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Review: 8089 Wampa Cave & Snowspeeder

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#1 Rufus


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Posted 23 August 2010 - 06:48 PM

Posted Image
Posted Image

Remember the classic scene from The Empire Strikes Back, where Zev Senesca rescues Luke Skywalker from the Wampa Cave?  What do you mean, No?  Ok: remember the scene where Luke escapes from the Wampa cave, falls over in the snow, sees an image of Ben Kenobi, is found by Han, who stuffs him into the gizzards of a dead Tauntaun, then is finally rescued by Zev Senesca?  Now, edit that scene a little, recreate it in little plastic bricks, and you get:

8089 Wampa Cave & Snowspeeder

Posted Image
Official Shop@Home picture

Name:  Hoth Wampa Cave
Number:  8089
Theme:  Star WarsTM Original Trilogy (Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back)
Year:  2010
Pieces:  297
Figures:  3 (4 if you include the skeleton)
Price:  GB £ 34.99  |  US $ 39.99  |  EUR 49.99  |  AUD 79.99  |  DKK 429.00

Shop@Home said:

Escape from the wampa ice creature with Luke Skywalker™!
While on scouting duty on Hoth, Luke Skywalker™ is savagely attacked and captured by a ferocious wampa ice creature. Can he use the Force to recover his lightsaber before the wampa gets him? Or will pilot Zev Snesca™ save him using the snowspeeder?

Celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back™ with the instantly recognizable set.
  • Includes 3 minifigures: wampa ice creature, Luke Skywalker and Zev Senesca
  • Features wampa cave and snowspeeder
  • Wampa cave features lightsaber catapult function and skeleton
  • Snowspeeder includes opening cockpit and realistic tow cable with string and hook
  • Combine with other Hoth sets from LEGO Star Wars including Echo Base™ 7749, Rebel Trooper™ Battle Pack 8083, and Snowtrooper™ Battle Pack 8084
  • Wampa cave measures 7” (18cm) long and 4” (10cm) wide
  • Snowspeeder measures 7” (18cm) long

Links   Shop@Home  ...   Bricklink   ...   Brickset   ...   (Peeron Not Yet Listed)

The Box

Posted Image

I love the colour scheme of these summer sets - far nicer than the tedious white we've had to put up with for the last eighteen months.   The dark blue background is smart and eye-catching, and shows off the set really well.  Here we see Luke dangling from the ceiling of the icy cave, whilst the Wampa high-fives the air; meanwhile Zev speeds towards the scene, apparently from inside the cave.  It's a somewhat improbable scene, but there is no other way to feature all the elements of the set.

The back shows a different view of the set, this time with the speeder landed as Zev drags Luke from the cave, whilst the Wampa apparently waves goodbye and the skeleton watches with interest.  A few of the features of the set are shown off: the opening canopy and tow cable of the speeder, plus the lightsaber ejection 'mechanism' which we'll examine later.

Posted Image

Also featured are adverts for three of the pricey summer releases.  You can see that this box opens with the familiar thumb tabs.

The box top shows 'actual size' photographs of the protagonists, including the skeleton amongst their number.

Posted Image

Wampa is too tall, so has to sit sideways.  Here he is rotated:

Posted Image

The Instructions

Posted Image

The single booklet sports a larger version of the box picture, looking pretty without all the clutter.  It fits snugly inside the box, hence mine came out uncrumpled.

The steps are simple, with piece call-outs and about 2-5 pieces per step.  There isn't much of a problem with colour differentiation, being mostly white and grey.

Posted Image

In this featured page you can see the little sub-builds used to create icy stalactites.

The now-standard parts index graces a two-page spread at the rear:

Posted Image

Click for a high resolution image.

A further double-spread shows close-ups of the set features, and adverts for all the (non-exclusive) summer releases:

Posted Image

Note again the lightsaber ejector.

The Parts

The 297 parts come in three numbered polybags, plus the separately-packaged Wampa:

Posted Image

Bags 1 and 2 contain the parts for the speeder:

Posted Image

There's little to note here, and the parts collection will be familiar to owners of the previous snowspeeders.

Bag 3 builds the cave:

Posted Image

Some useful parts here: a few large plates, plus lots of tall white bricks and slopes which are vital for any Hoth builder.  There's a single dark bley rock piece, which will probably not get many people excited, but the twelve white cheese slopes are a bonus.  

