Metroliner: kyphur
Lego Train RC & Power Functions Motor: Shawn

Converting 12V to PF

Using powerfunctions with lego 7725 train: Train7725
Which 12v trains can be easily convered to Power Functions?: Tarby99
12v Motor Rebuild Ideas: 12vretrofan

Converting 4.5V to PF

PF in Old Train: Anders Nolberger
Power Functions in 60's and 70's Train Sets: retrotecchie

Hybrid power set-ups

8866 Train Motor + IR Receiver + Speed Remote Control + OLD 9V Battery: frogstudio
9V Controlled by IR, How To/What Do I Need? CopMike
9V/PF crossover? Matt Dawson
Power Functions and 9V (Mindstorms): Unitron6991
PF to a 9V motor, any ideas? crabboy329
What if you could have your 9V and PF, too?, The best of both 9V and PF with none of the PF drawbacks: fred67
Motor RC Race Buggy in a train: CBFasi
Anyone tried the RC base with new PF motor: robvos
9V motor use with a PF system: Tearloch33
Using Old 12V Metal Rail and PF?: Lego Otaku
Question for best-of-both-worlds users / electronics experts: whosscruffylookin
Power Functions Extension Wire(8886) question: romdam
Compatibility Between RC and Power Functions?: DaddyDeuce
Remote Control for 4.5V. Would it Work?: Hrw-Amen
MOD 7745 to Use the PF Motor Still on 12v Track: bricks n bolts
How to use 9v train motor with PF system?: mikezang
Mixing PF element and old 9v elements: Lego Otaku
PF -> 12v motor, safe limit for IR receiver: roamingstudio

Improving speed and traction

I made my Emerald Night faster: Goldenmasamune
Making an Emerald Night faster: efullner
How to make trains faster: Legoroni
Cutting wheelsets to make them roll smoother: Goldenmasamune
Traction Tire: eness76
Mass Against Speed?: Hrw-Amen
Does Aerodynamics Affect Train Speed?: Electricsteam
Effective High Speed: DanSto
Speed Control: dundarach

Motor maintenance

How to disassemble a monorail motor? Dr Kilroy
Should lego trains be lubricated? Goldenmasamune
Maintaining 12v Motors?: Rob Klingberg
LEGO 12V Train Motors: Neil Scotland
Replace Rubberband Treads on 9V Train Motors: Phoxtane
Traction tyres for 12 volt trains: Locomotive Annie
Squeaky 12v Motor: kohrmand

Motor and transformer troubleshooting

9V Train Motor Not Working: Pantograph
About 9V Motors, Question from a Train Newbie: Legofan
Getting a 4.5V Train running: crhill1979
Corroded battery wagon help: Gareth
9v Transformer Replacement: C LoS
9V Motor Problem: CarollFilms
RC Train help!: Legotrainmaster
How to tell 4.5V motor from 12V motor: roamingstudio
Plastic Coating Peeling of 9V Train Wires: legomania1993
Lego 12V trains - bad contact between engine and tracks: taduri
How Do You Disassemble a 12v Transformer?: Tarby99
9V Christmas Train Help: Thalion
High Pitch Sound from the PF Motor: Zeon
Replacing 9V Train Motor: cossack225
Issues with 9v Motors: Lazarus
7898 Power Module: playmate
9v Train Motor Repair: Veeb0rg
Need Help with Wobbly 9V Train Engine: Bricknblue
Lego train 3677 trouble shooting: car54
Replacement 12V Motors: roamingstudio
Repairing 12v transformer 7684: Andromeda
Problem: Weak and watery RC loco: Locomotive Annie
Help with 9v cargo railway: Paddyb98
Replacement Mabuchi motor for 9v trains: dundarach
A 9V train motor that doesn't work: legotrainfan
9v motor won't run on straights: skinkfem
Troubleshooting train 7939: fourthgrade
Fixing a 9v Lego train motor with a PF lego motor: Lazarus
PF medium motors for trains: seba123

Battery boxes

Opening 9V Battery Box: MetroiD
Lego Passenger Train Battery problem: Marty
Some PowerFunctions insights: The LEGO LiPo rechargeable battery: Toastie
PF rechargable battery, train question: Zeki
How to hide the PF battery box: The Yellow Brick
Charging 8878 Battery Box without 8887 PF Transformer: efullner
AAA Battery Box (88000) vs. Rechargeable Battery Box (8878): legotrainfan
Lego Power Functions Lithium Battery: paul_delahaye
AAA Battery box 88000 disassembly: AussieJimbo
Power Functions Battery box Size: Takanuinuva
8878 vs 88000 Battery Box(es) for Trains: bjtpro
Can a PF battery box filled with re-chargeable batteries be recharged?: edsmith0075
Which Battery Box?: Athos
PF receiver or PF rechargeable battery issue: Ashi Valkoinen
A nice solution to charge your Train PF LiPo Battery: JopieK


