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Imperial Soldier's Mafia: Day 1

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Posted 25 February 2010 - 07:43 AM

As the soldiers mumble about what they're going to do, they soon realize that the day has gone by very fast and that not a single vote has been cast. The Provost General checks in with the Guard.

"What goes, guard? How is it going in the 42nd camp?" - Provost General

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"It goes bad, sir. Progress has gone with absolutely nothing. I can hardly blame them, they have not much evidence to go on. They are also abuzz about a killed soldier, or should I say dispatcher, of the 32nd Regiment. They seem to take it very curiously. All I see is just a poor dispatcher who saw too much and the killer could not risk it. What he saw? Who knows. A meeting, perhaps? He does go around and about. That's about all, sir" - Private Tulón

"Dear...! I'll have to have a word with them!"

The Provost General rides to the 42nd camp to address the men, who assemble on him.

"You have failed me! If not that you had little to work with, I'd have you flogged! Or perhaps worse. Captain! Get your men ready for Taps. It's almost [checks his watch] 10 at night. Hold a peaceful night and you better move along in the next day." -Provost General

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"Yes sir! Drummer! Play Taps, the call for lights out and all in their tents, preferably sleeping! Roll call is at 7 in the morning, you better all be there!" -Captain Lecoq

With no progress, the soldiers retired into their tents, disgruntled that a day was lost, because of a lack of evidence. Perchance some will result from the night? Only the twilight hours will tell...


Anyone with night actions, please send them to me within 48 hours of this post. Failure to do so will mean you lose your night action for the night. If you do not have a night action, enjoy your rest. Day 2 will continue soon.

Note from the host: I'm expecting travels this weekend, so night actions sent as soon as possible will be the difference of Day 2 being released Thursday night, Friday morning, or Monday afternoon.
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