The Decal Sheet

The single DSS provides detail for the snowspeeder:  the nose livery, the engine detail and the computer screen.

Posted Image

It's a real shame that Lego have to produce stickers for these features, particularly as the 2004 version (4500) had much of the same details as printed parts.  A welcome new feature is the backwards 'ZZ' which can be seen in a few scenes of the movie.

The Minifigures

Here are the standard-size figures, front and back:

Posted Image

Luke will be the biggest excitement here.  He sports a new torso: a quilted Hoth jacket, with utility belt, and nice back printing.  I'm not sure of the authenticity of using grey for his arms and legs, but it's hard to tell from the movie what colour his trousers are!  He has the oversized hat introduced with this year's battle pack.  It would be nice if he had a 'car crash' face to match Luke's injuries, but this appears to be the same head as appeared in the Landspeeder earlier this year.

Here's Luke in the movie:

Posted Image

His arms look like they should be white.  In a later shot of Luke in the cave, his trousers do indeed look grey (see here, or later in the review).

Zev Senesca is identical to the one from the battle pack (8089 on the left):

Posted Image

Lego have done a fairly good job on Zev.  He's the dude that flies out to find Han and Luke, and is most famous for the 'I've found them - repeat, I've found them!' line.  As such, most will remember him smiling and looking quite jolly:

Posted Image

Lego's scowling Zev is a little incongruous, though I do like his helmet.

'Look at 'is little face!'  Wampa is very cute:

Posted Image

There was a lot of disgust, when pictures of this set first appeared, at the 'holes' on the inside of Wampa's arms.  I really don't think it's that big a deal; you really don't notice them most of the time.  I suspect that filling these holes would have required a whole separate mould, and would probably have made the set prohibitively expensive.  I wouldn't be surprised if the Wampa alone makes up over £5 of the £35 price tag.

Note that, unlike with the Tauntaun, there is no ambiguity about how to position the horns.

He's quite a good representation:

Posted Image

Perhaps a little stocky for what's basically a white wookiee.

Wampa's arms are attached via blue Technic pin-axles, as we'll see later.  The right arm can grip minifig tools (or chicken legs), and the left arm can hold whole figures, allowing the Wampa to drag Luke off to the cage ...

Posted Image

... or to test the 'Humans taste like chicken' assertion.

The Build

The speeder is built first.  For owners of 7666 Hoth Rebel Base, the build will be hauntingly familiar, although there are a few differences.  It's as if the designer relied on memory rather than reference to the previous model.

Posted Image

The little differences include use of the yellow tiles for the floor of the speeder.  This is a little annoying as the pilot tends to rattle around.

There are more differences in the wing.  The engine mounts are the same shape as 7666's, but aren't removable.  The cannons are improved:  they are in line throughout their length, not staggered; however, the cannon end-pieces aren't mounted on jumper plates which mean they sit a little lower.

Posted Image

We'll compare the speeders directly later.

The cave is a simple open structure which nevertheless makes effective use of staggered blocks to add perspective.

Posted Image

The dark bley 4x1 bricks with side studs attach the stalactites mentioned earlier, and also serve as the attachment point for Luke's legs.

The ribcage and lightsaber ejection 'mechanism' are built thus:

Posted Image

The ribcage is a lovely touch, built simply from tan 1x1 plates with side 'eye', and teeth.  The bley minifig neck-attachment serves to anchor the ribcage to the cave floor.

The Complete Set

Let's have a look at the snowspeeder.

Posted Image

It looks like Lego have settled on this basic design, which hasn't changed a great deal since 4500 in 2004.  It's sleek and attractive, if not wholly accurate to the movie version; the main difference being the shape of the cockpit which uses the same piece as the X-Wing and Y-Wing models.

It's quite imposing from the front, and Zev gets good visibility through the tapered cockpit:

Posted Image

From this angle you can see how the cannon end-pieces sit a little low; this would be easily fixed.

We'll now have a look around the model, with comparison to the previous two versions - 4500 (right) and 7666 (left).  I haven't included a comparison to the original grey 7130, which is a completely different bucket of frogs.