2 motors on the front or one on each end?: Nicolas
Coupling two PF powered locomotives: Hobbes
Optimizing Friction: Daedalus304
7939 red container cars pulled off track: LegoSjaak
IR Speed Remote Control 8879: legotrainfan
My new Lego PF remote control for my trains: mostlytechnic
Christmas Layout & 9V Question: Shawn
Train Tracking with RFID: picardgk
IR Train Controller Question: Athos
Fast train with no motor/wheel noise: SNIPE

Lights in trains and trackside furniture

7898 Locomotive with 8 lights, How to upgrade your 9Volts electric locomotive: LEGO Train 12 Volts
How to upgrade 7720 Diesel Shunter with real lights: LEGO Train 12 Volts
Ideas for PF streetlights? Brickviller
Power Function Lights question: Yoshi648
Passenger train lights 7938: jamzee
Double PF lights for cargo train 7939: LegoSjaak
Directional lights: Bernie56
Real headlights/taillights for 12V: Janco147
Can I put lights on 7938?: Nikola Bathory
Lights on Maersk Train?: Goldenmasamune
Lighting the Maersk: Hrw-Amen
12v Lights from set 7867: alan_muhl
7938 and double lights: Brickviller
My Own LED for PF Conversion Help: broomhandle
Lighting Trouble w/Emerald Night: Jahab
9v Conversion on PF Lights: bricks n bolts
Lego electric light bricks use with power functions: PFtrainsman
Adding a 9V Light to a PF Santa Fe: Hechristensen
PF Lights and Trains (e.g. 7939): zzap64
PF Lights on 9V Motor: Lazarus
Lighting the 3677 PF with 8870: Homer_S
Replace bulb on 12v light brick: bricks n bolts
LEGO transformer 740: alainneke
Light leakage and 1980 light prisms: questforcastle
Testing 7860 12v signal lamp: Merkurius

Powering layouts

Train Setup Help, Power source for RC/Power Functions trains? Cagri
9v extension cables?: harmacy
Maintaining Constant Voltage Around a Large Track: toxicbananna
9V Extreme - Power Supply: Haddock51
9V High Speed - recent experiences and questions: Haddock51


Real Steam in Your Steam Engines? Topsy Cret


Train Signs: Crossing & Signals: TheBrickster
Lego train crossing: Kolaf
Replacing 12v Signal circuit: Andromeda
Signals, how to wire them?: Hrw-Amen
Semaphores: zephyr1934
12V Level crossing issue: Heppeng

Sound setup

Electronic train 118/138 and 139, anyone have one or have seen one?, The one with the whistle: Siegfried
Power functions idea for trains: The Red Brick
PF Train Sound, Would Lego Create Real Sound? Crabboy329
Sound in LEGO PF Trains: legoboy3998
Lego train 138 "The Whistle Train": TimBurdon

Other functions

12V De-coupler: Gareth
Gearmotor from Pololu: JopieK
Uncoupling Trains: Doug72
Send Video to iPad: gotoAndLego
Vacuum cleaner waggon: Haddock51
High Speed Camera Waggon - the first action pictures: Haddock51
Decoupler: Werlu Ulcur
Fully automated level crossing: alainneke

Advanced train control

LEGO Train Control using RCX1.0 PBricks
PF Trains to the limit: JopieK
LEGO PF IR Protocols: Rob Klingberg
Switching and stop lights with the new PFs?: MurkyMajare
PF and RC: how to add working Stop Lights: Riccardo_Lenny
Using an Android Phone to control your trains: skaako
"Float" vs "Brake" in remote control: mostlytechnic
PF channel extension discussion in Technic forum: Toastie
Extending IR range with RF: Toastie
Revolutionary New Data Transport Protocol: Mr Hobbles
LED Train Timetable: Rob Klingberg
New Bluetooth Receiver for Power Functions System: PetrXP
Modifying Power Functions to allow more options: sirrobin
LEGO Trains and DCC: John Hill
How to check if locomotive is on a curve track?: mikezang
Where to download LDCC firmware source?: mikezang

