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[REVIEW] 7914 Mandalorian Battle Pack

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Posted 23 January 2011 - 02:41 PM

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This is one of the new wave of Star Wars 2011 sets. This should now be easy to pick up anywhere. From what I've heard, Toys R Us sells the in plentiful stock in the US (and have been doing so for about a month) and now Argos stock them in the UK. Failing that Amazon and Lego both stock them online for other countries. So here's those vital statistics we all care so dearly about :laugh: staight from TLG:

Item #: 7914
Ages: 6-12
Pieces: 68
•Includes 4 minifigures: Mandalorian assassin and 3 Mandalorian troopers
•Features Mandalorian speeder, blaster turret and 5 weapons
•Each Mandalorian trooper features a unique weapon
•Blast the opposition with the big, blaster turret
•Deploy your forces against the #7913 Clone Trooper Battle Pack
•Mandalorian speeder measures 2” (5cm) wide, 3” (7cm) long
•Blaster turret measures 2” (5cm) wide and 2” (5cm) long

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The box isn't anything special. It does clear up that the turret fires lasers, not rockets, but I think Lego should have more easily advertised the piece count for those debating which battle pack they want to purchase [first].

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This is what you get for your money; two bags and an instruction manual. The instruction manual is smaller than the clone one (16 pages with a smaller height and width). There's no comic or showcase of the other sets and, like the clone battle pack, there's no piece callouts but they aren't exactly needed. That doesn't bother me but may annoy other people. Interestingly, the back of the box seems to showcase the clones more than the Mandolorians (and vice versa).

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With both bags openned up, here are those 68 pieces. As you can see, I've seperated the parts into the figures, the speeder, the turret, the heavy machine gun (at least that's what I think it is), the guns and the spare parts.

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Now we have the 4 identical warriors in variouis degrees of undress.
There's no back printing (though it isn't needed thanks to the, now easily available, jetpacks) but the torsos printing is excellent and very accurate. Most people complain about the head but, after seeing picture after picture of it, I don't really mind it anymore. First I thought Anakin was really ugly but then I got used to his new face, the same thing happened to the clones and now these fellas (maybe Lego is making their figures progressively uglier). One thing though they are a shade paler than the clone troopers which I don't like. The helmet is reprinted from Boba Fett last wave and I think it is great.
Overall I do like the character, as long as they keep their helmets on, and I think they make a good enough Jango Fett, too.

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Here are the Mando's with their weapons (and a better picture of the new jetpack). I do think the new pistols fit the Mandalorians better than they do with the clones. Other than that there's nothing new to see here.

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Built in 4 steps out of 6 pieces, this gun is simple but effective. I really like the design but I do have a gripe with it; the Mandalorian can't hold it properly without it bending his arm slightly. It looks fine but I do worry that the hand will snap and I'll have to replace it. :sceptic:
Also, the mandalorian has to hold it at an angle which bothers some people but with a quick tilt of his helmet and I think looks rather cool.

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Now the speeder, made in 11 steps with 22 pieces. I think its overall design is good but I do think it has 2 small flaws. Firstly, the mandalorian can't properly be seated without removing his jet pack (otherwise the 'handlebars' move up a little), this may not annoy some people but I wish it came with a control panel instead.
Also, the speeder does look a bit bland so I wish it came with a small sticker (!) or something similar on the blue piece to liven it up a little.

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Now the Turret. At first I hated it and it still isn't my favourite part of the set but I will admit that it has grown on me since. Made in 16 pieces in 8 steps (11 if you include sub steps), this is very similar to the one in the first clone battle pack. To explain my opinions, I'll use a picture:

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Compared to the earlier model, I wouldn't say there's been much improvement. I'd say the shape of the first one is just a little bit better but the gun in the new one is more appropriate. My main proble with this is that there is no trigger! This is why I'd say it's the worst bit of the set but better than my first impression.

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With the completed set, it's time to give my verdict:

Design 7/10
I have to dock points seeing as each bit has it own design flaw but they do all look good together as part of a battlefield diorrama. This was close to being a 6.

Figures 8/10
They are fine together but, as I've mentioned allready, the face is a little pale. I would have also liked one of the plastic bags with the head gear, skirt etc. seeing as they are compatible and maybe even a cape like the sandtroopers have. All of these have been made before so why not here?

Value 8/10
Some people would say this isn't a good price to piece ratio but for what you get, I'd say it's worth it. I don't think there is any need to buy multiples like with the clone battlepack. This why I took away points because that is the point of a battlepack.

Overall 23/30
A fair score and definately worth buying 1 of seeing as it has a low price but not exactly what people want in a battlepack.

Please feel free to post your opinions on the set and my review.
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Posted 23 January 2011 - 02:56 PM

Great review! :thumbup:
Pictures are good too!
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#3 Dumbfire


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Posted 23 January 2011 - 02:56 PM

Great review!
I absolutely agree. I just want it once and thats all. And for that its worth the money. I'll pick this up once. What I don't get is why they made a Mandalarion battle pack in the first place, Deathwatch only appeared like 4 episodes..

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Posted 23 January 2011 - 03:34 PM

I've edited the title topic to include [REVIEW] and set number.
Not doing it like we usually do when it comes to the title can make it really hard to index.
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Posted 23 January 2011 - 06:14 PM

Nice review. I've got to admit, this set is just so-so in my opinion. The figs are great, but the turret could be better. The old one was better IMO. One thing that bothers me though, I can't seem to find the new SW sets in Canada!

#6 Flare


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Posted 23 January 2011 - 06:29 PM

Nice review, this looks like a better set than I previously thought  :thumbup:

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Posted 23 January 2011 - 07:37 PM

Not bad of a review. I think I've seen this set enough times to know this isn't the greatest set; I'm passing.

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Posted 05 April 2011 - 12:19 PM

A good review and the pics are much better lit than the the ones in other reviews.

Admittedly i am not a fan of comics and the animated series. I still got the set for 13 EUR because in my opinion it offers a lot for a mere battle pack. A small base, a vehicle and a heavy gun among four minifigs. Those are all the same - a fact that somehow is being made up for by them being Mandalorians (i like their suits and helmets). You get quite a few of armament/equipment which seems pretty typical of a Mandalorian squad. Not many parts but for an offer around 12 to 13 bucks i would recommend to get it. Rated at 4/5, IMO.
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Thank you TLG for releasing the new Imperial Star Destroyer and Mos Eisley Cantina! They are among the best you ever created!!!

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#9 Lord_Bloodwort


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Posted 13 April 2011 - 05:42 AM

About the Mandalorian printed face, I think it's supposed to be Pre Viszla, the leader of Death Watch, but why they'd make ALL the Mandalorians the same face under the helmet is beyond me. Viszla even had different armor from the regular Mandalorian troops in the CW episodes, not to mention the "darksaber" he used against Obiwan. I have this set as well, and i really like it (then again, my separatist side was looking a little sparse...only a handful of battledroids vs about 20 Jedi and a dozen clones? LOL) I almost hope they re-do the helmet and body in a darker grey/black to make a proper Pre Viszla minifigure down the line.
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