Posted Image

The most obvious difference between 7666 and the other two is the colour scheme - 7666 has grey stripes, while both 8089 and the earlier 4500 have orange.  This is an authentic feature of the movie:  Zev's speeder has the orange flashes, whilst Luke's has grey.  The only offender here is 4500, which was sold as Luke's speeder.

The colour difference is shown in this screenshot:

Posted Image

From the top, you can see how the basic shape is the same, though 4500 has differences in the slopes of the engine modules and the cannon pieces.

Posted Image

4500 also features more tan in the colour scheme.  The major difference between 8089 and 7666 is the centre section of the cannons, which have been smoothed nicely in the latest incarnation.

From the back, we can compare the harpoon and tow-cable mechanisms.  The basic spool is identical (notwithstanding that I hadn't applied the fiddly string when I took these pictures), but the harpoon itself is different on all three versions.  4500 used a classic space camera; 7666 a piece which resembles a jack-hammer; and 8089 a megaphone.  The last, unfortunately, does not grip the hook well.

Posted Image

The evolution of the harpoon system is linked to the change in the cockpit between 4500 and 7666.  4500's cockpit opened in the middle:  this is authentic to the movie, but problematic as the whole rear part of the cockpit tended to rip off.  Therefore, with 7666 some opening hinges were provided so that the whole cockpit would open, giving easier access to the gunner.  The downside of this otherwise useful change was that there was less room for the harpoon gun, which was now attached with a clip piece and therefore doesn't rotate.

You can also see in the above shot how the bley ridged plates on the inboard surface of 8089's wings do no extend all the way to the rear.  This is due in part to the engine modules sitting a plate lower on the wing.

Here's a close-up of the tow cable apparatus, with string attached:

Posted Image

The left-hand picture shows the intended arrangement; as such, the megaphone doesn't grip the hook, so I've reversed it in the second picture.  That way, whilst it doesn't grip securely, at least the hook stays in place.

The differences in the cockpit design can be seen in this view (8089 at the front):

Posted Image

Note that the more recent versions' cockpits can still open in the middle, thus preserving authenticity.

Finally, a view from below:

Posted Image

It's a shame that the later sets didn't include rounded plates to assist the sliding along the carpet that kids will want to do.  7666 has a 2x4 plate which lets it sit in the rotating repair bay that comes with that set.  8089 is rather plain by comparison.

The Cave

Posted Image

For a very simple playset, this is quite an attractive design, and I think Lego have done well to include nice details and play features whilst ensuring that Luke remains the centre of attention.  The use of cheese slopes to finish off the upright parts helps to highlight the iciness of the scene; I love the perspective effect of the cave tunnel.

This is what the cave should look like:

Posted Image

Note Luke's grey trousers.  The Lego rendition is far simpler, but the icy stalactites and stalagmites are brought to life quite well.

It's not so much to look at from the back ...

Posted Image

... although the outward-facing rock piece helps to break the monotony.  Looking at the screen shot above, I guess this aspect represents the entrance to the cave:  the rock piece facing outwards therefore makes some sense.

The skelington has a little handle to hold onto:

Posted Image

This is a nice touch, and helps to prevent him disappearing under the furniture during dusting.

The lightsaber launching mechanism is less effective:

Posted Image

The features page of the instructions implies that pressing on the white tile at the right will launch the saber at Luke, so he can cut himself free.  However, no matter how I pressed it, I couldn't get the saber to shift more than a few millimetres (right panel).  It's more of a talking point than a play feature, but a nice idea.

To continue the sequence, Luke somehow retrieves his lightsaber, and cuts himself free in time to face the Wampa:

Posted Image

He then dismembers the poor blue-blooded beast and legs it ...

Posted Image

... In time to be rescued by Zev.

Posted Image


Isn't there something missing here?  Well, I haven't watched Empire for maybe at least a week, but I could swear there's a whole scene involving fading Ben, muttering Luke, hero Han and a Tauntaun's giblets before Zev stages his eleventh-hour rescue.  This set therefore sits on a dubious premise:  that the target market will either not remember the details of the film, or forgive both the blatant editing required to render this scene, and the extra cost of having to purchase 7749 Echo Base in order to recreate the movie plot with accuracy.

