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MOC: HMS Indefatigable: Airship

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#26 Sir Horace Barnes

Sir Horace Barnes

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Posted 21 June 2010 - 04:55 PM

That looks outstanding!

Do you think you could perhaps add a photo or two of the lower section, that houses the beds and such?

Again, this is truly a great MOC. It's inspired me.  :laugh:

#27 Apollo


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Posted 07 July 2010 - 04:57 AM

I really like this concept for an aerial vehicle!  It reminds me of the airship in Rush's music video for their new song 'Caravan'.  

My favorite details are the Imperial flag (including the redcoats themselves), the propeller and exhaust tubes, and the incorporation of the Adventurers' dirigible itself!  This is a truly unique MOC and it is also quite simplistic!  It looks very swooshable and it has a big "English expedition" appeal!

I like it, a LOT!  :thumbup:

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#28 Leo-J


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Posted 01 October 2010 - 08:22 PM

Very nice! Interesting dirigible piece  :devil:  . Might just get one.
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#29 bricked one

bricked one

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Posted 02 October 2010 - 04:30 AM

WOW, I could never find a good way to use that piece!

I never thought that blimp piece could be so expensive.
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#30 Big Cam

Big Cam

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Posted 02 October 2010 - 04:39 AM

As mentioned, this is the first MOC I have ever seen use the blimp piece.

I really like it, I don't know if I've seen one before, and it looks great.

I like how it resembles something you would see in like the Time Machine movie.

Really cool.

#31 Hinckley


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Posted 27 October 2010 - 12:00 PM

I bought two of the airships off of Bricklink a while back. A while meaning I still lived in Chicago. I mean to make Steampunk zeppelins out of them, but never got around to it. I'm glad you did, though! :sweet: Of course I love the story. Way to add to a great MOC with an awesome, creative, fun story. I love it. I really love that you incorporated the zeppelin piece into the whole airship instead of just having the ship hang below it. The cargo bay beneath and the bridge wrapping around it are a cool concept and you pulled it off nicely in the build. It's hard to appreciate the shape of the ship when the zeppelin piece is very rounded. But, the "sculpting" you did of the ... (I'll make up terms here) elephant tusk staircase and the roundy part are excellent. I love the rotor housings and the engine...block...room...something. It's well built, I'll just say that. Cool design! :thumbup:

Way to nerd up the story with your superior brain and technical mumbo-jumbo. :tongue: Great job! Good to see you building. Wish I could :cry_sad:

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#32 Sir E Fullner

Sir E Fullner

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Posted 19 March 2011 - 12:25 AM

Very nice. It reminds me of the Albatross from Jules Verne's Robur the Conqueror.

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#33 Siegfried


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Posted 19 March 2011 - 09:35 AM

View PostHinckley, on 27 October 2010 - 12:00 PM, said:

It's all about me :blush:
As it should be.  :laugh:

View Postefullner, on 19 March 2011 - 12:25 AM, said:

Very nice. It reminds me of the Albatross from Jules Verne's Robur the Conqueror.
:blush: I've never read that one, and I should!. However the similarity make sense; my main inspiration is from a TV show; The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne.

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View PostComputerBug, on 05 June 2010 - 02:43 PM, said:

I'm sorry but while reading the story about him bieng shunned by his peers I couldn't help but think of this. :laugh:

View PostSir Horace Barnes, on 21 June 2010 - 04:55 PM, said:

Do you think you could perhaps add a photo or two of the lower section, that houses the beds and such?
It's empty... :blush:

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#34 CptMugwash


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Posted 19 March 2011 - 03:02 PM

That looks cool, it does need a splash of brown and gold here and there to give it a more steampunky feel and maybe some steam, but well done, it does look like the picture  :thumbup:

#35 Scorpiox


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Posted 20 March 2011 - 10:57 AM

Really nice, the way you attached the airship is cool and the propellors are good.

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