General 4.5V discussion

Modernise your 4.5V trains: John Hill

General 12V discussion

Can 12v trains be used in the United States?, How do you convert 220V to 110V? Gary Sabol
7864 LEGO 12v speed regulator extra output socket: Gareth
7864 12V Transformer: Lazarus

General 9V discussion

Control Panels for 9V Trains: AFOL12v
Future availability of 9V: hoeij
Return of 9V?, General Discussion: Matt Dawson
Number of Passenger cars a 9v train motor can pull? MillerTime
Question about 9 volt motor parts and weights: Jan
9v Controller Voltage Levels: BMW
Building a Custom 9V Motor: Legoroni
Worth the cost to get into 9V now, with a huge investment in PF?: Locutis

General RC discussion

8866 Train Motor experiences? Mark Bellis
Help needed to upgrade 4.5V Train to RC: unimog
Switching from 9V to RC: RockeTeK
Radio Control Train Sets: Locomotive Annie

General PF discussion

Infared Link for PF Trains, What is this new piece?: TheBrickster
Is Power Functions just as good as a 9 Volt? CarrollFilms
Train Questions from a Newbie (9V or PF): Andre1983nl
New Power Functions Circuit Diagrams: Mark Bellis
PF Train Motor Testing, Testing PF train motors against the standard set by 9V train motors: Mark Bellis
Power Functions For Trains - XL Motor vs M Motor ?, Need help with train engine choice: cagri
Power Functions on Inclines, Is the Emerald Really a Powerful Locomotive? TheBrickster
Power Functions questions: CarrollFilms
Power Functions sizes: Matt Dawson
PF Motors for shunters, Which combinations are best? roamingstudio
Putting Power Functions into Lego Trains: towerwarlock
PF without IR: Buddha Bricks
Philo's LEGO Train Motors Comparison: DLuders
Product Recall of 8879 PF IR Speed Remote Control, (U.S. and Canada): ILikePi
Infrared remote control and line of sight: escortmad79
3 holes for axles on the new 88002 motor?: OctanTrucker
Power Consumption of Train Motors: Rob Klingberg
Where does the excess energy go?: hoeij
Has anyone tried to make a gearbox for the PF trains?: Sokratesz
8887 10V DC Transformer Alternative?: Pazoozoo
Looking for PF motors: 22kane
Inside a Lego PF Train Motor?: liveitnerd
Can I power my train with the parts that I've got?: L@go
Advanced train-building with power functions: Nix Mills
Power Functions Motor with Steam Drivers: Duke
Play by Hand: jcnoslegos
Lego PF Help: Legoroni
88002 Center Wheel?: Alex E
88002 & Steam Wheels?: Hrw-Amen
My first experience with Power Functions: 22kane
88002 or 8866?: Seany
So PF, is it of any use for realistic operation?: Locomotive Annie
Inductive Charging for PF Trains: Mark Bellis
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General discussion and inspiration

General discussion

* Discontinuation Speculation: eliminator
* Future Train sets discussion/speculation: peterab
Train Talk (general L-gauge discussion) : Highlandcattle
What Ever Happened to the Single Train Car? Rolling Stock Reluctance: TheBrickster
What Ever Happened to the Train Engine Shed? TheBrickster
Cargo Train Competition, A Train Tech Cargo Train Face-Off: TheBrickster
Mixed Train Lengths, Realistic or Evolving? TheBrickster
Old Lego 12V Trains: Brickimad
What's Next for Lego Trains (After the Emerald)?: TheBrickster
What Ever Happened to Lego's Train Mystery?, Senor Palomar & Company: TheBrickster
Train Tunnels, Stand Alone Set or Too Tricky for LEGO? TheBrickster
Ideas for new Train sets: Klaus-Dieter
Real Water in Train Layouts, A followup to TheBrickster's Topic on real water in your LEGO city: Brickstarrunner
Train Storage & Display, How Do You Display Your Trains? TheBrickster
Early Monorail: Gareth
Maersk Train: Engine vs Rolling Stock: Toastie
Scaling of LEGO trains: Tearloch33
Maersk vs BNSF: Enough cargo for both?: MetroiD
What got you into Lego Trains?: Brickimad
Being Disloyal to LEGO Trains: legotrainfan
Kids and Trains: Pingles
Rumor that PF Maybe Going Away: Stefanwest
The Blue Train Engine: Brickviller
Gauge Question: Brik-el
What do people think is next?: Stefanwest
Classic Train: 5 or 6 studs high?: 1974
How fast do you run them?: Hrw-Amen
Where do you put your third man for the Maersk Train?: clcwong
Life and Lego Trains: 12vretrofan
Misc Train Talk: TheBrickster
What LEGO Train Are You?: TheBrickster
Did L-Scale Get You Into LEGO Trains?: Hrw-Amen
Your thoughts on Train LUGs: kyphur
Are LEGO Trains Classed as "Real" Model Trains?: Paul B
Could this be a new "golden age" of LEGO train?: DaddyDeuce
2012 Train 'Exclusive' - Rumours/Rumblings?: nesquik
LEGO Trains in Education: JopieK
Do Train Fans Look Down on Harry Potter Trains?: Artifex
LEGO Trains and Cats: ticktockclock
TLG Train Sets - What Triggers 'Buy'?: andythenorth
A Speculative Discussion on Pneumatic Locomotives: Icosahedron
Long Trains.... Show 'm !: LegoSjaak
Complete List of Trains and Wagons: Henrik Ludvigsen
2013 Train Sets: LiamM32
A fast and cheap way to store your trains: robt
What if the steam electric locomotive had proved to be a reliable tech: Locomotive Annie
Train Tech Art: Catanas
Duplo Trains discussion: Adam Badura
My Own Trains: Locomotive Annie
New Guinness World Record: Henrik Ludvigsen
Getting the location of the theme 'Right': stu808