Most adult SW Lego fans, I'm sure, won't care.  This is a great opportunity to get hold of a snowspeeder, for those who missed out on the short-lived 7666 and the ancient-history 4500, and holds the additional excitement of a new Luke figure and the cute chunky Wampa monster; I can't imagine that anyone who is thinking of buying this hasn't already got at least one 7749, or wouldn't be averse to buying one.  

From that point of view, I suspect 8089 is aimed as part of a marketing strategy: with 7749, two elements of a collectable series.   I know many will complain that the snowspeeder is just a re-hash, but with another AT-AT out this year, it'll need something to fight; plus we have a whole horde of Hoth battle figures, so another central player in the Battle of Hoth actually makes perfect sense for 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back.

Design:  9  Lego have just about perfected the design of the snowspeeder, so I can't complain about its similarity to the previous incarnations.  It's a beautiful little ship, delightfully executed.  The cave is simple, but the staggered blocks recreate the look of a short tunnel very effectively, and the little touches such as the ribcage really set it apart as a design triumph.

Build:   8  The build process is fun, even for those who have built the speeder before.  There is minimal repetition, and little fiddly Technic, though attaching the tow cable required patience.  I didn't apply the stickers, but there are no multiple pieces or tricky curves to deal with.

Parts:   7  There are no particularly rare or unusual parts, but the collection of tall white bricks and slopes would be useful for MOCcers.

Figures: 8  Despite concerns about the Wampa's hollow arms, he's a handsome brute.  The different arms can look a bit odd, but are necessary for playability, and I like that he can pick Luke up.  Luke himself has a great new torso, but I would have liked to have seen a scarred face.  It's a pity that Zev is identical to the figure from the battle pack, but this is more a fault of the latter which should ideally have included a generic pilot.

Playability:  7  There are lots of little features which add to the playability, but there really is a limit to the number of times you can recreate Luke escaping from the cave.  The lightsaber mechanism is more puzzling than anything else.  This sets shines most when combined with others, be it Han and the Tauntaun from 7749, or using the speeder to attack the AT-AT of your choice.

Price:   6 Considering the original Snowspeeder 7130 cost around £15 back in 1999, this set seems way overpriced - it's only £5 less than the much larger 7749 Hoth Rebel Base.  Much of this cost is, I suspect, down to the Wampa, and may preclude the purchase of multiple copies in order to build a fleet of speeders or a Wampa civilisation.  Shame!

Overall:  Average score 45/60 (75%).  My score 8.5/10.  I didn't have to think about buying this, and I rushed out to get it as soon as it became available.  With the Wampa, we have finally filled a hole in the Lego Empire Strikes Back story, and who can complain about another snowspeeder?  

Verdict:  A must for any Original Trilogy fan.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed the review.  Please let me know your thoughts on the set and the review.


For all the pictures, including high-resolution shots, go to my Brickshelf folder

Read schlaouich's review here.

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To finish:

Take care when cutting yourself free from ice caves with a laser sword:

Posted Image

Sometimes Vader regretted joining the Dark Side:

Posted Image

#2 prateek


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Posted 24 August 2010 - 03:48 AM

Awesome review. Instead of the Snowspeeder, a Taun Taun with Han would've done just fine, with a $15 price cut. As for the light sabre launcher, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I would've preferred a flick launcher. :sadnew:

#3 Svelte


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Posted 24 August 2010 - 04:29 AM

Thanks for this lovely review, Rufus.

Try as I might, it's hard to get excited about this set - and I generally love landscaping type sets, minimal as the caves are here.

What I don't like about the Wampa is how dull the white plastic looks, and how if you hold an arm up to the light, you can see right throught it :sick: I understand the cost issue, but the white plastic they have used feels very poor and it lets down the set overall.

I have to say, I didn't have any problems with the lightsaber flicky thing. Maybe you're thinking about it too hard! :tongue: A quick flick and off it flies! :laugh:

#4 KielDaMan


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Posted 24 August 2010 - 04:46 AM

For someone who have missed out the previous versions of the snowspeeder, this is the perfect set to finally grab the snowspeeder. But what limits me from getting this is the cave landscape - just doesn't cut it for me. The Wampa and the new-attired Luke are good MFs, but I agree it would have been even better if Han with the Taun-Taun were included, even for a higher price. But that's what's TLG tactic is all about - buy both sets to get what you want. So I'd be generous and give this set an average rating.

