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Eurobricks Collectable LEGO Minifigures Series 2 Building Contest

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#26 Commander Laquiet

Commander Laquiet

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Posted 28 September 2010 - 12:25 AM

My entry -

Series 1 minifigure: Caveman
Series 2 minifigure: Pharaoh
Theme: Ummmm... Space/City... Not sure, a mixture of themes.


In the year 2013, when the world's scientists invented the first time travel apparatus, they decided it would be interesting to see how people from ancient history would fare in the modern world. They threw thousands of portals back into random points in the past, hoping that some ancient member of the human race would be curious enough to step into the portal. They were pleased with the results, as hundreds of previous-era humans appeared, very bemused, in their laboratory.

One of the humans to appear was an Egyptian Pharaoh. He was sent to modern Egypt, and the people of Egypt received their ancient ruler with open arms and begged him to stay. He consented, but on the condition that he was able to visit his own people, thousands of years in the past.

After many ancient humans stayed in the modern world on the same conditions as the Pharaoh, the scientists decided that there needed to be a place where all wishing to go back to the past had to go, where one main portal operated. This is our setting, known as the TimePort.

Various friendships were forged by the ancient humans who wound up in the modern world. They were, initially, very frightened, and banded together. One of the strongest friendships was between the Caveman and the Pharaoh.


Posted Image

Here we have the Pharaoh, returning from a visit to ancient Egypt, arriving back at the same time as his great friend the Caveman. The Pharaoh would be positioned walking down the stairs. What a chance encounter! But look out for the rat beneath the stairs, for he carries the black plague! He must have arrived with the medieval soldier. And... wait a minute, is that Jar-Jar? Star Wars really was history after all!  

Posted Image

The portal.

Posted Image

My goods and belongings scanner! I'm quite proud of this. In the main picture above you can see the Caveman has fed his club into the entry end.
The man in the purple jacket by the scanner is a security operator, the seats at the back where the Royal Navy officer is sitting is the transit lounge.
The glimpse you get of a helmet at the collection end of the scanner is that of the soldier.

You can see pictures with the Pharaoh included @ Brickshelf - when moderated.

Thanks for viewing!  :classic:

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#27 LEGO Ink


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Posted 28 September 2010 - 12:26 AM

Series 1:  Magician
Series 2:  Witch

Melvin the Magician always had a knack for finding people's belongings.  When he was younger his friends would have contests to see who could hide something the longest before Melvin would find it, but he also found that he was able to find things that people had truly lost.  While in college, examining all the confused students, Melvin found that if you were wearing a hat and scratching your head in a confused fashion, the memory of 'the last place you saw it' would fall out into the fabric.  All that's left was to pull it out.  

At 'Finders Keepers', Melvin happily helped all sorts of people find all sorts of things...until that fateful day with the Witch.  Farmer Brown came looking for a wrench, to fix his trusty tractor.  The Witch, well, she was just kind of off.  After his initial demonstration where he pulled out a rabbit, the Witch tried to find...something.  Nothing would come out of her hat, as hard as she may have tried.  With the need to fix his tractor and harvest crops, Melvin went to Farmer Brown and WHAM-OH!!!! out came the wrench on the very first try!!  This infuriated the Witch so much that she threw her hat to the ground.  But wait...what's that?!?

Posted Image

A TORNADO!!  Watch out Melvin & Brown!  After throwing her hat the Witch started screaming in a fierce tantrum, all while cursing and spinning around.  In all the confusion and wind, Melvin's wand was picked up and hurled across the room.  He knew only one thing...Save That Rabbit!  In mere seconds Melvin ducked (or tripped on the stage) and dashed over to the helpless bunny as his wand stuck straight into the board.

Posted Image

With the wall crumbling and tables twisted, Farmer Brown left his wrench to be sucked into the storm as he darted to the nearest vacant wall in hopes of finding a hallway out.  Melvin was close behind, leaving the Witch to be characterized and tortured in many other family films and stories.

Posted Image

Note, the blue Wizards hat is just a representation of where the witch's hat would be placed.  It is not needed as a structural piece, just a reference.

#28 WhiteFang


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Posted 28 September 2010 - 05:09 AM

Deadline is up.

Please vote in this topic.

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