Old news topics

2010 Train Sets: AllanSmith
2011 Trains set(s): Klaus-Dieter
3677 Red Freight Train: eiker86
4841 Hogwarts Express Train Discussion: Chromeknight
7597 Western Train Chase Discussion: TheBrickster
10194 Emerald Night: Der Seb
7898 Cargo Train Deluxe Variation, Boxcar Blues: TheBrickster
10219 - Were we ready for this?: paul_delahaye
New 2012 Train: 9467 Ghost Train: JopieK
New Narrow Gauge Train in 4204 City Miners Set: JopieK

General polls

Best LEGO train ever made, what do you think the best Lego train made is: Paintballman413
Best Monorail, Which is your favorite? Macoco
Best Train Era Minifigs? JD5775
Favorite Train Engine (Poll): TheBrickster
FREIGHT or FANCY?, Train Tech Poll: TheBrickster
Monorail or Trains?, Which do you like better? Macoco
SFSC vs. the BNSF (Face-Off Poll): TheBrickster
Steam vs. Modern, Which Do You Like Better? Keetong
Triple Train Engine Face-Off: Best of the 9V Engines (Poll): TheBrickster
What's Your First Train Set? Dr Kilroy
European vs. American Train Styles, Vote for your favorite train style: TheBrickster
Favorite LEGO Train Station, What is yours? Macoco
Stickers on your trains - yes/no? ignacj
Train Parts Needed for Pick A Brick, What Pieces Should Lego Offer? TheBrickster
What parts does PaB/LDD need for train rolling stock? jonwill
Train Rooves, What's Your Favorite Element? TheBrickster
Powering PF: Piranha
LEGO Train Book ?: TaltosVT
Diesel Dilemma: TheBrickster
Community Building Challenge Created by You: 22kane
Which monorail sets do you own and which do you want?: johnnyvgoode
Extras with train sets: Legocrazy81
What's Next for Old 4.5V Trains?: roamingstudio
How Many Trains Do You Own?: Pazoozoo

Train shopping

Stuck on what to buy next?: sebby
Buy the sets or buy the parts?: BigDumbWookiee
Trying to build more: Bernie56
Santa Fe Super Chief Limited Edition: Tigertamer
9V track prices: hoeij
Emerald Night & Maersk- an investment?: 22kane
Where to buy an Emerald Night?: robt
Is It Worth Buying an Emerald Night Now?: nana
Building the Emerald Night via Bricklink?: timmyc1983
88000 and 88002 new and have never been available: Pazoozoo
7939 Cargo Train Availability: eliminator
Straight & curved rail now on pick a brick: ltrain
Investing in LEGO Trains: legotrader
Where Can I Buy Classic Hoses?: Petzi
Value & Rarity of 7740 Inter-City Passenger Train: PETER54
LEGO Train Track: Lego Man Can
Where to buy passenger/cargo in stores?: Charlie97L
Value of old train parts?: anagram
Brinklinking a 7725 MOD: Heppeng

Books and DVDs

LEGO Train DVDs: Rob Klingberg
Do not buy this book on LEGO Trains: brickitect

Clone brands discussion

* Enlighten, BanBao, & Other Clone Train Brands: bpwilly
Powering Enlighten Trains: RC of PF? Buddha Bricks