BTW, Lovely review as usual Rufus. Posted Image

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#5 Snowspeeder Pilot

Snowspeeder Pilot

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Posted 24 August 2010 - 05:30 AM

Great review, thank you very much!
Zev Senesca's helmet is not accurate, I do not like it too much but anyway we have another pilot of the rebel alliance but why not Wes Janson instead Zev Senesca or maybe Lego could release another Snowspeeder but instead Luke and Dack, Wedge and Wes... They shot down an AT-AT good chaps!  :classic:
Best Regards.

#6 LegoDad42


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Posted 24 August 2010 - 06:48 AM

Thanks for such an awesome review Rufus! Excellent photo's throughout...a pleasure to read your entire review....and also thx for showing the differences in the previous Snowspeeders.
I just got this set and my son built it last week (lot's of playability) and it's our first Lego Snowspeeder so I always wondered how the others differed. We're also planning on Moding the whole cave to make it larger and adding all the Hoth sets into a large diorama.

After I got this I thought they should've had the Snowspeeder with the Echo Base set and the Taun Taun here. Or at least have added a Taun Taun with a piece on it's belly to snap open and fit a mini-fig.

Oh, also...I didn't have trouble with the lightsaber 'telekinetic' :wink: launcher. What makes it easier is that you make sure the hilt it ALL the way in (insert joke here)and keep the launcher level(parallel to the ground), then snap down quickly. It works like a charm.

Again, thx for a fine review... :thumbup:

#7 drdavewatford


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Posted 24 August 2010 - 09:19 AM

Thanks, Rufus- another excellent review !

I'm just building this set at the moment so the review is extremely timely. During the build I was wondering how the new snowspeeder compares with the old ones, so you obviously anticipated this question !

I agree it's a nice set, and the wampa is great.

I have no problem with Lego splitting iconic scenes into multiple sets. They really can't win - if they put everything into one set people complain it's too expensive, and if they split into multiple sets people are unhappy with the lack of authenticity.
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#8 Brickus


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Posted 24 August 2010 - 09:36 AM

Great review, of a good set, I like the Wampa, but I like the new Luke fig best.

#9 L-space


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Posted 24 August 2010 - 01:09 PM

Another fine review, thanks!

The Wampa is a great addition to every Star Wars OT collection and is happy in my cabinet eating away at his chicken leg.
I took an extra Taun-taun and added han to the display and I'm pretty happy with the looks of it.
the Turtle moves...


Posted Image
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#10 WhiteFang


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Posted 24 August 2010 - 01:24 PM

Outstanding review, Rufus.  :thumbup:

This is one of my favourite set in the summer Star Wars collection, mainly because I now have a chance to grab another snowspeeder with a wampa in it. That's the whole point of getting this set. Sometimes, I wonder if the Hoth Rebel Base, Echo Base and this are meant to integrate together as a playset. I am sure it will be fun to put them all together. Other than the high price factor, you should definitely get this in your collection.

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#11 Skafte


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Posted 24 August 2010 - 02:39 PM

Great review of a good set!

I really wanted the Wampa, and of course the new Luke (I collect all released SW figs). The cave was a fun little build, but I haven't gotten round to building the speeder yet - I figured I could make the cost better by selling bags 1&2 unopened. But then again it would be nice to have all the different speeders built as well...
Brick or treat!

#12 Ogre


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Posted 24 August 2010 - 04:52 PM

Great review. Thanks.
It was especially nice to see the three speeders side by side for comparison.
I'm not a fan of the Wampa's arms but, you get over it pretty quick, especially once it sinks in that YOU'RE HOLDING A LEGO WAMPA!   :laugh:

On a side note: you aren't kidding about the 'short lived' Hoth Rebel Base!  I noted it's release, saw it in TRU about a week later (when, natch, I had no cash)...went back a week after that and they were sold out.  So, I figure "Ah, they'll get more..." and they never did.  Total bummer!


Posted Image

#13 Dr.Butcher


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    Country: Italy

Posted 24 August 2010 - 05:20 PM

A very good review, thanks.
Since I like the whole Hoth-theme (but I missed the Rebel base too and now it's very expensive), I'm looking forward to get this set.

Posted Image

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#14 Rufus


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Posted 24 August 2010 - 06:12 PM

Cheers for the comments guys! :sweet:

 Svelte, on 24 August 2010 - 04:29 AM, said:

Thanks for this lovely review, Rufus.

Try as I might, it's hard to get excited about this set - and I generally love landscaping type sets, minimal as the caves are here.

What I don't like about the Wampa is how dull the white plastic looks, and how if you hold an arm up to the light, you can see right throught it :sick: I understand the cost issue, but the white plastic they have used feels very poor and it lets down the set overall.

I have to say, I didn't have any problems with the lightsaber flicky thing. Maybe you're thinking about it too hard! :tongue: A quick flick and off it flies! :laugh:
I can't say I'd noticed poor quality plastic in the Wampa, Svelte, but then I haven't tried holding it up to the light!  You're right about the lightsaber shooter, though - after reading your and LegoDad's comments, I went back and tried again with a bit more force, and Pow!  Now the lightsaber is somewhere unreachable under the bookshelf!  :laugh:

 Snowspeeder Pilot, on 24 August 2010 - 05:30 AM, said:

Great review, thank you very much!
Zev Senesca's helmet is not accurate, I do not like it too much but anyway we have another pilot of the rebel alliance but why not Wes Janson instead Zev Senesca or maybe Lego could release another Snowspeeder but instead Luke and Dack, Wedge and Wes... They shot down an AT-AT good chaps!  :classic:
Best Regards.
I think this set needs Zev; if they wanted to do another pilot they should have put him in the battle pack instead of Zev.  Wes would be a good choice, agreed!  :classic:

 WhiteFang, on 24 August 2010 - 01:24 PM, said:

Outstanding review, Rufus.  :thumbup:

This is one of my favourite set in the summer Star Wars collection, mainly because I now have a chance to grab another snowspeeder with a wampa in it. That's the whole point of getting this set. Sometimes, I wonder if the Hoth Rebel Base, Echo Base and this are meant to integrate together as a playset. I am sure it will be fun to put them all together. Other than the high price factor, you should definitely get this in your collection.
Thanks, Fangy!  I've now got four Echo bases and two Hoth Bases (the second copy of the latter I bought second hand with the intention of embiggening the Hoth Door so it'll fit more than just a speeder through, but haven't got round to it yet).  They look good together, but don't integrate so well; not without a bit of Modding.  Plus I've run out of space, and have had to resort to stacking snowspeeders (and they're definitely not designed for that :oh: )

#15 Aeroeza


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Posted 25 August 2010 - 02:34 AM

Car Crash Face Luke! Dude you crack me up!! NIce review  :laugh:

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#16 The Legonater

The Legonater

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Posted 25 August 2010 - 03:06 AM

Nice review. Personally, I very much want this set, but not for that price. It's a good set, and I need the wampa for my collection. I just hoped they would release a 'new' pilot, such as Tycho, Wes or Hobbie, but instead we get another Zev.

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#17 Beatrix


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Posted 30 August 2010 - 10:04 PM

What a splendid review!

Rufus, your reviews are so thoughtful and thorough - and more than a little witty - that they not only make me want to get the set, they make me feel like I've played with it myself!

Well, since we already have the Hoth Rebel Base, Echo Base, and Motorised AT-AT, it's really unthinkable that we wouldn't get this too. Originally I was thinking it was quite overpriced - and I still think it seems a bit expensive for what you get - but your review has made me appreciate the set much more. Little touches like the design of the cave, the 'carcass' and the Wampa with its minfig-holding hand have got me quite excited to get the set, rather than the 'oh, well I suppose we will have to get it' feeling I had originally.  :classic:

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Posted 01 September 2010 - 06:21 AM

A nice review Rufus!
I think that they have improved the snow speeder abit more this time. The cave is nice but is slightly on the small side. The playability and functions are cool though. :thumbup:
Thanks for the review!

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#19 Diaaabo


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Posted 28 October 2010 - 06:03 PM

This is a great review! I got the set last week and overall was happy about it. I may note, as it was said, that the lightsaber thingy actually works around here, just press the tile with a flick and it will fly away! And for those who missed the Tauntaun, now you have the chance to get it with the 3-in-1 Superpack.
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