'Behind The Helm' Episode #12 - Jamie Berard, Part 1...All Aboard! Captain Zuloo
'Behind The Helm' Episode #12 - Jamie Berard, Part 2...Conclusion Captain Zuloo
The Brick Broadcast Episode #2, Train Tech's mastermind, TheBrickster: Captain Zuloo
The Brick Broadcast Episode #5, Tim Gould (gambort): Captain Zuloo
Train Tech Spotlight Builder: Steinkopf: TheBrickster

Real-life train inspiration

Inspiration Behind the Emerald: Piranha
Crane Car Creativity, What Makes the Crane Car So Special? TheBrickster
Creative Train Combos, How Do You Combine Your 9V Sets? TheBrickster
Fun with Flatbeds, What to Add to Your Freight Trains? TheBrickster
Geographic Influence, When it comes to your trains? TheBrickster
Lehmann Toy Train, Ideas for Fun Lego Trains: TheBrickster
Train Ideas Needed, For a Mexican Village: TheBrickster
Rarely Made Locomotives and Train Cars: Madcat2000
Wild West Train & Town Video: TheBrickster
Irish Railways, Who else has built Irish rolling stock? Andy Glascott
American Train Images: TheBrickster
Captain Zuloo and pe668's Great Steam Train Journey: Captain Zuloo
Inspiration from Promontory Point, Replicas of the Trans-continental RR trains: Athos
Train Art, Inspiration to create LEGO Trains: TheBrickster
Crane Inspiration: Matt Dawson
Emerald Night Coach interiors - What should each class be? Goldenmasamune
Loco from 7939. Is it modelled after a real engine?: henryhotspurs
Driver's Cabin: legotrainfan
Info on this MOW car?: Inkog
Driver Visibility: Hrw-Amen
Question for Trainspotters re. the Santa Fe Super Chief: kyphur
Rotary Snow Plow: kyphur
Challenge: Electric Steam Locos: roamingstudio
Lack of buffers on newer trains?: Hrw-Amen
Electrosteam's Bag of Ideas: Electricsteam
A small question about train reference sources: Gioppa
What's Your Favorite Train Documentary and/or TV Program?: Hey Joe
What's your favorite railway museum and why?: Hey Joe
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The forum

About Train Tech

Train Tech has a new station! Siegfried
Train Tech Registry: Are You a Train Fan?
Ideas & Feedback: Help Make Train Tech a Better Forum
EB Train Tech Makes the One-Million Mark!: TheBrickster
Eurobricks 2011 Year in Review: TheBrickster
Congratulations JopieK, our new Train Regulator!: Fugazi

Past contests

Wacky and Weird Locomotive Challenge! (Mar 2013)
Wacky & Weird Locomotive Challenge - the Winners!

Maersk Madness (Jan 2012)
Maersk Madness Voting

Christmas Trains Challenge (Dec 2011)

Container Raffle Build (Mar 2011)

Spook'n Up Train Tech, Build a Ghost Train Building Challenge (Oct 2009)
Build a Ghost Train Voting

"Trainify" Your Avatar, For Train Month (Aug 2009)

Train Tech Building Contest, Launch Contest for New Train Tech Forum (Aug 2009)
Category 1: Complete Trains
Category 2: Single Engines & Wagons
Category 3: Trackside Structures

Fun stuff

Tale of the Ghost Train, Make-Your-Own-Story: TheBrickster
7812 Observation Coach: roamingstudio

Miscellaneous discussions

MOD: modification or My Own Design?: Duq
I have to ask - Real World Engineers: Bernie56
Bitmap Graphics in Signatures: SRTracerB
Congrats to Locomotive Annie!: TheBrickster

Other resources
Please report broken links.

Where to start?

Ten Terrific Train Links, Beneficial Community Resources for Every Lego Train Fan: TheBrickster

External links

Lego Train Depot (New)
Lugnet Train News
Railbricks (Brick Railroading Magazine)
Track Geometry by Bill Ward
Trains n Town
Wikipedia Article on Lego Trains
L Gauge

LEGO Train clubs

Bay Area Lego Train Club
Central Ohio Lego Train Club
East Japan Lego Train Club
Greater Florida Lego Train Club
Hungarian LEGO Train Club
North Georgia Lego Train Club
Northern Illinois Lego Train Club
Southern Alberta LEGO Users' Group
Southern California Lego Train Club
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